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A Veritable NFL Cornucopia: Madden, Reeves, Dirty Birds, the Ickey Shuffle and Other Fumbles

January 31st, 2022 · No Comments

So it’s Old News now about John Madden’s Death. But the strangest thingy’ about it for your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy, is I swear that when I Tuned-in to find out the score between the visiting Seattle Seahawks and LA Rams at the end of the third Quarter, with the game knotted at a whopping 10-10! Whomever the two announcers were, were talking about John Madden and how everybody wanted to be on Madden’s All NFL Team and his EA Sports game in the past tense, making me wonder if He’d Died? Although the game in Question was during Week 15 on December 21st, before Madden “Retired” on Dec 28th, Seven Days prior to his sudden Death at the Age of 85.

Then the NFL lost another legendary coach in Dan reeves at Age 77 shortly after Madden’s Death. As Reeves passed away on New Years Day, just 18 days before his 78th Birthday.

I last recall Dan Reeves as Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons during Thar famous Dirty Birds’ era, when Reeves led them to 1999’s Super bowl XXXIII. Ironically vs. His former Denver Broncos and former Coaching Assistant Mike Shanahan, who Reeves had Fired for Insubordination!

And I know I was Rootin’ for Dem’ Dirty Birds’, Err Falcons to win since Coach Reeves had never won a Super bowl. But Alas, it wasn’t to be, as Reeves lost again, 34-19 to Denver.

And although I now vaguely recall him as coach of the Denver Broncos with his Scowling Demeanor during the “Mr. Ed” (John Elway) era. When losing his first Super Bowl, I’d either forgotten, or more likely was unawares of his being in four Super Bowls, All losing propositions…

Actually, I’ve probably Blocked out those three 1980’s Super Bowl appearances by Denver, I.e.; super bowls XXI, XXII and XXIV largely due to Despising Mr. Ed, which I believe was Elway’s unflattering nickname bestowed upon him by that long ago Seattle Seahawk Bust known simply as The Boz! Aka Brian Bosworth…

What I find most Funny is how I seem to recall Coach Reeves Shilling for Cryosec OTC, Me Thinks? During that Falcons Super Bowl run, when Atlanta had started off 12-2 before Reeves had had Emergency Quadruple Heart Bipass Surgery during the regular season, eventually finishing 14-2. Whils just thinking how Odd to be pitching medicine when your Health’s in Question.

As Reeves currently shares the Dubious record along with Buffalo Bills Marv Levy and Minnesota Vikings Bud Grant for having lost four Super bowls…

Meanwhile that long ago famous Ickey Shuffle popped up on my Memorex following those Upstart Cincinnati Bengals first Defeating the Las Vegas Raiders with apparently some Errant Whistle from the Referees, or was it a lack of Whistle? Since I didn’t watch that game. And All I can say is I find it Darmic that the Raiders lost, since we endured Gruden Gate and those two Horrific Player incidents, including one leading to Fatality!

As All of this Whingeing On about Poor Refereeing made me quickly Flash back to the 2005 Super Bowl between the Pittsburg Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, for which the Head Referee Admitted years later that there had been Erronious Calls made during the game…

Ben Roethlisberger was Easy to Admire as A Quarterback, but Not as A Man


On Saturday when “My” Titans were playing Cincinnati and I broke out one of my vintage Tennessee Titans T-Shirts, for some Feel Good Touchdown Tommy Mojo, Alas we know how that worked out, Drat!And with the passing of Madden, and I believe his Hand picked Successor? Chris Collinsworth and the Bengals just Winning Baby! I remembered the Ickey Shuffle, made famous by Bengals Fullback Elbert “Ickey” Woods Wayback in1988!

Although I must confess I remember it more fondly being done by ‘Ol DW’, aka Mr. Boogity Boogity Boogity! Nee Darrell Waltrip upon his finally winning NASCAR’s Super Bowl event, the 1989 Daytona 500. Where after He’d done a really Bad White-man version of the popular Dance, He Disbelievingly asked the Reporter staring into the Camera: Tell Me I’ve just Won the Daytona 500!

While I know I watched with relief and great satisfaction, Cincinnati losing to the San Francisco 49ers 20-16 in Super bowl XXIII when Collingsworth was a Bengals Wide Receiver and Thar QB was Kenny Anderson, coached by Sam Wyche.

And the Divisional Playoffs weekend was almost a clean sweep of the Underdog’s winning All four NFL Playoff games. With the San Francisco 49ers Defeating the Green Bay Packers on a frigid Lambeau Field! And the LA Rams knocking off Tom Terrible and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the Road, leaving us with that Insane Gunfight at Ye Arrowhead Corral, Err Stadium…

As I’ll admit I was rooting for Buffalo, since I wanted a Clean Sweep of “New” NFL Teams vying for births in this year’s fast approaching Super Bowl LVI. (56) And that fourth Quarter was Insane! As I think Tony romo said Thar were 24 points scored in the games final two minutes? And the Bills seemed destined to advance with two miraculous 4th Down TD’s!

Chiefs Defeat Bills: Did We just Witness the Greatest Two Minutes in Football History?


Thus when the Camera Eye focused upon Josh Allen’s father Joel crying Tears ‘O Joy when Buffalo had gone ahead 36-33 with 13 seconds remaining, All I could think of was a similar Crushing ABC Wide World of Sports “Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat” moment in Sports History! Although it was in a totally different realm, one I vastly prefer to Stick ‘N Ball Sports.Wayback’ in the Fall of 2008, Scuderia Ferrari’s Felipe Massa needed to win his Home race, the Brazilian Grand Prix and have Formula 1 title competitor Lewis Hamilton finish sixth or worse to become F1 World Champion.

Massa dutifully drove his Heart out and won the race, and as the Skies Opened, the TV Broadcast showed Massa’s Poppa Jubilantly Celebrating his son’s victory and Formula 1 Drivers Championship in the Ferrari’s Pits. Yet this lasted All of 30 seconds before Lewis Hamilton Slip Slided his way past Toyota’s Timo Glock who’d gambled by staying out on Dry tyres during the Downpour. And with that one move on the final lap, Hamilton became F1 World Champion by one solitary point! Before going onto clinch another six World Championships to Date…

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Wins 2008 F1 title Highlights


Alas, we All know that Buffalo Failed to kick a “Squib” Kick to Kill some time and KC’s Magic Man Patrick Mahomes marched the Chiefs down the field into rainge to kick a game tying Field goal, before winning in Overtime 42-36, Boo!So the Dreamer in me would like to see the Bengals do the Unthinkable and not only advance to the Super bowl, but take revenge upon those 49ers that thwarted them twice, i.e.; Super Bowls 16 and 23!

Especially since I think it would be Hilarious for the “Wrong” California team to be playing in the brand new Rams-Chargers Stadium for Super Bowl Honours, where it’d be Fantastic to see Cincinnati avenging Defeat upon their Nemesis, not to mention it being 33 years since their last Super Bowl appearance.

But the realist in me thinks it’ll more likely be the transplanted Rams Hosting Kansas City for Super Bowl LVI, as I think the Rams are the only team left that can Defeat KC, and Hence, I’ll be reluctantly rooting for the Rams if this is their matchup?

As I’m tired of the Chiefs conceivably playing in three straight Super bowls, Sigh! Even though I was the only one Rootin’ for KC when they Defeated the 49ers 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. Ironically now the sight of this year’s forthcoming Formula One’s Miami Grand Prix, on a 10 year contract…

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