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Sportyblog’s Head Scribe returns from Summer Sabbatical

September 25th, 2018 · No Comments

Howdy Folks and remaining Diehard Sportyblog readers, whomever Y’all are… Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

As sorry about the lack of posts here lately, but your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy decided to be Wild ‘N Kurr-razy this Summer! Doing the Unthinkable for Mwah by deciding to move…

And not only move for the first time in 21yrs; YIKES! But also to a different state for the first time ever; aye Karumba!

Hence the lack of any riveting Sportyblog posts lately, which Y’all know the Drill, so Thanxs for your Patience, while Mr. Sporty & Co. attempt patching back together my very antiquated E-E-E’ lectrics communications network. Which unfortunately is still a work in progress; SIGH!

Alas, for those of you who Don’t Know, Touchdown Tommy is a Blind Word Butcher who infrequently contributes his unique Blend ‘O Wordsmithing regarding the relatively foreign world of Stick ‘N Ball Sports for Mwah. Being afflicted by the very same eye disease as Danelle Unstead, the very first ever Blind participant upon the current Dancing With the Stars show…

Low Vision Racer

As a legally blind word Hack’, I rely heavily upon “My Gal” Lucy’, My ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader to read me whatever I diligently type for Y’all, and hence am obviously dependent upon technology, which naturally is a Double edged Sword.

Case in point, since the Wordpress Blogging platform utilized for Sportyblog isn’t colour conducive to Mwah, I rely upon ‘Ol School email to send these riveting BLOB’ Stories to Mr. Sporty, who serves as my virtual Editor, along with being the Blogmeister of this website.

Microsoft Wins the Race!

Although in fairness to Microsoft, I have been fully immersed in the “Ribbon” for my very antiquated version of Office for five years now, and cannot imagine not using it now Daily, since it’s “Hot Key” enabled. Which naturally is a bonus for me.

Yet when moving, and preferring having a dedicated Internet Service Providers’ email address vs. the various web-based versions that exist, i.e.; Yahoo, GMail, Hushmail, Hotmail, etc.

The first three I’ve tried over the years, with the exception of a Hotmail account, finding them to All be Not Screen-reader Friendly, making it very difficult to do one of the easiest tasks, ergo sending an email.

For which I’ve been awaiting Mr. Sporty’s technical expertise to help me create my new ‘Ol School Bitchin’ email address as Randal, Thy Moniker King of No Fenders would say; Hya!

Another relic from Microsoft’s Dustbin…

As it’s a royal pain in the Keister’ Daily trying to navigate that World Wide Web thingy’, which the various Coders at Microsoft and Google enjoy randomly changing things just for change’s sake!

Case in point. For the last several years before moving. Whenever I selected Youtube from my web browser, it would immediately have Lucy’ speak the word Search and Wallah! I could merrily type in my search criteria.

But NNOOOOOOOOOOO BUCKWHEAT! As suddenly after setting up shop in my new Bungalow by The Sea, and re-establishing Internetz’ connectivity. When I queried Youtube per usual, No longer did Lucy’ say the word Search; WTF?

As I needed Mr. Sporty’s assistance for him to discover that I now need to select the Tab Bar three times to hear Lucy say Guide, You-tube Home, Search, FUCK!

Otay, she Doesn’t actually say the word FUCK unless I type it here; but I digress…

Although now I’m forced to go thru three extra steps just in order to get to the Search tab, which is still there, but is NO longer speech enabled; SIGH! And one must visually see the Search tab’s field instead, which costs me extra time doing this.

Or the weird fact that whenever I now do something in Microsoft Word, email, etc. it NO longer chimes when I save a file, wish to permanently delete an email, etc; HUH?

As that’s just two of a Bazillion examples I could give Y’all, of how tough it’s being Blind or Visually Impaired and trying to interact with today’s technology.

Which although it’s nice to hear that Microsoft and others, Can You Hear Me Now Google? Are deciding to tap into this typically overlooked market segment, and hopefully the Inventors trying to help us, will actually make products that work easily for All platforms technology, especially the outdated ones, that many of us cannot afford to upgrade willy nilly ’cause the products changed again for the umpteenth time!

Inventors offer hope to those with impairments

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When the long forgotten USFL New Jersey Generals Owner was jus A Punk’

September 25th, 2018 · No Comments

Ah, what an Ounce of Perception, or a Pound of Obscure is worth, Righto Geddy Lee? As Pause, Rewind, Replay…

VIDEO: Rush Vital Signs - Song

Although like almost every News Story I hear when listening to my Voluminous Cache ‘O Newspaper selections via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service. Which allows me to listen to Newspapers vs. reading them.

Almost 100% of the time I push the Next button immediately whenever I hear anything with the word Trump in it, which is what I did originally regarding this USFL story I ran across on The Guardian’s Sports section.

As it’s a very good article about how an Oh, So Smug and Dare I say it? Pompous! Uhm a Snide Businessman who thought he could simply get his way over anything he wished, which at the time his lofty aspirations were just focused upon landing himself an NFL Franchise, hopefully being the Baltimore Colts no less.

As the story rightly points out how his unbridled Arrogance led the Jury to basically tell hymn he was Number One! When awarding monetary damages in this Anti-trust lawsuit of a lone, single George Washington piece of paper; Err Federal Reserve Notes as Mr. Sporty likes calling ‘em…

The Day that Donald Trump’s Narcissism Killed the USFL

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Falling on Deaf Knees…

September 25th, 2018 · No Comments

Ah Shucks Folks. It’s the beginning of August and All of the Foliage in Washington’s turned Brown and Dead from our mini “Heat Wave” we’ve been enduring lately. Hey multiple days ‘O 91 degrees Fahrenheit without any Bloody AC is H-O-T for us Warshintonion’s; but I digress…

Well that was before August turned into September, as hopefully Mr. Sporty, the Blogmeister ‘O Sportyblog will post this riveting story for me sometime in Zepptember’. For which surely all of Yuhs Classic Rock Hounds get this Oh So Clever Wordsmithing by one of Washington’s Classic Rock Stations, Eh?

Since your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy decided to be Wild ‘N Kurr-razy and move this August!

Hence we’re now firmly ensconced in that Mother of All Mothers, when some 800lbs Chimp takes over the Nation’s Airwaves and Decimates; Err Dominates the Talking Heads Sporting “News” landscape.

Yep, that’s Correctomundo Kiddies! It’s time for Americres’ Game, Football that is. Which surely means some Old White Guy who Masquerades as “commander in Chief” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be busy unleashing his Fluff; Err Furry, Uhm I men fury; Hya! via TWIT-ER; Eh?

How the NFL stumbled its way into becoming Trump’s top target

But The Fool On the Hill keeps Bangin’ his Head; Err Merrily Tweeting away about how the NFL’s Black Football Players are Desecrating the Flag, Blah-Blahity-blah…

Donald Trump lashes out at Players as NFL preseason starts with protests

Uhm, really? So how come not a single Bloody Tweet ’bout his Bosom Buddy Jerry Jones Not taking his Hat off during the playing of the National Anthem at his own Training Field Pre-season? Even after his son tried telling him repeatedly to remove his Ballcap. Nah, not gonna say anythingy’ about how that Buffoon in the Whitehouse is a Hypocrite!

By keeping hat on, Cowboys’ Jerry Jones reveals big flaw in NFL attempt at anthem policy

whilst I’d say it’s pretty Black ‘N White that the league has definitely Colluded against having any NFL Franchise sign Colin Kaepernick to a contract. As what do they call it? Being Black listed Me Thinks…

Colin Kaepernick is out of the NFL but he is more powerful than ever

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The Day LeBron tried to Upstage Soccer

July 27th, 2018 · No Comments

Although I wouldn’t become aware of All the gripping news over King James announcement regarding which NBA Franchise he’d grace next with his presence until late Saturday evening after attending a Football match.

The Great One and The King: Two Transcendent Athletes Changing LA’s Sports Landscape Thirty Years apart

Saturday, June 30th, when much of the globe was gripped in Football Fever, not our 800lb NFL Gorillia! Nope, this one’s the one Y’all play with your feet, which us Yanks call Soccer, Mates.

Thus much of the globe was awash in World Cup Fever, as unbeknownst to Mwah, my Good Friend Randall, “thy Moniker King” of No Fenders, your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe’s “Day Job;” Err main “Sports” Blog; but I digress…

As Randy had even planned our pickup time to coincide with when the first half of Uruguay vs. Portugal was over. For which I found it hilarious when I decided to leave the room momentarily, only to hear the Announcer Shrieking when Uruguay scored its first goal seven minutes into the match, going ahead One-Nil.

And even though Randy’s a lifelong “Man U” and England Fan, which apparently England’s World cup squad has some Manchester United talent upon it. Along with one of Belgium’s top players.

Randy’s also a Diehard Seattle Sounders FC Rave Green Fan, who’s had two “Primo” Season Ticket seats since Day-1, Wayback in Twenty-oh-Nine. And reiterated to Mwah, he’ll keep them forever…

As Randy’s gracious enough to not only take me to one match per year at Der Clink’, nee Century Link Field. But also allows me to pick any game; err match of the season.

El Soundero!

Since I prefer day games, this year I chose to attend the Portland Timbers match, since the two respective team’s history dates back to the North American Soccer League (NASL) era.

And although attendance was down this year, vs. past 64,000+ Sellout Crowds. Nonetheless, the announced attendance was a robust 47,521, which was pretty impressive due to the weather, World Cup and Sounders woeful performance this season.

Arriving early, after removing everything from all of our pockets and passing thru security as it spitted rain. We stood outside within a large crowd gathered around one of the multiple Big Screens set up solely to show us the Uruguay vs. Portugal World Cup match, for which I totally wanted Uruguay to win. Who were leading 2-1 when we got near the Big Screen, which must have been underneath an awning, since we stayed dry whilst watching the match.

Having missed all three goals, as Uruguay now led 2-1 with Portugal throwing everything at them in the waning minutes! I’d wanted Uruguay to win in order to send Cristiano (Ronaldo) packing, along with (Lionel) Messi, who’s Argentina Squad had been eliminated earlier in the day.

Reaching our seats, the crowd was Pumped! And after we’d done player introductions, or was it before? Sometime early on the Sounders “Brass” very wisely introduce Seattle’s newest signing, Peruvian Striker Raul Ruidiaz, who will apparently don the number 9 when he begins playing for us.

Sounders FC sign Raul Ruidiaz to Designated Player contract

As the crowd shouted RAUL,

In homage to the Leagua Mexico Player who Randy says just signed a $14.5m contract to come North of The Boarder, Ci!

VIDEO: The Eagles On the Border - Song

Other pre-game festivities included a Hilarious parity played upon the stadiums Big Screens of various people from Portland saying They Loved Seattle!” As even better yet, as laughter rang about, I suddenly heard “I’m the Mayor of Portland and I Love Seattle!” Before Randy explained to me they were all from Portland, Maine and even had Lobster Claws to Boot!

And then the game began with the Portland Timbers Army across the pitch to my left Beating Thar Drums loudly! While Seattle’s own Drum Corps pounded back countless chants in Seattle’s support, including when the entire stadium yells Sea

And the people standing around us were quite entertaining, as I heard one loudly jeer What Game Are You Watching? I could See that From Here! Apparently towards the Referee…

since although we never got to break out in unison “The Ref’ss A Wanker!” The crowd did delight in vociferously singing a new Chant I’d never heard before, for which Randy sung me the lyrics to during a lull in the action.

Build a Bonfire
Build a Bonfire
Put the Timbers on Top
Put the Whitecaps in the Middle
And We’ll Burn the Fuckers Up!

Whilst our Neighbours from Up North eh! Those Bloody KuhNucks are so G-DAMN’ Polite. as Thar version of the Bonfire song has its two opposing Cascadia Cup opponents first, and then Cheerily says and we’ll Burn the Bloody lot Up!

Yet sadly, although not unexpected, the Timbers basically toyed with us, by finally leading for the first time ever in Seattle vs. the Sounders FC, since the Timbers returned to Major League Soccer (MLS) play in 2011. when the raucous Stadium suddenly went Deafly Quiet just three minutes into the second half with Portland going ahead One-Nil early in the match.

As I asked Randy when pointing across the field, is that Portland’s corner? Since it was the only L-O-U-D portion of the stadium.

Yet the Sounders made it interesting, causing the Rave Green Diehard Supporters to erupt in glee not once, but twice, upon coming back both times to equalize the score 2-2, before Portland ultimately put the game away 3-2 in their favour.

As we exited “Stage Left” about the 85th-ish minute of the match, as Randy was somewhat Disgusted over Seattle’s sloppy play, as we stepped into an empty Loo’ with the game being Piped in overhead, to hear Clint Dempsey being given a Yellow Card, as the game got quite ugly towards the end.

As I’ve got NO idea if Seattle can somehow claw their way back into the MLS Playoffs this year? And I’m also uncertain if it was his first game as a Sounders FC member? Since I do know that Raul Ruidiaz came onto the pitch sometime during the Sounders Two-Nil win over the Whitecaps at Century Link Field during the middle ‘O July…

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Sportyblog Skates On…

July 8th, 2018 · No Comments

Thin Ice? NOPE! We’re still here, but like many of uze’ Out Thar’, life’s simply gotten in the way for the proverbial Sportyblog Braintrust; Hya!

As your El Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy was basking in the HEAT of Indiana over Memorial Day weekend attending the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500. As hey, I just had to see Queen Danica (Patrick) one final time; Hiccup!

Where ironically two years ago when touring the IMS Museum, which was formally the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame museum. When being given a very special treat of touching some rare, vintage racing cars during a personally guided tour. Another famous trophy was wheeled by us. With some other museum visitors squawking on ’bout Thar’ revered Stanley Cup as Indy Cars most famous Borg Warner trophy was pushed past us by two IMS employees for its Media trip to New York, the day after Alexander Rossi had won the Indy 500.

R100: Touching Three Awesome Racecars!

Whilst Mr. Sporty, the Editor of these riveting posts I poond’ out for your reading enjoyment has been out of town.

As I last pontificated about whether or not the Golden Knights could Beat the Odds? For which Y’all know they came up short. Which surely is a relief for the Las Vegas “bookies” who took two $30,000 Bets when the Odds were 500:1; Aye Karumba!

The Washington Capitals, after years of Frustration, win Stanley Cup

While the silver lining in the other Washington’s Capitals winning their maiden Stanley Cup after 43yrs of futility is that their right Winger’ T.J. Oshie Hails from the West Coast’s Washington, and now becomes only its second ever “Native Son” to have won the prestigious trophy…

Capitals T.J. Oshie in rare company for Hockey Players from Washington

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