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Yaming It Up upon thou Mystical Oregonian Trail

November 5th, 2019 · No Comments

And it Ain’t even Turkey-Lurkey Day yet Folks! Not to mention it’s ah-Stretch, Y’all know like stretchin’ those Chains upon 4th and Uhm… Naturally your El Senor Sportyblog scribe Touchdown Tommy has Yards to G-O! Mmm, Mmm Sprinkles; Tastes like Chicken…

AnyHoo, some of this Football Fodder has been bouncin’ round my Cerebral Gridiron for a few weeks now, ever since I was in my local Grocer’s Deli’ section getting my regular order of Meats. Even if it Ain’t Arby’s, they’ve Definitely Got The Meats; Hya!

As my favourite worker Susie, which that name always makes me immediately think of good ‘Ol Susie Q’; But I Digress…

VIDEO: Credence Clearwater Revival’s Susie Q’ Song


As Susie asked me if I was getting the Usual? And casually mentioning how I didn’t think she worked weekends, somehow she Digressed into not minding since her Husband was a Gynormous (Oregon) Ducks Fan and she needed to be as Quiet as A Church Mouse when he was listening to the Game upon the Radio. Since like many here in Thee Pacific Northwest, they Didn’t get the “We Need to Fill Our Pockets Mores” Pac 12 Network.Susie mused how she Doesn’t even Exist during Ducks games unless she makes an errant Noise and then is promptly shushed! All of which made me wonder why Oregonians were so Ravenous ’bout Thar Mighty Quack-Quack Ducks? And what would happen if I Dared openly wearing a purple Warshington’ Huskies T-shirt round town?

VIDEO: Sesame Street’s Rubber Ducky, You’re the One Song


Although I was informed 24hrs prior to Kickoff by a Bonafied Warshintonion’ that if he was Betting on the Game, he’d go with Oregon; BOO! Predicting the Ducks would win 34-20; URGH! since I really Don’t wanna have to pay Jonathan our Wager of one George Washington Federal Reserve Note…Yet Randal also said he expected the Sounders to Beat Dallas FC by a score of 3-1 and it shouldn’t be a contest…

And the Hits just keep ah-Comin’, as ‘Ol Ron White would say., Righto? As I’ve just returned from a very enjoyable outing to McMinnville, Oregon to visit the “Spruce Goose!” Which resides in the wonderful Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum’s premises, just a scant 38-miles Southwest of Portland. Nearby Fort Yamhill in Polk County. Although McMinnville’s not only the largest City in Yamhill County, but also the County’s Seat - I Kids’ Yuhs Not!

The Spruce Goose


As I was surprised to learn afterwards that the city’s named after another McMinnville, from which the Oregon City’s founder, William T. Newby named in Honour of his McMinnville, Tennessee Home upon arriving in the Oregon Territory after being part of the great 1843 Migration Westwards via the famed Oregon Trail.
McMinnville founder William T. Newby


As can Y’all guess this nebulous Tennessee-Oregon, or should it be Oregon-Tennessee connection? Especially since My Bottom Feeders Tennessee Titans just Sacked Thar Starting QB Marcus Mariota, who played his College Career at Thee University of Oregon under the tutelage ‘O Chip Hike-Hike! Kelly.Which I still revel in Kelly’s UCLA Bruins recently Stunning Duh Warshinton Kitty Cats’ (WSU) with an amazing Fourth Quarter Comeback!

And after having even threatened to watch the Kickoff of my Beloved DAWGS’ at Husky Stadium against those Pain in thoust Keister’ Ducks! I decided to watch my very first match of the season of a different type ‘O football, thou European Style instead.

As a longtime Rave Green Supporter, Thanks largely to Randal, Thy No Fenders Moniker King! Who’s taken me to countless Seattle Sounders FC Matches over the years. I elected to watch the Sounders vs. Dallas FC in the first round of MLS Playoffs.

And what a Crazy Soccer Match that was, with Dallas FC giving Seattle a true run for its money, refusing to lose, and gamely coming from behind twice to send the game into Overtime.

Staying tied thru the first 15mins session before Seattle’s Jordan Morris finally capped the game’s winner. Heading the ball into the back of the net in the 113th minute, seeing Seattle victorious by the score 4-3.

Yet I did flip over momentarily to the Huskies vs. Ducks Football game at the end of the First Half of thou Soccer Match to hear the announcer say the score was tied at 14-14, giving me some hope for Washington.

But as I was on the telephone following the Sounders FC Dramatic Win, that annoying incoming call noise began incessantly Buzzing in my Ear, repeatedly. To which I mused how the Ducks must have won; SPEW! Although I have to say I was surprised to hear the final score was 35-31 in favour of Oregon.

Later that evening, after congratulating Jonathan on his Oregon Ducks winning; Cough-Cough! I got Dibs On the Bathroom; Hya! I was surprised to learn that the Huskies had actually flirted with victory, leading 31-14 at one point before faltering down the Fourth Quarter stretch.

Then on Sunday morning I was informed via email that with the “Red Hot” Washington Nationals Baseball team’s first World Series appearance. Now the Seattle Mariners are the Only Major League Baseball Franchise to have Never played in the World Series!

Whilst I know those very same MuhNuers’ currently have the longest Playoff Drought running, now at an agonizing 17-years duration; CRIKEYS!

While ironically, Russell Wilson and his Grammy Winning wife Ciara have joined a consortium trying to bring a Major League Baseball Franchise to Oregon, but who knows if that’ll ever happen? Especially since One losing MLB Baseball Team’s enough…

Ciara and Russell Wilson join effort to bring an MLB Team to Oregon

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