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Stop The Presses, Colts QB Retires

September 13th, 2019 · No Comments

As surely; Hey, Don’t Call Me Shirley! Y’all have heard the News, Righto? Nope, Not that Duh Bears suck; Hya! Or that Jerry Paid some RB $90 Million Dollars! Along with is it some Pittsburg, Oakland or New England Wide Receiver’s Helmet apparently being too tight? And the Seahawks Stole some Football player from Houston…

Nah, instead I’m talking ’bout some Indianapolis Colts Quarterback named Andrew Luck announcing his Shocking Decision to Retire from the game of Football at the relatively young age of 29.As Y’all remember Dat’, Righto? Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

Like Ain’t Thar some ‘lil ‘Ol Pigskin being tossed about right now? And everybody’s in pure Exaltation over another National Football League season commencing, Hut-Hut, Omaha!

Yet what I found most interesting ’bout this News Revelation that’s supposedly Rocked the Sports World some two weeks prior to the regular season beginning, was how I found out about it.

As I was watching the Saturday Nite’s Alright for Fightin’; Err Saturday Night IndyCar race from Madison, Illinoi (August 24th) on the 1.25 mile World Wide Technology Raceway’s bullring Oval-track, Huh?

And I found it to be a very poor Cross Promotion Trick when NBC Sports Network IndyCar’s lead announcer Leigh Diffey Broke in during the middle of the race with the News! Saying, we know a lot of Yuhs are Indianapolis 500 Fans and are sorry about Colts QB Luck’s Retirement; Blah-BLAHITY-blah…

And then immediately broke into a brief Promo for NBC being Your Home of Sunday Night Football; BARF! Duh-duh-Duh-Duh… Queue the Theme Musak’; GAG! Since we All know that NBC stands for Nothing But Commercials!

And a few Oregonian Quack-Quack (Ducks) Fans told me that the Ubiquitous, All knowing and Intrusive Scrolling Ticker spent the entire game saying nothing else besides Breaking News: Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck Retires!

Indianapolis Colts Star Andrew Luck, Age 29 Retires in All-time NFL Shocker


Although according to Mr. Sporty’, these program intrusions were Not nearly as Disgusting as the NFL Network simply switching from the first half of the Seattle Seahawks v San Diego; Err LA Chargers Pre-season game to show the entire 30mins Press Conference before returning to the third quarter after All of the team’s Starters had been Pulled; Aye Karumba!

Then after the most Delightful outcome of that Saturday Night IndyCar race. Like Y’all have heard of Indy Cars, El Correctomundo? I eagerly awaited the Sunday evening’s Speed Freaks Motorsports Show, hoping they’d have the races winner Takuma Sato on? You know, the Dude who won the 2017 Indianapolis 500!

Typically I listen via Zed Internetz’, since Thars NO local Radio Station in Oregon carrying the Speed Freaks programme Live, and the lone Everett, Washington FOX Radio Station Delays it 2hrs, a la Arizona and other States; URGH!

Thus I typically Tune-in to Dallas’s the Fan 105.3FM somewheres’ in the Bottom of The Hour Stick ‘N Ball Sports Talk so I can catch the beginning of the Freaks Show, instead of the neutered six minutes Welcome to another round of Freakin’ Affiliates Sliced ‘N Diced version.

With The Freaks being preceded by CBS Sports Radio Host Sean Pendergast, presumably who’s of No relation to that mighty Murder Mystery Detective Aloysius Pendergast, Eh?

And the funniest part of Pendergast’s Show, which naturally centered round Andrew Luck was his playing the Bizarre Rant by “The Juice,” or as Sean sez’, he simply calls himself “Yours Truly” these days.

Being the rant he played of O.J. Simpson complaining over how Luck had just Screwed his Fantasy Football League, having just Drafted him minutes prior to Luck’s retirement announcement!

As Sean noted if I was in a Fantasy Football League with O.J. and he called me up and said I wanted X, Y, Z players and I’m trading Andrew Luck to Yuhs, he’d gladly agree…

O.J. Simpson’s reaction to Andrew Luck’s Retirement is A Must See!


Meanwhile, what I Hate about Football the most is, that every year this time, the Speed Freaks programme I’d rather listen to Sunday Nights instead of Friggin’ Gory Football! Gets taken off of The Fan, as I heard Sean saying his last show of the season would be Labour Day weekend; SHIT!

Which means if I decide to? Although last Fall I simply went on a Winter’s Hibernation from the Speed Freaks Show, since they’re almost Non-existent during Football season, SIGH!

I’ll either have to Beat my Brains out trying to get some Scratchy, Uber Delayed Tin Can Internet version of The Freaks the next six Bloody Months or just wait until racing season begins after the Stupour-Duper-Bowl, Groan!

Like why wouldn’t Yuhs Sports Fans wanna listen to enjoyable interviews like this, when Takuma Sato joined The Freaks? Since everybody loves Indy Cars and Takuma, especially The Freaks 5yr old Daughter…

Takuma Sato on Redemption, Reaction & Replays

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