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SoccerClaus’ comes to Century Link Field early!

January 11th, 2020 · No Comments

Although apparently Mr. Sporty, Thy Blogmeister’ of this Award Winning Site; Hya! Has apparently been Checking His List Twice? And has Definitely been Naughty for Not Posting my previous Sportyblog story forever, which caused this Juan’ to show up late in Mister Sporty’s Stocking! Whilst No Idea if ‘Ol St Nick will bring the Seahawks any Super Bowl presents? Besides Marshawn…

Otay Sports Fans, your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy will admit taking a lengthy Hiatus from paying full Attenzione to what will forever be my Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Home Team, the Seattle Sounders FC, albeit moving to thoust State ‘O Ye Dreaded Portland Timbers definitely gots in Duh Way; But I Digress…

Since I still cling to fleeting memories of being a wee lad watching the original North American Soccer League’s (NASL) incarnation at Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center in the Mid-1970’s, before their return as an Expansion MLS Franchise a Decade ago.

El Soundero!

As the last MLS match I attended was Wayback in thou summer of 2018, as sorry Bryan Adams, but it was 2018, not ‘69; Bad Pun; Take Off, Eh? When I attended my first ever Sounders FC vs. Portland Timbers match, ironically Unawares’ I’d soon be moving to Oregon.Not to mention being at the public introduction to the feverish Rave Green Fans of Ultra Bad Arse Striker R-Squared’, nee Raul Ruidiaz, who appropriately wears the No. 9 jersey! Since Casey Jones Definitely Can’t Slow that Peruvian Scoring Machine Down; Hya! Although apparently some other Stick ‘N Ball Star tried, as he was gobbling up the Nation’s Newswires with his move to La-La Land.

The Day LeBron tried to Upstage Soccer

Alas, I just didn’t really have any deep interest in following Seattle’s MLS regular season this year, especially after the Shock, Sudden Decision of one of Seattle’s Baddest Players and Team Pillar Chad Marshall having to reluctantly Retire due to chronic knee injury.Hence, I didn’t watch; Err listen, since your aging Sportyblog Word Hack’ Touchdown Tommy is Blind! To My first entire Sounders FC match until the MLS Playoffs began at Home vs. those pesky Upstarts from Thee Lonestar State, and was captivated to follow Seattle until it’s Playoff run ended.

As Y’all may know? The Seattle Sounders FC began this year’s MLS Cup Playoffs run on Saturday, October 19th as the Western Conference’s No. 2 Seed, ensuring Seattle Home-field Advantage thru the Semi Final match.

Apparently Dipping into Thy Wayback Machine, I spent the entirety of Seattle’s first round vs. FC Dallas perplexed over who this Brad Smith character was? Especially since he was playing Defense, and I know there was another Brad Somebody who once played Defense for us?

As I Don’t think it was until Round-2 vs. Real Salt Lake (RSL) that I began saying to myself Brad Jones? Jovan Jones, Brad Jones; tomato, tuh-mottoe, Huh?

Before I finally had to dig into my Unofficial Sportyblog Archives to discern it was former Sounders FC Captain Brad Evans I was thinking of!

As Smith, who’s from Down Under Mates! Is currently on loan to Seattle from the English Premiere League’s AFC Bournemouth thru the end of the year, Is a far superior Defender than Evans turned out to be late in his career, after trying to convert from being a Midfielder. Which is probably why I’ve blocked his name out of Ye memory banks; But I Digress further…

As it was a Nail-biting Donnybrook in “The Jet City” at Der Clink’, nee Century Link Field as Seattle romped off to an early Two-Nil (2-0) lead. Only to see the upstart, youthful FC Dallas Silence the Seattle Crowd by tying the match 2-2.

Then the Sounders went ahead 3-2 before once again Dallas Shocked Seattle with its resilience by once again tying the game 3-3, necessitating 30mins Overtime, in two 15min periods.

As the first 15mins drew to a close with the score still tied, it wasn’t until the 113th minute, when the “Rave Green’s” Jordan Morris, who’d previously been lying on the pitch due to muscle cramps Headed his third goal of the match into the back of the net to give the sounders FC a 4-3 victory in a virtual Slugfest! As it was Morris’s first MLS Career Hat Trick.

In the second MLS Playoffs round at Century Link Field, October 23rd, Seattle Hosted Real Salt Lake, with the game seeing little scoring opportunity, until an unlikely scorer broke the game wide open.

As Gustav Svensson scored his first goal in 366 Days! When he Headed home the game’s first goal in the 64th minute to give Seattle a One-Nil (1-0) lead. Then Nicolás Lodeiro sent the Rave Green into Bedlam when smashing home his shot late in the game to give the Sounders a commanding Two-Nil lead! Which would end up being the Match’s final score.

The win meant Seattle would have to travel to Los Angeles to play the league’s No. 1 Overall team, winners of the 2019 Supporter’s Shield, LA FC. Which Nobody outside Seattle expected the Sounders to win. With Odds-makers giving LA 6-1 Odds upon winning; OUCH!

Adding further intrigue, Xavier Arreaga, the leagues “Golden Boot” winner for scoring most Goals during the regular season was kept scoreless during the match., Me Thinks?

Since in our never ending 24/7 News Cycle Assault upon our Senses, I’ll admit I’ve already forgotten most of the game’s details, albeit wondering who this Taylor Dude was?

As I was quite annoyed by him telling Raúl Ruidíaz to take a Bow after scoring the go ahead goal in the games first half, decrying out loud; WTF! Saying C’mon Seattle, we need another goal for insurance!

Turns out it was Taylor Twellman.

As Twellman stated how Ruidiaz had landed at LAX looking like a Stone Cold Killer! Kitted out All in Black; Hmm, Men in Black; Oh Never Mind! With Taylor noting how Raul was wearing pressed, creased black jeans, black shirt and black studded ear-rings, and was definitely making a statement!

And Ruidiaz was definitely the MVP of the LAFC v Sounders FC match, which saw Los Angeles leaving the pitch in utter amazement after being Defeated 3-1 at Home! Thanxs in large part to Ruidiaz’s two goals, after Seattle had found itself behind 1-0 in just the 17th minute of the game.

Seattle Stuns Los Angeles FC to Claim MLS Cup Playoff Berth


Then Toronto FC gave us Delirious Rave Green Fans our early Christmas Gift of Hosting our first ever MLS Cup Finals appearance at Home by Defeating the reigning MLS Cup Champions Atlanta United!Interestingly, Seattle retains six players from the winning 2016 MLS Cup effort played in Toronto: Stefan Frei, Jordan Morris, Nicolás Lodeiro, Cristian Roldan and Román Torres, who scored the winning goal in the MLS Cup Shootout.

Along with Joevin Jones who returned Just-in-Time this year, after playing for Seattle during 2016-17 came Home to Thee Jet City, rejoining the Sounders FC Fold after playing in Germany.

Then Seattle added Gustav Svensson, Victor Rodriguez and Kelvin Leerdam to its 2017 roster, giving Seattle a mass of Cup Hardened players for this year’s Rubber Match.

Thus I eagerly awaited the MLS Cup Final at Der Clink’, nee Century Link Field, where the Rave Green set the Stadium’s new Attendance Record at 69,274! With tickets having Sold Out in less than an hour!

As the Home Team seemed a little Awe Struck over Thar Adoring, Fevered ‘N Ravenous Fans trying to propel them to victory. And got off to a slow start.

And with the game knotted Nil-Nil, Goose Eggs or 0-0, I was getting increasingly Pissed Off with ABC’s lead Analyst Taylor Twellman during the first half of the Match. As he kept piling on ’bout how Toronto was the better team. Repeatedly saying Seattle’s on the Ropes! And Mocking Christian Roldan for looking like he’d played 85mins  round the 40mins  mark.

As I kept saying All thru Halftime, C’mon Seattle, I want it to be Three-Nil! Especially since the ABC/ESPN Announce Crew seemed very Pro-Toronto/East Coast!

Then Seattle got On-track when Kelvin Leerdam was credited with scoring the Sounders first goal in the 57th minute.

Albeit Leerdam’s shot appeared going wide before allegedly being deflected by the Hapless Justin Morrow into the Net. Since Morrow was the same Toronto FC player who missed  his penalty shot (PK) in 2016 before Torres scored for Seattle’s MLS Cup Upset in 2016.

then in the 76th minute Victor Rodriquez made it Two-Nil (2-0( in Seattle’s favour, before Double R’, aka Raul Ruidiaz put an exclamation mark upon the game, with his score in the 90th minute to send the raucous Rave Green into Delirium! Being ahead 3-0 before Toronto’s Jozy Altidore scored a goal in stoppage-time, basically a “Garbage” score since Seattle had sealed it’s magnificent victory!

Thus it was Funny listening to ‘Ol Casey Kellar, Seattle’s original Goal Keeper and now Talking Head; Err Colour Commentator going back ‘N forth with some Dude named Alessandro Somme-thun-ruther? Over Seattle’s magnificent victory! As this Dude went on ‘N on ’bout how Toronto was the better team, especially thru the first 60mins;

Blah-BLAHITY-blah! To which Kellar retorted how many times does a team get to win on its home pitch, Eh?


2019 MLS Cup Player Ratings: Torres, Ruidiaz Shine Bright in Seattle Sounders victory

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