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Golfers On The Fringe’

November 1st, 2021 · No Comments

So a few weeks ago or more, Four!
Aw Shit, that Sportyblog story’s Definitely in the Rough! As it’s now been several weeks since I finally Teed Up this El Grande Masterpiece, and have been Ah-lookin’ for it ever since, Uhm Dude thought you played with a No. 9 titlist?
Alas, Wayback’ when your El Senor Sportyblog […]

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Two Cities Collide…

September 10th, 2021 · No Comments

Yeah, You’re All probably ah-lather’ over some ‘lil Pigskin Series Kicking Off it’s season right about now, Hut Hut, Omaha, Oh Never Mind!
As your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy hasn’t even botherd paying Attenzione to the just concluded NFL Preseason, nor does he know how his team the Tennessee Titans faired? Or for that […]

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SportyBlog Not the Only Surfer to Wipe Out…

August 9th, 2021 · No Comments

Although your El Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s never gotten in thou water so to speak, especially since it’s so G-Damn Freezing here upon Ye Oregonian Coast! And even if I was so brave to don a wetsuit and try paddlin’ out into Ye Breakers ‘O Smugglers Cove, I’d be a Nightmare waiting to Happen since […]

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