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Patriots keeps on winning with or without Brady - how far can they go?

January 8th, 2017 · No Comments

Going into the first week of the season, things weren’t looking good for the Patriots. Their trusted quarterback Tom Brady was suspended and for the first time in a long time, they were looking to start a season without him. It’s fair to say that the New England team had relied on Brady somewhat, but despite that, they have managed to pick up several wins without him.

They are currently 3-0 after beating the Texans 27-0, and while it seemed unlikely at the beginning of the season, it looks like they may be able to go 4-0 without Brady. They have been splitting the role between Brissett and Garoppolo, but with Garoppolo injured, they had to rely on the inexperienced Brissett to get them through.

But Brissett has proved to be a star in the making. He might not have the vision that Brady has, but he has speed, and that proved essential in the Texans win. Brissett only had three day to prepare for this game and the Texans were 2-0 going into it, which just adds to the achievement.

So can they go one better and make it 4-0 before Brady returns? And if they do, will this stint signal the end of the star quarterback? Can the Patriots finally stop worrying about Brady’s inevitable retirement and start looking toward a future that is as bright as their past?

Bill Belichick

The Patriots coach deserves most of the acclaim. It was his decision to sign Brissett, it was he who managed to orchestrate an opening week win even without their start QB and TE, and he was he who picked the crucial plays that led them to that unlikely victory last week.

Belichick has been in the shadow of his own quarterback in the past, but with Brady sidelined through suspension, he has finally had an opportunity to show the fans and the rest of the NFL that he really is the main man behind the Pats success. He managed the game from the first whistle to the last. He ran low-risk plays more commonly used in college football. He stuck to a short passing and running games, knowing that Brissett was always prepared to scramble if needed.

He basically played to the advantages of his young quarterback, even though it meant playing a completely different game to the one they had been playing with Brady. Defensively they were able to shut the Texans out, an amazing feat when you consider their previous performances this season. The Patriots don’t have the best squad, certainly not right now, but last week you could be mistaken for thinking otherwise and that is the power of Bill Belichick.

Jacoby Brissett

Brissett is the third-string QB. When Brady returns from his suspension and Garoppolo is fit again, he could be pushed down the rankings. But if he can match his performance against the Texans with a similar one against the Bills, then it should be a different story.

Brissett played out of his skin because he knew that he had to. He knew that this was his chance, that he was lucky to get it and that he may never have another chance like it again, certainly not for the Patriots. He wouldn’t have been the first QB with potential to spend his career watching from the sidelines, only to slip into obscurity.

He was given an opportunity, and like any capable athlete, he took it with both hands. Brissett has plenty of experience behind him during stints with NC State and Florida. He is stronger and quicker than Brady, but as evident by his 195 passing yards last week, he can also throw. He is nothing like Brady and he probably won’t have the same impact that Brady had, but he can certainly step up to the mark when needed.

Brissett has the potential to take this team to the playoffs, but he’ll probably fall short of Super Bowl success. He could be a big QB for a lesser team, but at the Patriots he’s probably going to end up as a strong second-string QB. There is a good chance he will move up the rankings by the time Brady comes back, and an equally good chance he will step up to the plate when Brady retires. But it’s not likely that Jacoby Brissett will be the one they turn to to take Brady’s place over the long term.

The Run

With all things considered, Patriots will almost certainly get the edge over the Bills this coming week. Brissett is on fire. His youth, his confidence and his strength will carry them over the line, while the Pats defense will hold off the Bills just like it held off the Texans. It’s going to be a tactical game and it will continue to be that way until Brady returns and assumes control once more.

Joining a team that is already 4-0, you would expect Brady to carry the Patriots to the play-offs and even to the Super Bowl. They’ll probably not go undefeated, but they can certainly make it to the main event, giving Brady what will probably be his final shot at winning his fifth Super Bowl.

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Seattle’s other Football Club are MLS Champions!

December 19th, 2016 · No Comments

Otay, so I’ve kinda given that one away, as I’m talking about the Rave Green, and not the 12S’ today. And although I’m not surprised one iota, nonetheless I’m disappointed that none of the local Yeahoos who go All Gaga over each ‘N every Seahawks win by lighting off BOOM-BOOM Fireworks; Yeehaw! Made nary a Peep over this momentous occasion late Saturday night.

Yet the following Thursday after that Green Bay shellacking, I knew the Hawks had defeated those woeful Rams ’cause there were a BOOM-BOOM barrage around 8:30PM Pacific; URGH!

Have NO idea where in my voluminous cavern ‘O typewritten word, where I’ve saved scribblin’ about growing up as a Sounders Fan during the late 1970’s, as I’ve still got several Seattle Sounders buttons handed out at various matches at the Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium, home of the original NASL Sounders.

As the Sounders began their tenure in the North American Soccer League in 1974, playing their first two seasons at Memorial Stadium, where my fondest memories of the club still reside, especially attending games on sunlit summer days as a Wee lad, when my favourite player was Sounders #17 Dave Gillett, a brilliant Defender.

Then forty years ago, which ironically coincides with Tis’ land ‘O T; Err America the Beautiful celebrating its Bicentennial, the Sounders moved into their second venue, the brand new Kingdome, who’s 59,000-66,000 seating capacity for its other main tenants, the Seahawks (1976-1999) and Mariners (1977-1999) was quadruple than Memorial Stadium’s.! While the Supersonics also resided at the Kingdome between their “Glory Years” of 1978-1985.

The Sounders were the first team to host a game at the newly completed Kingdome in April, 1976 when hosting the New York Cosmos, featuring Brazilian Superstar Pele in an exhibition match that saw over 58,000 fans attending, then believed to be the largest ever crowd to witness a soccer match in the States.

Kingdome’s first event: Sounders vs. NY Cosmos exhibition match

As the (NASL) Sounders zenith was reached between 1977-1982, when once again facing those Dastardly Cosmos, not once but twice.

As both times would see Seattle representing the Western conference vs. the Eastern conference’s and NASL’s Juggernaut Cosmos for the prized Soccer Bowl trophy.

Although I didn’t attend either, the championship game that stands out most for Mwah is Soccer Bowl ‘77, with Seattle losing 2-1 at the original (NASL) Portland Timbers home venue, Civic Stadium where the Sounders lost 2-1 in what was Pele’s last professional match.

It would take a further five years for another Soccer Bowl rematch between these two squad’s, this time seeing Soccer Bowl ‘82 being held in San Diego where those pesky Cosmos were victorious One-Nil’, which is soccer; Err Football parlance for 1-0 Mates.

The Sounders would play one more season before folding at the end of 1983, along with NASL turning out it’s lights, ceasing operations following the ‘84 season’s conclusion.

El Soundero!

It would be over a further quarter of a century before another Top Tier Professional Soccer Franchise would appear upon Seattle’s Waterfront, this time in the guise of the Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion Sounders FC (Football Club) debut in ‘09.

As could there be any doubt that the team would fray far from its roots in regards to its club’s name? For which now all three of the original Cascadia Clubs have reclaimed their original names, with the “Triangle ‘O Death” as Drew Carrey coined it, with the gang all being back. As rivals Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps FC have rejoined Major League Soccer. With those dreaded Timbers beating Seattle to MLS Cup glory by a single year…

As thanks to Randy’s generosity as a Sounders FC season ticket holder, I’ve been privileged to attend at least one match per season since the Rave Green’s return to the pitch, first at Qwest Field, where the Seahawks used to be in Quest of a championship; Hooah! Before becoming known by some as Der Clink, nee Century Link Field.

Sounders FC make Open Cup History

As I think that being fortunate enough to be in attendance for that magnificent U.S. Open Cup victory at Century Link Field five years ago, will always be my most favourite match attended! As so far, and most likely, it’s the only championship game I’ve ever attended, and it was so cool seeing the players hosting the trophy, along with the electricity of the crowd all the way back to our vehicle!

Three Soccer Ghosts visit Sounders FC…

And I won’t try reliving the entire Sounders FC Saga, other than what a Fairytale ending! As the team was mired in ninth place and headed for desolation this summer, i.e.; missing the Playoffs for the first time ever at 6-12-2 when longtime Assistant Coach Brian Schmetzer was tabbed to replace Sigi Schmid, with just 14-games to improve and have his interim tag removed. And the rest is history!

As I really enjoyed Coach Schmetzer’s post-game comments ’bout Román Torres. Noting repeatedly: Romain says he was a forward before coming to MLS, but we’re not sure about that; Hya!

Amazingly, as sidelined Sounders FC Star Forward Clint Dempsey pointed out afterwards, Seattle failed to have a single shot on goal, with the fewest ever in a championship match, with just a paltry three overall. With the game being the first in history to go scoreless for the entire 120 minutes duration.

Seattle Sounders FC win MLS Cup over Toronto FC, in a Shootout

Ironically, current Seattle Goalkeeper Stefan Frei, deservedly the game’s MVP, with what’s simply being touted as “The Save!” When Frei made his overly impressive save of Toronto FC’s Jozy Altidore’s masterful header, destined to be the game’s lone goal! Saw Frei defeating the team that traded him to Seattle in 2014.

While the win was especially sweet for the three remaining original Sounders FC members from the ‘09 Squad: Zach Scott, Brad Evans and Oswaldo Alonso. As Scott, at age 36 had already announced his retirement prior to the playoffs beginning, and leaves the pitch as an MLS champion!

Brad Evans, who’s been the team’s Captain for several years, and having already won the championship eight years before, spent the season somewhat in purgatory, never quite adapting to a Center Back’s role, deemed “the Experiment.” Along with battling multiple injuries, being subbed-in during the overtime, before calmly scoring Seattle’s first PK.

And what can I say ’bout Oswaldo Alonso? As the gritty Midfielder, possibly the Heart of Sounders FC on-field competitors, took four shots before, and a further four more during halftime in order to dull the persistent pain in his gimpy knee!

Having stuck to my yearly, long standing tradition of listening to the Rave Green’s playoff’s progress via my ‘lil transistor radio tuned into KIRO 97.3FM. It was enjoyable having two former mainstays of Sounders FC lore calling the game.

With original Goalkeeper Kasey Keller staying warm in the booth, while past No. 1 overall MLS Draft Pick Steve Zakuani, who had his bright career cut short by a nasty, crude tackle, attempted staying warm on Toronto’s frigid sidelines.

And I understand why, but it’s mildly disappointing for Mwah that longtime Defender Leonardo Gonzalez wasn’t on the pitch this year, as he totally deserved to be there! But alas, Father Time waits for no one, as JJ’, nee Joevin Jones, eleven years younger simply was faster, stronger, etc.

As I’m awaiting Clint Dempsey’s retirement announcement, as perhaps Coach Schmetzer tipped his hand, claiming that Dempsey will make a Helluva Coach one day, and the Rave Green have an opening for Assistant’s Me Thinks; Hmm? Who knows, eh?

Why Brian Schmetzer chose to march with Fans in the MLS Cup parade

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Boats, Hikers and Athletes give Thanksgiving Different Shades of Gray…

November 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

In year’s past, your neophyte Stick ‘N Ball Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy has tried to cleverly tie in the traditional bounty ‘O Thanksgiving with some form of Pigskins being tossed about all day long…

As I’ll refrain from trying to tie-in thee “Egghead,” nee Seattle’s past great QB Mathew Hasselbach into the Turkey Day ritual with nods to Devil’s Eggs or Potato salads, etc; Hya!

Especially since that current No. 3 Seahawks guy’s working out Ok!
Whilst surely Tony Romo should stick with his pleasure palace vs. getting Stuffed at Cowboy Stadium, right?

Romo’s secret…

Having begun the year by listening to an amazing tome via CD Audiobook format this January titled: The Boys in The Boat by Daniel James Brown, about nine non-descript young men overcoming adversity to achieve their ultimate goal.

As it seems to Mwah, that I’m the only one who cares that this Summer’s Olympics in Brazil was the eightieth anniversary of this most triumphant achievement by our University of Washington Huskies elite Mens-8 rowing squad, in a time when rowing was the school’s and city’s most prestigious event.

The Boys in the Boat Book review

And although I’ve ridden on it countless times over the years on the bus , I had NO idea that the Downtown Seattle city street named Royal Bromough was named in honour of a prolific Seattle Sports Writer.

As Bromough, who not only feverishly covered the Huskies rowing events in order to build up his beloved Seattle, most likely was also instrumental in leading the charge when the team was suddenly forced to scramble to come up with $5,000 to pay for their trip to Berlin to represent their country in the 1936 Olympics.

Six Minutes in Berlin: The Greatest Victory you’ve Never heard of

While another Seattle author named Timothy Egan’s book In the Garden of Beasts overlaps the same period of time, when Germany was ultimately preparing for war. Noting how in the fall of 1933, Adolf Hitler originally implores the building of the mammoth Reichsring’ sporting complex for Germany’s impending 1936 Summer Olympics.

Yet Der Fuhrer’s Reich Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, ultimately persuaded Adolf into seeing the benefits of portraying Germany in a kinder, gentler, sunshine ‘N rainbows; Err Wiener schnitzel kind of way, and hence the games became Der Fatherland’s ultimate propaganda tool!

Thousands of Jews arrested in Germany archive, 1938

which according to Daniel James Brown’s awesome book, UW’s coxswain Bobby Mock was totally unaware of his Jewish ethnicity until shortly before leaving for Berlin. For which we all know what Hitler ultimately did to the Jews!

Yet presumably, most of us would utter the name Jesse Owens when asked about the ‘36 Olympics, where how dare a Black Man so thoroughly defeat Hitler’s perceived “Master Race,” Ja Volt? Becoming that game’s most decorated athlete by winning four gold medals, albeit even our President Franklin D. Roosevelt wouldn’t shake his hand afterwards!

But how many of us know about the outright Discrimination Owens suffered during his life? Ranging from not being eligible for college scholarship due to his race, and immediately being barred from Amateur status following his Olympics triumph for having the audacity to try proffering financially from his achievements. Causing this once great athlete to find himself running against horses in order to make a living! along with running a Dry Cleaners and becoming a Gas Station Attendant…

Race: Jesse Owens, winner against all odds

Thus fast forward eighty years, and notice how little we’ve ultimately progressed. As seriously? A Presidential candidate telling an African American & U.S. Citizen to “Get Out!” For simply having the audacity to kneel during our national anthem! As very surprised he wasn’t told to get on a boat shackled and go back to Africa!

Sherman: Shootings overshadow NFL game

Although I find it overly ironic that police violence towards African Americans has increased during the reign of the country’s first black president.

Moving on, I’ve just recently finished listening to another fantastic book that’s just been made into a movie starring Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson; Bill Bryson’s 1998 A Walk in The Woods, portraying him and a friend’s Walkabout on the Appalachian Trail, in ‘96 better known simply as the “A.T.”

A Walk in The Woods Movie Trailer

As Bryson briefly discusses how the Native Americans were most amused by all of the Anglophiles quests to discover new plant species and send them abroad,
since after all surely the white interlopers needed to give thanks to the Indians for helping them acclimatize to this continent!

Hence, naturally this makes me think about another ‘lil ‘Ol Pigskin team called the Washington Redskins, for which I’ll admit I grew up so-to-speak never even remotely considering the stigmatism revolving round the Redskins insignia; Dating Thyself, since they were Coach Gibbs hallowed Hogs’, with John Riggins running roughshod over their opponents with Joe Theisman at the controls…

Yet once again, the plight of being different greatly affected who’s arguably been deemed the greatest athlete of the 20th Century! None other than Jim Thorpe, who Y’all know was a Sac and Fox Nation Native American, best known for winning the Decathlon and Pentathlon during the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.

Yet Thorpe, a la Jesse Owens, suffered the indignity of the mighty Amateur Athletics Union, (AAU) having his two gold medals stripped from him after the statue of limitations had long expired for having played Semi-Pro sports to make a living, a practice done by many other contemporaries, albeit they escaped sanctioning by simply playing under false names! Before Thorpe’s medals were reinstated, albeit some thirty years after his death.

Alas, thinking I was Oh, So Clever; Nah, Don’t Worry Y’all! Not gonna dispute the Redskins needing to change their name, but instead I thought I’d FIGURED THE PERFECT NAMED FOR THEM, I.E.; Washington Generals!

Uhm, OOPS! Now I know why that name sounded familiar, it was those beloved Harlem Globetrotters nightly opponent! So instead, how ’bout the Washington Plutocrats; Oh Never Mind!

As I’ll leave Y’all to retire to the living room for the evening’s NFL Nightcap, stuffed upon pecan and pumpkin pie, with thoughts ‘O Sugarplums; Err wrong Holiday. Instead with visions of Grandma driving Y’all home in the family’s Station wagon; Uhm I meant SUV…

Look Out! Grandma’s Behind the Wheel

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Some long, forlorn 3-Pointers wallow, The Boys of Summer go Deep as leaves rustle towards the Drone of Football…

November 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

Otay, I suppose that Summer’s now officially over, eh? As your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s been all over the place, sneaking in one last Outdoors Camping trip before the winds were literally Ah-blowin’; Shiver Me Timbers!

Back to Back storms to Wallop Pacific Northwest: Saturday’s could be Historic

Although we were totally oblivious to this impending Storm of the Century! Especially since it was clear, bright ‘N sunny all three days of our journey to Whidbey Island preceding this event, albeit the tent was definitely a Wee bit nippy. as our thermometer read 40-degrees Fahrenheit each morning; But I digress…

Thus it was funny to first be alerted of said storm via our friends in Oregon, and then even more comical after arriving home was hearing Duh tandem leaf blower Boyz’ a day later waltzing thru my beautimous’ housing complex just hours prior to Thursday’s impending first windstorm; Crikeys!

Although Thar She Blows! Was more than appropriate for the nonstop gusting winds over 50mph! Yet the bulk of the storm completely missed Seattle both Thursday and Saturday as the sun even came out for those Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks to warble out victory over the Atlanta Hawks; OOPS! That’s what local KIRO FM radio’s colour commentator Warren Moon wanted to keep inexplicably calling them; Hya!

And whilst much of thou nation was focused upon Football night in the Desert, Y’all will be shocked to learn that I was somewhers’ else, listening to three and-a-half hours of Dribble from Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA where Formula 1 was contesting the USGP.

As I must have been desperate for some sorta Stick ‘N Ball news when I stumbled over the story awhile ago regarding the Philadelphia 76ers new General Manager with a familiar sounding last name.

Inside the 76ers: Bryan Colangelo brings a good track record

Since whenever I hear the name Colangelo, I immediately think of past Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo, which makes it kind of hard to believe he sold the team over a decade ago, whilst I’ve got absolutely zero idea who new Head Coach Earl Watson is?

And while proving how little I pay attention to the NBA, and possibly being proven wrong? I’ll presume that Bryan, (Colangelo) son of Jerry, having served stints at Phoenix and Toronto will work his Basketball magic upon the woeful Sixers, especially since they’ve really got nowhere to go than up, right?

Meanwhile, I’m guessing it must have been a S-L-O-W News-day, since Paul Allen and his other team, not those Rumblin’ Stumblin’ Fumblin’ Seahawks, which thankfully I didn’t spend considerable time listening to a long, drawn out Baseball-like final score in The Valley of The Sun; STEE-RIKE!

As I must say I’m pleasantly surprised that this year’s Major League Baseball’s World Series features two totally unexpected teams, as seriously? The Chicago Cubs vs. the Cleveland Indians, who woulda Thunk That! As I’ll pull for those No-names from Cleveland to continue Chicago’s curse…

As some unheard of Beat Sportswriter was having fun winding up Oregonians over the (remote) possibilities of those once bedraggled “Jaulbreakers” would be heading north up Interstate I-5 in the not too distant future; Huh?

Portland columnist suspicious Paul Allen will move Trail Blazers to Seattle

And like I said, whilst not paying any attention to the National Basketball Association since “The Round Mound ‘O Rebound,” nee Sir Charles played for Phoenix against his Seattle Supersonics nemesis Shawn Kemp, I suppose reluctantly the Indiana Pacers will become my new team of semi-interest.

This is solely due to the fact that ex-Supersonics and Portland Trailblazers Head Coach Nate McMillan’s now at the helm of the Pacers this year.

Insider: Nate McMillan sets bar high for Pacers

As I’ve got NO idea how McMillan will fair in Indiana, or how long he’ll last? Although naturally I hope he’ll be successful since he seems like a decent Chap with ties to the Pacific Northwest.

As it would be nice to see somebody new besides the likes of Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue, who arguably have the two most potent squads in the NBA join the ranks of contenders.

Although suppose Y’all can never count out Gregg Popovich and his pesty San Antonio Spurs who served notice by shellacking the Warriors on opening night 129-100 on the road no less!

Pacers hearing Nate McMillan’s new voice

Alas, as I sit here in the relative gloom of another overly rainy day in Seattle, confirming that fall’s definitely here. Already having been announced by Football strangling the TV Airwaves having recently joked about what night’s aren’t occupied by football?

Whoever’s coming to ‘Der Clink, nee Century Link Field next? Had better bring a change of Uniforms, whilst Stephen “Slice” Hauschka better bolt on his deep mud cleats!

Hence, whilst football dominates the TV landscape, I suppose some Stick ‘N Ball fans will now be all Ah-lather over Ice Hockey, eh? As surprisingly, that Frozen White tundra Up North, land ‘O Hockey leads the way with imported Hoop talent in the NBA with eleven players trading their skates for basketballs.

As it’s interesting to note how the NBA is continuing its push towards becoming a global phenomenon, having just learned that this season will set records for both the most international players and most countries involved…

NBA: Record 113 international players on opening night rosters

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A True Hero…

September 28th, 2016 · No Comments

While Nations use Athletes to promote their cause, pump thou chest and chant I’m the Bestest; as the din of U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A rings in Thy ears…

With Brazil having just finally snuffed out the Olympic flame after it’s somewhat contentious holding of said games, where rightfully the No. 2 event, the Paralympics banned Russia from competing due to its illicit doping practices, how many of Y’all watched the Paralympics?

As I could go on about how one presidential candidates’ touting Trumping her opponent over suddenly caring about the Disabled. Or how one nation erroneously kept one of its own athlete’s from boarding a flight home with his prosthesis; Uhm, Butterfingers!

Or how some storied athletes I once coveted here on these Sportyblog pages have gone Splat! By severely falling from grace, those being named Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius.

Yet instead, this is intended to be a story about one of my true Heroes in life, who I’ve had the ultra good fortune of meeting once very briefly at Mother Speedway no less! Since after all I first became aware of him do to his amazing speed upon the racetrack of Portland International Raceway, where ironically he won his maiden IndyCar race twenty years ago this summer, and then proceeded to win the IndyCar championship the following two years consecutively.

Yet it was thru his Horrific motor racing accident which nearly cost him his life fifteen years ago, just four days after something simply known as 9-11, that the man I now affectionately call ‘El Zorro’, aka Alex Zanardi’s true character was born. Having attempted to chronicle this Wayback in the fall of 2012 on these very pages.

A Look back at one of the Unheralded Athletes competing in this year’s Paralympics…

Yet it’s funny how life goes on, since after the unexpected pleasure of having Zanardi walk across the fabled Pitlane expanse of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway a year later to “Meet & Greet” me during the Pit stop contest on Carb Day, 2013, which will probably always be my Numero Uno memory of visiting the Speedway!

Celebrity Hobbsnobbing at IMS

Naturally I lost track of what this most affable Italian was up to, until of hearing of his latest exploits first upon Speed Freaks in the waning days of 2014, after Alex had just contested the Kona Ironman event. As this guy is just truly amazing!

Zanardi continues to Amaze!

For which I then found his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman Online, which sadly seemed to have disappeared after Letterman’s retirement.

As Alex was his typical, unflappable unassuming self, noting how people were wildly cheering for him whilst he was swearing underneath his breath as the sweat off his hands in the Hawaiian heat was making it very impractical to get any traction upon his wheelchair’s wheels to propel him up the steep grade!

Yet in typical fashion, he settled upon a cadence to propel himself by (supposedly) counting to 333, wryly musing to Mr. Letterman in his Italian brogue how it has a nice ring! Which presumably, only us Diehard motor racing Aficionados would know is the model number of the most beautiful Ferrari 333SP, a brilliant twelve cylinder Sports Prototype racing car which won America’s two greatest endurance events, the Rolex 24 at Daytona and the Sebring 12 hours during the 1990’s; but I digress…

And having decided to not watch any of this year’s Summer Olympics, along with the Paralympics, I was totally unaware that Zanardi, now 49, who’ll celebrate his 50th birthday shortly on October 23rd, was once again participating in this year’s games in his preferred discipline of Handbiking until hearing the news he’d won again. Capturing his third gold medal ironically just hours before the anniversary of his horrific life threatening Shunt where he lost his legs at the former East Germany’s Lausitzring.

Alex Zanardi continues Amazing Us 15 years later…

Alas, in typical Big Box media news cycle lore, Zanardi served his purpose of triumphing near the anniversary of said accident, NO! Not 9-11 but his Shunt at the Lausitzring, silly’s… And thus as typical, there seemingly was little follow-up upon his capturing a fourth gold medal! As Zanardi’s just one of the countless person’s on the globe who continue to amaze us with their willingness to overcome their perceived disabilities…

Zanardi claims another gold medal in Brazil

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