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Summer beginning to sizzle?

June 28th, 2019 · No Comments

OOH! AH! Look at the Purdy Sparklers…

Yeah, once again your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s Dropped the Ball, and is still running long ‘N Deep, down a Dark Alley; Hya!

Alas, once again I simply haven’t had time to poond’ aways on Thee ‘Ol Confuzer’s Keyboard with any witty repartee for Y’all. As Cry me a River, Eh? Having been entertaining a litany ‘O guests the past month.

And now that Uber Annoying BOOM-MOOM, BARF! Fourth ‘O July Holiday’s right round thou corner.

As it’s been several years now since I visited the Center of Ye Universe’, which certainly Y’all know is situated in the Heart of Ballard Warshingtons’ Freemont, El Correctomundo?

AUTOS: Zany Art Cars invade Republic of Freemont’s annual Summer Solstice Faire…

And if Y’all didn’t know, my “Day Job” consists of primarily poondin’ Zed Keyboard away with riveting yarns ‘O Automotive lore, albeit No Fake News Thar Mateys! With this No Fenders tome celebrating you know what, Righto?

Red, White, Green and Defiantly Bleu


As once again, our Loveable, Huggable, Squeezable Buffoon in thoust White House has been busy making plenty ‘O his own Fireworks, by merrily Tweeting away.Uhm, what’s that Mr. President? Oh? You’ve Tweeted your Angst against the wrong person once again? Tsk-Tsk Donald. As I believe her name is actually speeld Rapinoe… Although you speel Kentucy’, I say Kentucky. Shame on Me, Fool you Once? Oh Never Mind!

As how Dare a Minority or Woman voice an Opinion Different then yours, Righto? As Megan’s such a Horrible person… Uhm Gulp, although suppose it’s a good thingy she was playing in the Women’s World Cup match vs. Spain, since after all, didn’t she score the winning goal?

Trump Slams Rapinoe for saying She Won’t attend Fucking Whitehouse for Winning World Cup


lthough I’m guessing that France will wish to have something to say ’bout USA-USA-USA! Going All the way to the Finals and winning this year’s Women’s World Cup, Eh?As this song’s for you Donald, since the Red’s really are les Bleus’ And Nah, that song Ain’t being sung by your Bosom Buddy, the Great Gasbag LindBlah. As take it away Geddy!

VIDEO: RUSH - Red Lenses Song

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