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Super Bowl, The Booty-ful’

February 9th, 2018 · No Comments

Let Freedom, Err Football Ring…

Ah, another season ‘O Americres’ Game’s Dusted ‘N Done; Yeehaw! As I found the following weather story relating to Pigskin’s Coldest Game ever, well timed for playing in “Mini Ha-Ha!” Err Minn-Uh-Sote-ah, Yah Sure Yuhs Betcha!

Yuhs know, in a different era, presumably before the advent ‘O Salary Cap’s et al. When Football players were just real honest-to-goodness Football players who didn’t give a Rat’s Patooey ’bout Thar Twitter Account Blowing U-P! Or what their social media was doing…

The day the quarterback’s cool head settled NFL’s coldest contest

As I’m not really sure what’s worse? How NBC devoted a total of 9.25hrs Sunday televising Super Bowl LII, Or that “Detroit’s Big-3,” aka General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, Uhm Fiat-Chrysler NV all deferred from running any advertisements during the game, for which reputedly a 30-second commercial spot cost a cool $5m, as in million this year!

Whale’, Otay, GM definitely didn’t do any super Bowl commercials, nor Ford, who instead opted to pull Fans around Minneapolis’s Downtown in Dumptruck-like Sleigh contractions with Thar Built Ford Tough PickemUp’ Trucks; Yeehaw!

whilst Fiat Chrysler once again ran another controversial advertisement extolling thou virtues of its Dodge Ram “tough” pickup trucks, this time having the late Dr. Martin Luther King being the Pitchman…

The NFL stood by African American players … until its money was threatened

Yeah, Y’all knew that was Uh-coming’, Righto? As the 2017-18 NFL season will forever be indelibly linked with Colin Kaepernick and thou wrath of some Stumblin’, Bumblin’ and definitely Fumblin’ White Man whose favourite form of social interaction is TWIT-ER!

As just think, Thars’ five hours ‘O Pre-game Hyperbole to bluster ’bout. Then four hours to play duh game, including some sappy Halftime entertainment, where rumour has it Justin Timberlake will have a Wardrobe Malfunction; Hut-Hut! And lastly, and I Don’t get it, but a whopping 15mins post-game wrap-up show…

While surely Roger The Mighty Good Ship; Err Goodell will be doing his usual soft shoe toe tappin’ back-pedaling Tap Dance… Especially now since he’s gotten his final-final contract extension signed, and instead can focus upon the issues of the game and it’s players instead…

Lure of Cash and Fame leaves Sport caught in Concussion’s Moral maze

Sheez! And I haven’t even spoken ’bout the game, Y’all know Puppy Bowl XIV, Wuf-Wuf! As this year’s Puppy Bowl, in the brand new bone Shaped Arena, once again featured Team Ruff vs. Team Fluff! Along with rescued Barn Animals as the Cheerleaders, including fluffy, adorable Bunny Wabbits!

Not to mention the return of the Puppy Bowl Blimp after a three year hiatus, being piloted by high flyin’ Hamsters! And a Cockatoo named Herman Tweeting the entire game; Botta-Boom, Botta-Bing!

Along with Americre’ the Beautiful being performed by a piano playin’ Chicken named Jokgu’ from America’s Got Talent; Cock-a-Doolittle-Do! As the lead announcer proclaimed while the NFL’s Tuh-Duh-duh intro theme musak played: Ready, Set, Drool!

Video: Jokgu of The Flocksters - Piano Playing Chicken

As seriously, I seem to take some small sort of pride in being one of the few Americans NOT Drooling the entire day long over some Bone-jarring Rockem-sockem’ paralyzing Foote ball, Hike-Hike Omaha!

Why NFL Protest still Matters

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Nice Guy’s Do finish First…

January 21st, 2018 · No Comments

Although they don’t always get the publicity they deserve, as it’s pretty funny how I simply totally ignored “My Team” this past Regular Season ‘O Pigskin Games…

Author’s Note
This story was originally intended to be published on Sportyblog the week prior to the most excruciating Super Bowl 49, which the entire universe still knows about the DUMBEST play ever! Which the fervent 12S’ still mash their teeth over two Super Bowl’s later, or is it three? Crickets…

Yet Due to Sportyblog’s server being Decommissioned Wayback in early 2015, the story wasn’t published, and has been bobbing round thou Seas ‘O Sportyblog Stories in Uh Bottle in thou Pacific Ocean ever since…

Sportyblog Thaws out after Seahawks Miracle Bowl Playoff Win, then Stumbles thru 2016 Football Playoffs

Thanxs to the good fortune of Santa, once again your Senior Sportyblog Scribe “Touchdown Tommy” has just returned from the Big Island, nee Hawaii, unfortunately to an overly soggy Pacific Northwest.

Courtesy of what the weather pundits call the “Pineapple Express!” Ironically after basking in the glorious hues of Hawaiian Sand, Surf and Sun live in Kona! (Which is probably getting a ‘Wee bit repetitive for Y’all, since didn’t Santa give him that last year?)

Surfin’ Safari from the Big Island

As all of this B-I-G’ Island conjecture naturally made me think about Yuhs guessed it, professional athletes hailing from the Rainbow state. To which even if he plays for the “enemy;” Hya! Hey us (University of Washington) DAWGS’ only enjoy shredding up “Rubber Duckies,” not being demolished by Oregon year-after-year instead!

although the past two years have been overly enjoyable with the DAWGS’ resurgence, along with kicking the once mighty Oregon Ducks tail feathers!

Yet I did indeed hope Oregon would be successful in becoming the national champions! Even going so far as to listen via my ‘lil transistor radio to that Oh So Enjoyable 59-20 Smack-down over Florida State at the Rose Bowl!

But alas, unfortunately, Y’all know that Mariota & The Ducks got roasted by the Ohio State Buckeyes 42-20 in the first ever National Championship playoff game

Obviously a Gynormous part of Oregon’s success was due to their excellent QB Marcus Mariota, who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii; SHUHZAMM! Nice connection, eh?

As Oregon was the first Division I school to spot the burgeoning talents of Mariota, when the two star High School athlete Marcus participated in an Oregon Football Camp in 2010, where he was first spotted by the team’s then Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich, who subsequently went to Hawaii to further evaluate this college prospect, which led to then Oregon coach Chip Kelly offering Mariota a scholarship prior to playing a single High School varsity game! As now, apparently Mariota’s only flaw is having been critiqued for potentially being too nice?

Is Mariota too nice?

While Y’all know how Marcus cleaned house in the Awards department a few winter’s ago, when he was the runaway winner of the vaunted Heisman trophy! Along with three other prestigious collegiate awards.

Thus surely Mariota would be NFL bound that April in 2015 when the draft was held Righto? Although as usual, I ARSE-Sumed incorrectly that Tampa Bay would take him first ahead of “MY” lowly Titans, who pick second. As perhaps Jameis Winston would don the Titans “2-tone” blue for the 2015 NFL regular season?

False Start TD Tommy!

And obviously, once again I had visions ‘O Hawaii already on my mind, just prior to “Turkey-Lurkey” Day, (Thanksgiving, 2014) since whilst listening to the Seattle Sounders FC v LA Galaxy MLS Western Conference Finals first leg match in La-La Land, before they became MLS Champions!

I heard ex-Sounders FC Goalkeeper Kasey Keller mention how “The Hawaiian” had gotten away with his “third-third final warning” for receiving his second yellow card of the match after his brute force defending, especially vs. Galaxy Striker Robby Keene, who was named Major League Soccer’s MVP that season, long ago.

Huh? Didn’t know we had a Hawaiian on our “Rave Green” roster, which led me to promptly search Zed Internetz, which revealed a possible 14 candidates including Messer Zach Scott. (Who’s since retired)

As even funnier yet; isn’t it ironic? The name Brian Ching made the list of Hawaiian soccer players, as I know of the local talent from Gonzaga University. Especially since he was the scourge of the Sounders FC crushing 2009 MLS Playoffs loss vs. the Houston Dynamo!

As it’s a ‘Wee bit foggy now, but I still remember vividly being “Gutted” after Ching’s lone series goal sent Houston through to the next round after both teams had gone scoreless in 180-minutes! As I recall Ching’s dagger being scored in the 186th minute, but then again that was some five-plus years ago - when I began writing this…

And lastly, Y’all can check out my slightly dated Sportyblog yarn, which keeps drifting further away time wise - upon the Hawaiian Islands claim to fame in professional sports in;

Have you heard of these Hawaiian athletes?

As apologies to Max Unger! Who When I began this way-way-Wayback ago, was featured prominently in the Lilliputian local “Fish-wrap,” the West Hawaii Today newspaper. As I’d totally overlooked our then Seattle Seahawks All-Pro center who hails from Kailua-Kona,, Hawaii; OOPS!

As Unger, who then was 28, was one of three remaining Seahawks holdovers from the pre “Mr. Excitement” (Pete Carroll) era before being shipped to Nawlins’ for some Tight End named Jimmy Graham, whom after his just completed third season with the Hawks is a Free Agent, and Scuttlebutt suggests he’ll be moving on…

Whilst I think Unger’s going to the playoffs shortly, snapping the ball to some Saints Dude they call The Breeze!

And then there’s this Hooska-Dooska’ Kicker named Steven Hauschka, who’s going to the Pro Bowl as an Alternate? Uhm, Hang On, Buffalo’s in the Playoffs and Seattle’s still trying to get past it’s Blair Walsh Project Hangover!

Not to mention how now the Seattle Mariners have become the Professional Sports Franchise with currently the longest streak of not making the Playoffs - at 16 years…

Yet Seattle’s already at it again; SHIT! Now they’re angling to get rid of punter John Ryan ’cause he’s too “Expensive;” WTF! Like didn’t we just see that movie with Mr. It’s Wide Right Blair Walsh?

And ironically, I believe that Ryan’s the lone remaining Seahawk to have been on the roster before Pete Carroll came to town.

Hang 10 and Better Luck next year Hawks’

Catching a Wave, or more likely Air! I once again Piquadellied’ this languishing story last spring, when I somehow’ Accidently heard that the NFL had released the 2017-18 Regular season and Gasp; Playoffs schedule? Since I’d typed 2017-18 here, before wiping out on another wave; Hya!

As apparently this happened Wayback on April 20th and for humour, I decided to check out my local club’s schedule, which if Y’all haven’t figured out by now, is the Tennessee Titans; but I digress…

As El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy is such a fervent Pigskin fan, that I was absolutely Stunned to discover that Marcus Mariota had broken his leg during last year’s (2016) regular season; Huh?

And I didn’t pay any Attenzione to Thy Titans ’til some Week 3 game, Y’all know when Seattle traveled to Nashville and lost 33-27 to Tennessee!

Then going long, with Marcus airing it out for TD Tommy; OOPS, Butterfingers; Hya! Amazingly the Titans made the NFL Playoffs for the first time since ‘08 when Mariota led Tennessee to a 15-10 W’ over Jacksonville, and will play the Kansas City Chiefs next.

Meanwhile, once again, (as you’ve undoubtedly noticed…) there won’t be any Hard Hitting’ NFL Playoffs reporting from Touchdown Tommy per tipicali, since I’ll Karmically be somewheres’ upon thou Oregonian Trail, and hence won’t get to witness Mariota’s Debutante NFL Playoff’s Game.

As how strange, that NOBODY’s said Congrats to Mwah! As Mr. Sporty’s Hawks already cleaned out their lockers. And Ditto for Sportyblog’s Artiste Dave’s Cardinals. Chirp-Chirp; Bueller?

While isn’t It Ironic that Mariota took the No. 8 Jersey, which was previously worn by the Titans QB he ultimately replaced, the since retired Jake Locker, who played for the University of Washington Huskies…


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Santa Throwing Snowballs, strikes Out Seattle’s Sports Teams over a Wintery Weekend…

December 31st, 2017 · No Comments

Ah, just like ‘Ol St Nick, who’s busy loading up his sleigh, and don’t forget Rudolf Santa! Your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Tomaso has been busy whiling’ thou days away…

By now Y’all know that the Japanese Baseball player denoted as the Japanese “Babe Ruth,” aka Shohei Ohtani, has signed with the Gasp! Los Angeles Angels.


As the first Santa Fastball 99-miler-per-hour strike was thrown directly at Seattle’s Mariners! As apparently part of Ohtani’s desires to not play in Seattle was the immediate comparisons that would be made between him and future MLB Hall of Famer ichiro Suzuki.

Angels introduce Japanese Star Shohei Ohtani, their prized signing

As the News of Shohei’s choice in the Ohtani Sweepstakes was announced Friday morning, Dec 8th, with the next stop upon Santa’s Snowballs escapade appropriately being Up North Eh!

As Toronto’s BMO Field was the next Port ‘O Call the following day, where the defending 2016 MLS Champion Seattle Sounders FC were pitted in a rematch for this year’s title vs. Toronto FC, Saturday, December 9th.


Although I have NO idea if it made any difference or not? I cannot help thinking that Roman Torres re-enactment of his Sudden Death Shootout Winning Goal during the morning’s final training session on Toronto’s home pitch - prior to the MLS Cup motivated Toronto even further?

As Toronto FC’s Head Coach was vindicated for making his team’s last minute formation change to a classic 4-4-2 vs. Seattle, which many pundits questioned prior to Kickoff.

And the Sounders FC were completely outplayed the entire match, whilst Thar local radio’s Colour Commentator Casey Keller, the team’s original Goalkeeper, who’s definitely not a Seattle Apologist! Mockingly noted at the 30-minute mark how Seattle had finally taken their first shot on goal! Which was more than last year’s entire MLS Cup. Although Toronto thrashed the Rave Green with twelve shots taken on Stefan Fry vs. Seattle’s measly one during the games opening 45mins.

As I wistfully opined during halftime that it would need to be Clint Dempsey scoring once to give Seattle an unexpected One-Nil victory, which as we all know, wasn’t destined to happen.

Instead it was one of Dempsey’s U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT) team-mates, who I’ve adorned as Josie The Pussycat; Meow! As Jozy Altidore craftily shot the go-ahead goal over a lunging Fry to put Toronto ahead One-Nil in the game’s 67th minute.

And the rest as they say is History, as Toronto’s Cherry on top exclamation point was made with a second goal being scored in the 94th minute of the game, during the additional Stoppage time added, giving Toronto FC, the year’s best Major League Soccer Club, with an impressive 20-5-9 record an emphatic Two-Nil MLS Cup victory.

This time the Better Team Won, and Seattle knows it


Then on Sunday, December 10th, ‘Ol Santa completed the Inning by making the once mighty Seattle Seahawks go WHOOPH! As Seattle just never was quite in the game on the road vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars, eventually losing 30-24, albeit in a game far closer than the following week’s Humiliation at Home!

Y’all know, when the once lowly “Lambs” came to town and totally dismantled Seattle! As I begrudgingly listened until halftime, with the LA Rams trouncing Seattle 34-0!

And then in Thy Bestest ‘Ol Dandy Don (Meredith) impersonation, I turned Off the Radio, since the Hawks’ Party was Definitely Over! As Seattle would go onto lose an unthinkable 42-7, being Blown-out at Home NO less, where the usually raucous 12s’, known for their Deafening knack of causing opposing teams to jump Offside’s and being flagged for false starts due to noise, sat absolutely Stunned!

And that’s before Seattle travels to Dallas to face Dem Kuh-boyz’, as it’s doubtful the Seahawks will beat the Cowboys at Jerry’s Palace, as I don’t think Santa’s leaving any NFL Playoff games in Seattle’s Stockings!

As the Hawks need to win twice, have the Rams lose twice. The Miami Dolphins swim upstream, Buffalo get blanked in a Snowstorm. The Browns win a game and Tennessee defeat the Colts; Whale’ that last one’s not too difficult, eh?

But then again if the Hawks get into a Kicking game vs. Arizona, I’m pretty certain the Cardinals gots’ the better kicker; YOWSA! But just ask the Titans ’bout Arizona’s kicker, whilst Seattle’s got The Blair Walsh Project!

Meanwhile, hopefully ‘Ol Santa will be kinder to the DAWGS’, as the University of Washington Huskies will travel to The Valley of the Sun to play the Penn State Nitny Lions, who were once coached by the legendary Joe Paterno, in this year’s Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, AZ, at the Cardinals home stadium…


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Rising Above One Professional Baseball Player’s Stupidity…

December 14th, 2017 · No Comments

Originally I’d planned on writing about how there must be something in the waters ‘O Texas? As my eye certainly was on the Lone Star state, especially regarding the intolerable behaviour of its two National Football League’s Franchise’s top “Mucky-Muck’s,” i.e.; Jerry Jones and Bob McNair.

As Jones is going Nutzo’ over his Star Player having to serve out his Domestic Violence suspension, while McNair thinks there’s a bunch ‘O Inmates in the NFL…

But what really got my Goat, which is somewhat funny, especially since I have Zero interest in Major League Baseball, was the totally unwarranted behaviour of Yuli Gurriel during this year’s World Series.

Weirdly, since after all I was aboard a Big ‘Ol Jetliner; Uhm, the seating sure AIN’T B-I-g’ anymore! Not to mention the pitch between seats! As this was the first time I’d ever been subjected to flying for a few hours with my knees firmly pressed against the seat in front of me and the pathetic swatch of cargo netting that serves as the seatback; but I digress…

Flying to Houston ironically on a night Thar Astros were playing against the Dreaded Yankees, in this year’s MLB Playoffs, the male flight attendant was a Gynormous “Stick ‘N Ball” sports Fan, who constantly badgered the man seated an aisle behind me the entire flight on what’s the score now?

As our Aeroplane was equipped with In-flight TV Access via Seatback monitors, for which this passenger was happy to give him a running commentary between Coffee, Tea, Or What’s Duh Score?

Peanuts? Get Your Crackerjack Here!

As next thingy Yuhs know, said flight attendant spoke over the planes speakers, Astros just scored a three run homer! To which there was some applause, before he asked how many Houston Fans? GO STROHS!

Yet the Yankees would be victorious and as we began our final descent, he broke the news via the intercom by saying Thars No Tears of Joy in Mudsville Tonight, New York wins. (6-4)

As it was even funnier hearing the lady behind me squeal in delight, saying her husband’s a B-I-G Yankees Fan! Oh, I’ probably should be quiet, as we were awaiting departure of our 29min flight from Houston to Austin…

And since this was weeks before? The World Series, that was that, as I was ensconced in the crème de la crème ‘O Single Seater racing at the Circuit Of The Americas, where the yearly round of Formula 1’s USGP was being held in Austin, Texas.

Originally, I really didn’t have a preference, or care over who won this year’s World Series, since I couldn’t recall the last time either had won the Pennant?

But after initially learning of Yuli Gurriel making his totally unwarranted racist gesture towards Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Yu Darvish, during Game 3; for which I believe he should have been vanquished from the remainder of the World Series! I immediately wanted the Dodgers to be victorious.

Yuli Gurriel gets 5 Game Suspension in 2018 for racist gesture, escapes World Series Ban

Alas, unfortunately the Astros would go onto win the Pennant, and Gurriel just has to sit out five meaningless games next year, to which for Mwah, sends a mixed message at best.

Yet sadly, this unwarranted behaviour towards Asian Athletes isn’t new this year, albeit how many of Yuhs know about the episode this year’s Indy 500 winner was involved in?

As Takuma Sato became the first ever Japanese driver to win the Memorial Day 500 mile classic race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, defeating NO less the revered Helio Castroneves, who’s been flirting with making history at the legendous Brickyard for several years now.

IndyCar Drivers rally behind Takuma Sato after Denver Post Sports Writer’s Racist Tweet

Hey! You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna slip in some sorta motor racing reference did Yuhs? Hya! But seriously, if Y’all watch the video clip below, where the epic IndyCar Reporter Robin Miller does his typical interview with Sato, who’s also known as Taku-san, how can you not become a Fan of the diminutive Japanese IndyCar driver? Who simply oozes Charisma…

VIDEO: Robin Miller at Takuma Sato’s Borg Warner Trophy Unveiling

Thus, in what I enjoy bobbing about in, calling it The Seas of Synchronicity, I was drawn to an article that I listened to via my National Federation of The Blind’s (NFB) Newsline for The Blind telephone service, during my daily perusal of the Indianapolis Star Sports section.

for which naturally, I cannot locate said article on the IndyStar’s website, but here’s the story from another source instead.

How the Reds could land Japanese star Shohei Ohtani

Naturally, having already admitted my Baseball prowess, I’d never heard of this alleged Japanese Rising Star Baseball player, simply named Shohei Ohtani. Although I immediately pondered why wouldn’t he wish to go to Seattle? Even if we have a tradition of not making the playoffs.

Since Shohei Ohtani, who’s noted as being a Dual-threat player, could potentially bask in the similar glory here in Seattle a la a fellow countryman of his did previously. As perhaps Y’all recall the name Ichiro? Who’s currently a Free Agent and definitely a future Hall of Famer.

Five things to know about Shohei Ohtani

As Seattle’s got a long history of having outstanding players upon its roster, as I’m not sure who’s more famous; “the Kid,” aka Ken Griffey Jr. or Ichiro Suzuki?

Alas, I’m happy to hear that Shohei Ohtani’s narrowed down his list of potential suitors to primarily West Coast teams, with San Francisco and Seattle apparently having made the cut. As perhaps, Shohei Ohtani could just be the ticket to land the Mariners in the playoffs next year?

Since I know of at least two top prospects on the current roster, Thanxs to Snowbyrd MJ’, a devoted Mariners supporter. Both pitchers, “King Felix” (Hernandez) and The B-I-G’ Maple-leaf, nee James Paxton. As Shohei Ohtani’s obvious talent couldn’t diminish from Seattle finally snapping it’s 16-year streak of not making the MLB Playoffs! The current longest Post-season Drought in the Major Leagues, since having lost to New York in ‘01.

Hence, I’m now momentarily interested in professional baseball, even if summer’s a long, long ways away. With Seattle currently ensconced in thou Damp chills ‘O Darkness for the next six month!

But hopefully the Mariners will land the 23yr old prospect, and the Pacific Northwest can once again gush the immortal words of Dave Niehaus’s “My, Oh, My!” Or better yet, when we’ll get the “Rye Bread out for Shohei Ohtani’s First Grand Salami!”

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Dustup in The Desert…

November 14th, 2017 · No Comments

Originally I’d intended to g-O Football Free this regular season, albeit paying minor Attenzione to the Blue team’s results, as Hey! How can Yuhs NOT Hear what Seattle’s Team, thou HAWKS’ are doing in The Jet City. Especially when their kicker muffs three field goals to loose in the snow. As ironically I’d heard that the visiting team between Hawks and Redskins had won the last four meeting, prior to the game commencing.

As a ‘lil birdie in my head told me whilst I walked to my local grocery store Thursday morning around 9:30AM in a brisk 42-degrees with mild precipitation, Thars’ a Pigskin game tonight in Arizona.

Hence, in this first of the twice yearly NFC West divisional matchups between “Mr. Seahawk,” aka Mister Sporty’s squad, and Artiste Dave’s Cards’, I decided I’d break down and listen via Thy ‘lil transistor radio to Duh Voice of ‘dem Hawks and his NFL Hall of Fame Colour Coordinator Warren #1 Moon, since I still recall attending my last Seahawks game with these two rabid fans on another cold, blustery night in Seattle.

Pigskin Delights…

Whilst the Hawks certainly were pleased being in warm, comfortable and dry Glendale, AZ. Which apparently wasn’t expecting any Haboobs’ since the roof was open…

Yet a smile crept across Thy Face when the game began, as I fondly recalled sitting upstairs 2yrs ago at Ye ‘Ol Tacoma Homestead, in the white “Lazyboy” recliner.

As I’d tried going home that morning, from our revered “Aroma Dome in The City of Destiny.”But we’d turned back upon discovering that the Tacoma Dome bus station was completely jammed with 12S’ Fans waiting to ride thou bus to Seattle nearly 6hrs before Kickoff; CRIKEYS! On a Saturday - During a Playoff game, not to mention the bus already being full!

AnyHoo, I gleefully sat upstairs in said recliner that evening with My Girls’, aka MAD Molly & Thy Pixolator on Thy lap, listening to the game via the radio, whilst reveling when mimicking KIRO radio announcer Steve Raible yelling TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS! In one of my favourite Hawks memories…

As I’m pretty certain this was when Seahawks routed those Dastardly Carolina Panthers 31-17 Wayback on Jan 10, 2015 at ‘der Clink, nee Century Link Field.

Y’all know the year the Hawks should have been World Champions again, ‘cept for that whimsical call by Darrell Bevel to throw the Pigskin on fourth down, right Marshawn?

Mad Molly, an extremely special Canine to Mwah, sadly takes the Chequered Flag…

And for Mwah,
part of the entertainment of listening to my first Hawks game in nearly a year’s time… Was trying to get up to speed on Seattle’s ever revolving lineup, with such luminaries as Earl Thomas, Cliff Avril and Eddie Lacey all on the sidelines.

With such names as Shaq Griffin, Bradley MacDougald and J.D. McKissic being completely foreign to me.

Also swear I heard thee Voice of The Seahawks Steve “HOLY CATFISH!” Raible say that Golden Tate was the receiver on Arizona’s Kickoff coverage team, taking a knee in the end zone, Eh?

After a slow start, No. 3, aka Russell Wilson went five-for-five, passing for 44-yards, capped by an Alley-Oop toss to Jimmy Graham. Allowing me to bellow in unison with Raible and his signature Tagline; TOOOOOOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS! With 5:07 remaining in the first quarter.

And Raible later asks, is that four or five penalties? With Moon saying that’s five! As Hawks are penalized twice for roughing the Quarterback, along with at least one more third down penalty letting the Cards’ off the hook, continuing their drive down to the Seahawks 14-yard line.

Then a 14-yard Screen-pass to Arizona’s Tight End Gresham tied the game up with 14:53 remaining in second half.

And whadda’ Yuhs know? Seahawks Luke Wilson gets another Personal Foul for Clipping on the next Hawks offensive drive, once again killing their momentum.

Got up and took my plate out to the kitchen, walked back to Thy “Office” to hear Raible say the scores 9-7; Huh?

As during Halftime, believe I learned it was Cam “Bam-Bam” Chancellor who’d stuffed Arizona’s Adrian Peterson in the end zone for the safety.

Now Raible’s going NUTZ’ over the plethora ‘O penalties the Hawks are incurring, with the Zebra’s tossing another yellow Hanky in Seattle’s direction… Before imploding on an ill-attempted end-around resulting in 2nd and 18; YIKES!

Then Hawks first rushing first down of game comes from Thomas “the Train” Rawls, with a 22yd run.. Followed by a 20yd Bomb to Tight End Benjamin Baguette; WHO?

Then on tenth play of drive, Arizona’s flagged for being offside, with Seattle electing to enforce penalty to make it third and five on the Cards’ 14 at the Two Minute warning.

And Seattle’s Wayne Brady; Err Dwayne Brown’s in the Sideline tent for players examinations…

After Seattle’s muff on third down, the 12S’ favourite player Blair Walsh; Uhm? Remind Mwah again why Seattle let Hooska-dooska (Steven Hauschka) go to Buffalo? Trots on to the field and calmly kicks a 33yd Field Goal down the middle of the upright’s to make the score 12-7 with 1:53 remaining.

then some more questionable Officiating proceeded Seattle taking over on downs before Paul Richardson makes a sensational catch to ultimately get Seattle into Field Goal range with Walsh going 2-for-2 with a 43-yard FG to make the score Seattle 15, Arizona 7 with two seconds remaining in the half before Stanton takes a knee.

Whilst Warren Moon berates the Officials by pointedly saying that when there’s a National TV Football Game, the Officials think they need to be in the Show…


And that’s just a Quick Slant pass to Halftime…

Opening drive by Arizona sees nearly seven minutes run off the clock, resulting in an Arizona field goal, making the score 15-10, with another Hawks player being injured during the drive.

As this game has quickly become a battle of attrition, as two of Arizona’s players have left the game with knee injuries during the first half.

And the injuries just keep Ah-happenin’, with Hawks Sherm’, aka Richard Sherman and C.J. Prosides both out of the game, whilst the rookie Speedster McKissic is suddenly putting some spark into Seattle, rumbling down to the Cardinals 49-yardline at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Seahawks begin 4th Quarter by picking up a first down, before incurring a false start penalty, after Thomas Rawls comes into game.

Giving Seattle 11 Penalties for 88 yards now against the Hawks. Before Hawks penalized for another infraction; CRIKEYS! Making it now 2nd and 21; OOMPH!

then Raible goes BLUTO! Yelling Are You Kidding Me! Russell did more pirouettes then a Ballerina! With his trusty receiver Doug Baldwin saying I’m Open! Before Wilson connects for a 54yd pass completion down to Arizona’s 5-yardline!

As Moon chimes in, that was Shades ‘O Fran Tarketon! Before

the best Ballerina move we’ve ever seen Russell do! Not one, but two pirouettes to stay alive, and then capping the drive off with another Alley-Oop to Graham to go ahead 22-10.

Next, KJ Wright BLOWS UP Arizona’s drive with an eight yard loss, bringing up third and eighteen, before Michael Bennett smacks somebody named “Duke” Ellington? Forcing Arizona to punt again…

After Seattle’s Defense staves off Arizona’s march to the Red Zone, stopping their drive on 4th & 9, the Hawks were once again forced back onto the field after Russell Wilson & Co. went three and out, giving the Defense nary a chance to rest.

Which ultimately ended in the Cardinals scoring a second TD with barely any time on the game clock remaining. But the Hawks D’ didn’t quit, as Jeremy Lane sprinted in to block the PAT’, leaving the game knotted at 22-16 in Seattle’s favour.

As the Cardinals hopes were extinguished when their Onsides Kick Done Blew Up! With Seattle’s Tyler Lockett recovering the football, before Wilson ended the game by taking a knee.

And although Seattle won the war, moving to 4-0-1 vs. Bruce Arian’s Cardinals, and 7-1 in Thursday Night games. The carnage was quite staggering on both sides of the football, with Seattle suffering worst, with nine players being injured! Obviously with Sherm’ being lost for the season after rupturing his Achilles being the game’s low-point for Seattle…

Seahawks win in Arizona but lose Richard Sherman for season

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