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Sportyblog On Hiatus

March 24th, 2020 · No Comments

As your El Senor Sportyblog scribe Touchdown Tommy picked Ye Bestest’ Time to buy a brand new winDOUGHS 10 Confuzer’, which Y’all know as Computer. As the rub is that your Blind Word Hack who’s utilized Zoomtext Screen Reading Technology for nearly 14yrs now, has become totally Flummoxed by the latest Zoomtext 2020 product, which Don’t work smoothly at All, making life fairly impossible upon Ye World Wide Web thingy’ currently! And htat’s just Thee Tip ‘O Ye Iceberg Folks! As Microsoft’s also totally scrambled your Blind Word Hack’s World upon upgrading to a newer version of it’s ubiquitous Office products, which presumably have been Uber Gussied Up for N-O Real purpose other than looking Jazzy and making everybody’s world on Smartfones Uber Cool Daddy-Oh…

Yeah, suppose I’m showing my age, but seriously Folks, isn’t Technology supposed to enrich Everybody’s lifes, including most importantly The Blind? As we probably rely even more upon technology in more ways then others do, Righto? Or is this just part of the ever wideneing Digital divide? As I’ve got Zero Idea of when I’ll return to poondin’ out riveting Sportyblog Stories for anybody who read’s this site. As Shane On You Microsoft for making your “New & Improved” products so User Unfriendly!

And you’re not excused either Freedom Scientific, the parents of Lucy, my Arse-Steamed Screen Reader voice, which has apparently gone away? As I’ve got something on my new system that barely works that makes Lucy sound like she’s got Alergies, Sigh!

Back Whenever, Y’all, as I’ll leave Yuhs with a little song that seems appropriate right now…

The Who – the Seeker

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