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English Woebegones’

May 23rd, 2019 · No Comments

Nope, this Ain’t No story ’bout Man U’, Football Fans; Hya! Although I do think I heard somewheres’ recently that Manchester United just won Thar second Namby-Pamby Premiere Football Championship, el Correctomundo?

OOPSADAISY! Butterfingers! You say Manchester City, I say Man U’, since obviously I Don’t follow those Blokes playing in thoust English Premiere Football League.

Manchester City Wins Premiere League Title again on Final Day as Liverpool Falls short

Nah, instead this is another riveting Sports story closer to El Senor sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s Heart.

As I’d originally hoped to have finished scribblin’ about some of Seattle’s shifting Sports landscape, but instead have decided to move thou story’s rotation after just witnessing one of the Biggest Upsets in Sports!

Since although I’m not a golf Fan, and definitely Not a Fan ‘O Tiger’s, nonetheless he’s somewhat the impetus for this story. As I thought of how the entire Mainstream Media went Ah-Gaga-Ga over what they’ve called the Greatest Comeback in Sports History; SPEW!

MILLER: Sorry tiger, these are The Real Comeback Stories

Nope instead, I’m far more intrigued over what simply has to be the Biggest Upset in the last twenty-plus years at what’s called The Greatest Spectacle in Motor Racing. Indy Cars Mack Daddy Super Bowl event, Thee Indianapolis 500, now in its 103rd storied running!

As thankfully, Thar wasn’t some prodigious Golfer in the White House proclaiming “We’re Full Folks!” Go Home, there’s No room for Yuhs Here! And has now just proclaimed that He’s Kept More Promises than He’s Made; But I Digress…

As it seems somewhat fitting that Argentinean Ricardo Juncos, who reputedly only had $400.00 in his pocket when immigrating to America, that he borrowed from his Grandmother when coming to Miami, has just slayed Arguably One of the Biggest Names in International Motorsports!

As Messer Juncos has come a long way since making his Debut as an IndyCar Team Owner just two years ago.., after having first won a Mega’ 19 Karting (Go Karts) Championships, three Indy Pro 2000 titles and two Indy Lights Crowns, the final rung on the ladder to Indy Cars.

VIDEO: Racer’s Robin Miller with Ricardo Juncos

Trying to put this somewhat into context, Juncos Racing operates on a Shoestring Budget, and has been unable yet to secure the necessary sponsorship Dinero to campaign a Full IndyCar season to date.

Having Debuted at Mother Speedway’, nee Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2017 with two cars, last year aided by the prize money their Driver Kyle Kiser won by winning the Indy Lights Championship, the team piece-mealed together a partial season with three Drivers racing, including Kiser making his Rookie Debut at the Speedway.

Fast forwarding to this year, one of International Motor Racing’s most prestigious outfits, now known simply as the McLaren F1 Team, based in Bloody ‘Ol Woking, Surrey in thou United Kingdom - ultimately wishing to widen its North American Footprint to sell its wares, since they also make luxury cars. Decided to return to the Brickyard to race in this year’s Indianapolis 500 with former Two-times F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso.

As McLaren’s pedigree is impeccable, having won the vaunted Formula 1 Constructors Titles eight times, (1974, 1984-85, 1988-91, 1998) which is the Teams Championship that pays prize money in several hundred millions each year. Along with winning a staggering total of twelve F1 Drivers Titles. (1974, 1976, 1984-86, 1988-91, 1998-99, 2008)

Also having amassed 182 Wins and 155 Pole positions since beginning competition in Formula 1 in 1966. Ranking second Overall behind only the legendary Prancing Horse, aka Scuderia Ferrari, who’ve been contesting the F1 Championship since its inception in 1950.

Cutting to the Chase, although both Alonso and Kiser Crashed during Indy 500 practice, both Demolishing their Racecars. It was Juncos extra-ordinary Super Human efforts of rebuilding a Spare, disassembled Racecar by working for 42hrs Straight! That enabled the Tiny One Car effort to contest the Last Row Shootout Sunday morning, albeit also helped significantly by the 4.5 hours Rain Delay!

The Story of Kiser and Juncos is One for The Ages

As all Fernando Alonso could do after making his lone Qualifying run Sunday, as the six cars contesting for the race’s final three starting spots, each with a single qualifying attempt, akin to Single Match elimination, was to forlornly watch as Kyle Kiser bested Alonso’s speed by a miniscule fraction of 0.019mph over four laps totaling 10-miles distance, with an average speed of 227.372mph!

MILLER: Was this Really A Surprise?

As I’m still on Cloud Nine some three days after Kiser’s amazing Drive to simply Qualify 33rd and last for this Memorial Day weekend’s classic Indianapolis 500. Which for Mwah, the race will be Hard Pressed to outdo the Drama of this Last Row Shootout, especially since I’ve read there’s a 50% chance of Rain for Sunday’s race.

But then again, typically the Indy 500’s the IndyCar series Best Race of the Year, which is why I’ll “Tune-In,”
even if Queen Danica’ (Patrick) is now part of the NBC Television Broadcast Crew…

“Lady & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!”

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