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Two Cities Collide…

September 10th, 2021 · No Comments

Yeah, You’re All probably ah-lather’ over some ‘lil Pigskin Series Kicking Off it’s season right about now, Hut Hut, Omaha, Oh Never Mind!

As your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy hasn’t even botherd paying Attenzione to the just concluded NFL Preseason, nor does he know how his team the Tennessee Titans faired? Or for that matter any teams including the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals.

Since it’s Funny Ha Ha? How I know for Feverish “Stick ‘N Ball” Sports Fans who All root passionately for one team apiece in the vaunted NFC West Division, but I digress…

Alas, I guess the Big News outta The Valley of The Sun, albeit dated now is that soon to be Hall of Famer Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald has said he’s not feeling the “love,” Err groove to play Football right now, which I’m told is related to his Quarterback’s Swollen Head according to another Arizona Cardinals Fan…

Which sent me down another Wabbithole’, thinking of how Seattle’s faired better on the ledger side of ultimate glory, i.e.; Championships won vs. Phoenix.

Since we know that both NFL Franchises hve played in the Super Bowl with Mr. Sporty’s Beloved Seattle Seahawks having Trounced Payton Mannin’s Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super bowl XLVIII, or simply 48 for those of Yuhs Roman Numerally Challenged Wayback in 2014!

And Ditto for round Ball, as those long ago Seattle Super Sonics won the NBA title Wayback in 1979 vs. the then Washington Bullets, whilst I was pulling for the Phoenix Suns this past July vs. the Milwaukee Bucks.

All of which apparently got me reminiscing about Uhm what did ‘Ol Bruce call ‘em? Oh yeah, Glory Days. Err, In the Wink of an Eye, glory Days…

Since a few months ago now, I was talking “Round Ball” with a friend, who’s even less of a Stick ‘N Ball Aficionado than Mwah, Hya! Got me thinking ‘O Yesteryear, when I actually Drove a Car and went to NBA Basketball games in a different lifetime, since have I told Y’all I’m Blind lately?

My two most favourite players in order were both Philadelphia 76ers, beginning with the Hall of Famer “dr. J,” aka Julius erving. And then I quickly became a fan of whom was routinely called “The Round Mound of Rebound!”

And although Charles Barkley began playing as a Rookie for the 76ers in ’84. I didn’t actually see him play in person until I started going to NBA games at the Coliseum with former Co-Worker Marcus ‘between 1986-87.

Since I can still remember seeing Dr. J Skying in Key Arena and know I saw Barkley playing alongside him, not to mention having gone to Julius’s final NBA game in Seattle. Whilst I can still vaguely see Sir Charles in my mind as a young Philadelphia player in a plain white Sixers’ uniform with Buzz Cut Hairdo, which obviously was a long, long time ago…

AnyHoo’, “Sir Charles” quickly became my Numero Uno NBA player, even if he was the enemy! As the Highlight of the multiple games I attended with Mar, at whatever for Mwah will always be known as The Coliseum at Seattle Center, although it later became known as Key Arena, and No idea what it’ll be called this winter when Seattle’s NHL Franchise begins it’s inaugural season. As the team just finished paying it’s $650m as in Millions Franchisee Fee! But I digress further…

As I was saying, my Zenith of NBA games was attending the 1993 Western Conference Finals, when the Seattle Super Sonics played the Phoenix Suns. As I had to look it up, since I’d guessed it was ’92, so pretty close, Eh? Which means I could be wrong, since I no longer remember what game it was, although my memory sez’ Game 3, when Mark and his friend Jim and I sat behind one of the baskets, halfway up from the floor and could see the whole court! And I thnk we payed an “Outrageous” $45 per ticket, Crikeys! Than probably wouldn’t even get’s Yuh a SRO ticket these days, Righto?

But I’ll never forget Sir Charles (Barkley) going Mano e Mano Shawn Kemp! As Kemp came straight at us and attempted Dunking on Barkley, who clearly Fouled him, and the Ref’ called it. Barkley went Buhzirkoe’ and raced over to the Scorers table, and if I recall correctly? Even jumped atop the table Yelling and Screaming, and next thingy Yuhs know, the Announcer said over the PA system there is No Foul, there is No foul, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot! As I’ll never forget that outrageous sequence!

And I can still recall Kemp yelling Yo G! When Skying for a Dunk, as G’ was “The Glove,” aka Gary Payton. Whilst other memorable players were the “X Man,” Xzavier McDaniel, “tommy gunner,” aka Tom Chambers who ironically later went to the Suns. Nate McMillan, Benoit “Lazyboy” Benjamin, Russ Schone and, well I’d have to look up the others, although suddenly I can see “Downtown Freddy Brown 2.0” Scowling at Mwah! As Dale Ellis never seemed Happy, even when lighting up Key Arena with a propensity of 3 Pointer long balls…

As Mark & I attended games yearly during the Bernie Bickerstaff and George Karl Super Sonics Coaching era, along with having actually gone to the Spectrum once when on an East Coast Holiday to see Sir Charles, since I can still fondly recall Shouting Muh-Nute’ from the Nose Bleed seats in the Rafters when Manute Bol played for Philadelphia. But I soon fell out of caring about the NBA afterwards, presumably since I could no longer drive to games? And definitely after that Clown Clay Benadict Awnold’ Bennett moved the Sonics to OkeyDokey-town’ over a decade ago.

Whilst Mark and I also made many, many trips to the Kingdome to watch the antics of the then perpetually losing Seahawks, as I still delight in the fact of having been in attendance the day that Dave Whoopsey, Butterfingers’ Kreig Broke Dan Fouts record for most Fumbles by an NFL Quarterback! Which I believe was against the Sand Francisco 49ers, but I’d also have to look that up too, to see if I’m correct or if times playing tricks with Ye ‘Ol memory?

But I do find it Hillarious that I actually attended one of the Phoenix Suns last NBA Finals appearance nearly 30 years ago before they returned to the finals this year. And I’ll confess “I Know Nothing!” About either teams current rosters, other than I’ve always thought that Chris Paul was a troublemaker, especially during his long tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers, despite how much Doc Rivers tried to coddle him. But that’s just the opinion of an uninformed Basketball Fan…

But it wasn’t to be, even though the Suns got off to a 2-0 start before the Milwaukee Bucks throttled them and won their first NBA Championship since 1971, Aye Karumba! Only the Franchise’s second ever NBA title, while Phoenix is still trying to win it’s Debutante NBA Championship.

And now fast forwarding to the commencing 2021 NFL Season, where I did “read,” Err listen briefly to an Indianapolis Star article via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service on predicting the NFC West Division. Their Odds claimed that the Los Angeles Rams will win the division followed by the Farty Whiners’, Uhm 49ers and after that I quit listening, although I’m led to believe by that same Arizona Sports Fan who gave me the lowdown on Thar QB that the Cardinals will be really, really Bad this season and thus finish last in their division.

But Seattle finishing third in the NFC West would imply to Mwah that Russell Wilson will be getting Hammered again, being Sacked relentlessly and that the Hawks’ won’t make the Playoffs. But then again like I’ve already said, that’s from an uninformed and not even “Casual” Stick ‘N Ball Sports Fan, so who knows?

Hut Hut, Omaha Indeedy!

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SportyBlog Not the Only Surfer to Wipe Out…

August 9th, 2021 · No Comments

Although your El Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s never gotten in thou water so to speak, especially since it’s so G-Damn Freezing here upon Ye Oregonian Coast! And even if I was so brave to don a wetsuit and try paddlin’ out into Ye Breakers ‘O Smugglers Cove, I’d be a Nightmare waiting to Happen since I’m blind, Wuh-Wuh-Wuh-Wipeout Indeedy Mates!

Having first reverted back to Ye Trusty ‘Ol winDOUGHS 7 Confuzer for the time being Wayback in March, 2020 whilst Hunkerin’ Down in thou ‘lil Bungalow by the Sea initially during the COVID 19 Pandemic, a la the majority of the Nation and Globe. And then trying to get my brand new Bitchin’ winDOUGHS’ 10 Puter’ Up ‘N Running the majority of last year as yeah, Thar was mondo amounts ‘O Bitching going on here in Thy bungalow by The Sea, but I digress!

Hence, I thought I’d finally try poppin’ up to stand upon thou mythical longboard and try catchin’ a few waves to tide Y’all over, whoever comes to Sportyblog these days Crickets-Crickets, Err Bueller?

As Hawaii was in full “My Corona” Lockdown Mode when I first began attempting to scribble this before thou Confuzer Meltdown! Nonetheless it would have been the ideal place to be climate-wise during the Pandemic, Eh?

Garrett McNamara on Nazare: the Surfer’s Favourite Town in Portugal


As the above Guardian article I listened to a long, long time ago now, albeit apparently it was from Thar Archives, Eh? Got me thinking ’bout the ultra Bad Arse Big Wave surfer Garrett McNamara a Wee Bitamyte’ more, causing me to Flashback to this ‘Ol Sportyblog post on my last trip to Thee Big Island, which should leave a Warm Glow in everybody’s Hearts, Aloha!

Change of Scenery, Seasons, Fresh Breezes from Hawaii make a World ‘O Difference…


Actually the impetus for this long forgotten, washed out in thoust receding foam of the Pacific Ocean’s Hawaain froth was casually following American Surfing legend Kelly slater’s desires to compete in this year’s Debutante Olympics Surfing event which I was reading, err listening to via my NFB Newsline for The Blind’s telephone service until Yuhs Guessed it! The Newsline’s Guardian “News Feed” got summarily Wiped Out! Ergo No Guardian Newspaper to listen to for several months, Crikeys!

Kelly Slater wants to Surf in Olympics, but his Neighbor is in the Way


Although I read that New York times article almost two years ago, Aye Karumba! It was a good story about Slater’s neighbor John Florence and the Cat that brought them together, even if they’re rivals when Surfing! Although the New York Times has a Nasty Habit of Blocking out those of us who wish to read articles from December, 2019 with it’s Digital Paywall, since it told me I’d reached the limit of my “free” Articles when I tried opening it for the Headline, buggers!

But I did read, err listen via The Guardian before it got pummeled by massive Technical Waves Crashin’ Down on it due to the IT Boffins trying to catch one more Pipeline, Oh Never Mind! Since it was the younger “john-John” Florence claiming the second and final USA Men’s team Surfing position in the finals nearly two years ago…

Kelly Slater Misses Cut, John-John Florence takes Final Olympics Spot


But don’t feel too bad for Slater, since he’s not exactly doing nothing, not to mention presumably being one of the richest Pro Surfers and has since focused his Business Attention on the following project that I was initially unaware of.

Pro Surfer Kelly Slater Builds World’s largest Artificial Wave Pool


Meanwhile, even though I refused to watch one single, solitary wave, Uhm lick of this year’s ridiculous Tokyo Olympics, I have just learned that indeed two Surfers made History at this year’s Games, with American Carissa Moore taking gold in the Womens and Brazil’s Italo Ferreira taking the gold in the Mens Olympics Surfing events…

Carissa Moore, Italo Ferreira win Surfing’s first Olympic Gold Medals


Hang 10!

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Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin Start New NASCAR Team for Darrell Wallace in 2021

October 21st, 2020 · No Comments

Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin Start New NASCAR Team for Darrell Wallace in 2021

Yeah, your Oh So Humble El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy knows Y’all are most likely totally engrossed in that Freakin’ Stick ‘N Ball sport Sweeping thou Nation; Hut-Hut, Omaha! OOMPH!


As I’m Arse-sumin’ I’m the only one who’s Not Ready, or Cares for some Football, like in that 7,999lb Monstrosity known as the National Football League, ergo NFL. Gory Hell, I Don’t even know how my revered Tennessee titans are doing so far? Hmm, Did they have to Cancel one of Thar Games for some Corona thingy, Eh?


I first Heard the News via My NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service’s The Guardian’s Sports section which I typically begin my mornings with to “S-E-E” what’s happening in thou World of Sports Internationally.


As I was very surprised, but Happy to Hear where NASCAR’s only African American Driver Darrell Wallace Jr. would be landing next year after having recently announced his decision to leave the Famed King ‘O RASSCAR’s Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) team at season’s end.


Although I thought it would be Awesome if he’d been tabbed as Jimmy Johnson’s successor at Hendrick Motorsports. Not only giving him first Class equipment and the chance to become only the second ever Black Driver to Win a NASCAR race, but making a true statement towards furthering Diversity in NASCAR.


Yet obviously I didn’t see this scenario happening. As its Super cool that the transcendent Star Athlete known simply as MJ’, aka Michael Jordan’s forming a partnership with current Roundy-Round Driver Denny Hamlin to start a One-car team for Wallace next year.


Hamlin Starts Cup Team with Michael Jordan, Wallace to Drive


And then thoust Seas ‘O Synchronicity Splashed Mwah once again, Speakin’ of Round Ball, aka Basketball, or more importantly I suppose the NBA which is in the midst of deciding it’s Championship Finalists, or at least was when I began Scribblin’ this…


Thuh-Duh! Wadda Yuhs know? There was a very poignant article on The Guardian comparing LA Lakers Mega Star King James, nee LeBron to the late, Great Muhammad Ali! And how apparently many White Folks want LeBron to Fail, since how Dare He Oppose some Buffoon; Oh Never Mind! And notice I didn’t even mention the Hippocracy of those Booing at the Kansas City Chiefs NFL Season Opener…


Critics want LeBron to Fail just like they did with Ali, Look How that Turned Out


As these two topics made me think about the article I’d listened to previously from Car and Driver Magazine this past August about the Rampant Racism NASCAR’s very first ever African American Driver Wendell Scott endured during his tenure in Stock Cars premiere division in his eventual Hall of Fame career.


The Fact that not only did NASCAR pull an apparent Slight ‘O Hand Wayback in late 1963 by errantly awarding Buck Baker an erroneous victory, denying Scott his moment of Glory on the top step of the podium.


But have also Never Awarded him his Winner’s Trophy, for which I think at the very least, NASCAR should place a replica trophy in Wendell’s Hall of Fame mementos at their museum…


Scott Family Appeals to NASCAR for Trophy Black Driver Never got in 1963

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Sportyblog Saddle Sores: Black ‘N Blue, Racism is Not A Convenient Soundbite, Nor Should It Ever Be One…

October 6th, 2020 · No Comments

So your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy has been Quiet for Quite Ah-While now, especially since I just really haven’t felt compelled to write anything during first the lack of Sports, and then Stick ‘N Ball Sports in general during the never ending, elongated COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown era we’re still combating…


And most notably by the reprehensible Murders of a trio of Black People, just the latest in a long line of never ending racial violence. Beginning with Ahmaud Arbery whose only Crime was Running while being Black in Georgia.


Breonna Taylor an EMT who was Shot eight times while sleeping in her Bed during a Senseless No Knock Warrant being served by Louisville Police.


And as we All know, the final Despicable Death that Broke the Dam, when a White Minnesota Police Officer sat with his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds for reportedly trying to pass a $20 Counterfeit Bill on Memorial Day No less!


As Gory Hell, I wasn’t even very much excited over my Open Wheel Racing’s IndyCar series finally resuming action in Texas Wayback on D-Day’, aka June 6th, when I scribble the following sentiments on No Fenders, ergo my Day Job…


When Motor Racing really Doesn’t Matter…

As I began typing these thoughts on another Day of Infamy, June 4th, Y’all know when China was clearing Tiananmen Square of Protesters with the use of Deadly Force Wayback in 1989! Hmm, Sound Familiar?


A Day of Marked Differences…


As wasn’t it some Megalomaniac in thou White House imploring our 50 State’s Governors the need to Dominate Protesters in the wake of the vile, Despicable 21st Century Lynching of George Floyd…


As rightfully, Americre’s finally woken-up to the Stupidity of such Entitled White Football Stars like Drew They Call Me lots ‘O things Besides Duh’ Brees! Regarding his trying to continue Trump’s Narrative on those Dark Sons ‘O Bitches Daring to Take A Knee; Oh Never Mind!


As the ceaseless Non-stop Din of Corporate Hypocrisy still is Deafening, even if Belatedly the NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goody Two Shoes Goodell Backtracked over his previous stance towards that Rebel Rouser Colin Kaepernick by simply stating the league had Moved On and Nothing will stand in the way of its continued Corpotocracy.


George Floyd’s Killing Matters too much for Corporate Sports on-Brand Insincerity


Since isn’t it funny how Nobody’s talking about George Floyd’s Death; Err Lynching, Uhm Murder Anymore? Whilst we’re all supposed to simply be Distracted by having our Beloved live Stick ‘N Ball Sports back nightly on our Televisions instead, Righto?


While I’m Not One Bit Surprised that that Gory Buffoon in the White House continued Spewing his Bigotry during his Made for Primetime TV Reality Show Down Home Sweet Alabama RNC Infomercial! As somehow apparently they switched Speeches, Eh?


If I were Donald Trump’s Speechwriter, this is the Team Talk I would Suggest



Yet to truly grasp the Political situation of Our Country, and the Systemic, Overt Racism of Four-plus Century’s, then you really need to watch the following Amazingly Powerful Tamika Mallory speech from a Peaceful Minneapolis Rally held on Friday, May 29th below,. Held just days after Floyd’s Murder, which still gives me Chills when watching it now! As I cannot implore her words any better: Do Your Damn Jobs! Which includes you Donald Trump!


VIDEO: Tamika Mallory On Racial Injustice in America


But the Hits just Keep Ah-Coming! With No Pun intended, as when will the senseless violence against Blacks, Latinos or Native Americans ever end? Since just when things were somewhat tamping down, as we All know, another White Police Officer Savagely Shot a Black Man seven times in the Back! Propelling the Milwaukee Bucks team to Rightly, and Courageously Boycott playing their NBA Playoff game 5 Wednesday, August 26th vs. the Orlando Magic! Which we know sparked a massive Up swelling of support from the various Professional Sports leagues, i.e.; NBA, WNBA, MLS, MLB and even the NFL.


NBA will Return, But Anger still Burns after Historic Stand on Racial Injustice


And although I was never a Fan of his during his LA Lakers Playing Days, I must say I tend to grow more ‘N more impressed with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the person and Sports Pundit the more I read his thoughtful and insightful words regarding the life experiences of a Black Male Athlete. As Kareem’s most definitely endured his share of prejudice during his lifetime.


Hope is a Dying Ember for Black People in the U.S.


While the only words I can think of for this most recent Heinous Crime against Jacob Blake is you must be a Coward to Shoot Somebody in the Back, repeatedly! Not to mention the Disgusting Double Standard of Handcuffing a Paralyzed person to his Hospital bed simply because He’s Black!


Blake Shackled to Hospital Bed, Father Says 



And while I’m not trying to compare their egregious plight vs. African Americans, albeit it’s interesting that I just learned of Angela Buxton’s Death, who was the only White Female Tennis Player to first befriend the only Black Female then on the Women’s Professional Tennis Tour Althea Gibson. Before they formed a Championship winning Doubles partnership, winning at Wimbledon in 1956 No less!


Or the undue Censorship the late Charlie Chaplin endured centering around his apparent Communism, which ironically he allowed Buxton to practice on his private tennis court before she turned Pro. As although it was a totally different era, as Chaplin noted in his Satirical 1940 film The Great dictator


“The World’s A Green and Lush place, with plenty of Room for Everyone, be it Jew, Gentile, Black Man or White…”


 VIDEO: Charlie Chaplin - Let Us All Unite



Or in the oft repeated words of the late Rodney King: “Can’t We All just Get Along?”

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Sportyblog On Hiatus

March 24th, 2020 · No Comments

As your El Senor Sportyblog scribe Touchdown Tommy picked Ye Bestest’ Time to buy a brand new winDOUGHS 10 Confuzer’, which Y’all know as Computer. As the rub is that your Blind Word Hack who’s utilized Zoomtext Screen Reading Technology for nearly 14yrs now, has become totally Flummoxed by the latest Zoomtext 2020 product, which Don’t work smoothly at All, making life fairly impossible upon Ye World Wide Web thingy’ currently! And htat’s just Thee Tip ‘O Ye Iceberg Folks! As Microsoft’s also totally scrambled your Blind Word Hack’s World upon upgrading to a newer version of it’s ubiquitous Office products, which presumably have been Uber Gussied Up for N-O Real purpose other than looking Jazzy and making everybody’s world on Smartfones Uber Cool Daddy-Oh…

Yeah, suppose I’m showing my age, but seriously Folks, isn’t Technology supposed to enrich Everybody’s lifes, including most importantly The Blind? As we probably rely even more upon technology in more ways then others do, Righto? Or is this just part of the ever wideneing Digital divide? As I’ve got Zero Idea of when I’ll return to poondin’ out riveting Sportyblog Stories for anybody who read’s this site. As Shane On You Microsoft for making your “New & Improved” products so User Unfriendly!

And you’re not excused either Freedom Scientific, the parents of Lucy, my Arse-Steamed Screen Reader voice, which has apparently gone away? As I’ve got something on my new system that barely works that makes Lucy sound like she’s got Alergies, Sigh!

Back Whenever, Y’all, as I’ll leave Yuhs with a little song that seems appropriate right now…

The Who – the Seeker

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