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Sportyblog’s Rousing Rendition of Ye Classic X-Mas Song

December 28th, 2018 · No Comments

Howdy Sports Fans, as I’m just Dashing Off, Did somebody say Dashing? Err Dancer, Prancer and what’s his name Rudolph, Eh? Since I just heard ’bout this lately via The Seattle Times Oddities section, albeit it’s been going on awhile now…

Glowing Antlers Fail, so Farmers try App to Save Reindeer

Sorry ’bout that, as I’m just dispatching the short, Radio Only “singles” version of a ‘lil ditty I scribbled Wayback several years ago here on Sportyblog; HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HUT!

The Twelve Days of Sports - 2014 edition

And following up that year’s Hit rendition is this newly minted smash record’s recording, for which ‘Ol Casey Kasme sez’ is Climbing Up thou “Billboard” Charts; Hya!

Since after all, it’s Duh Commishes favourite Yule Tide glee… Did somebody say hit? Nope, DON’T Yuhs dare punch me Raymond! Err, Kareem, Oh Never Mind Yuhs Bullies!

On the Twelfth Day of SportyMas Roger Goodell said to me;
Football, we DON’T need any STINKIN’ Fooh-Fooh Faux English style Football in Americre’ like that Namby-Pamby English Premiere League, as only Americre’ plays REAL Football here in ’tis great land ‘O thee…

On the Twelfth Day of SportyMas Roger Goodell said to me;
Seahawks Twelfth Man raises the Flag!
Eleven Silver Stanley Cup Winners trophies
Ten Bites ‘O Beef Jerky
Nine NFL Lawsuits
Eight Second Sound Bytes
Seven Prickly Pear Cacti
Six Rams Draft Picks for RG3
Five MLS Cups
Four Overweight Suitcases
Three ‘RASSCAR Roundy-round Championships for Roger Penske
Two Wins for the lowly Raiders is SWEET!
And an Ineligible Personal Conduct policy!

And remember Y’all; Seven foot one inch Shaq can’t sing these Christmas carols any better than Sir Charles; Ho-Ho-Ho!

Although my personal Numero Uno favourite version of Ye classic Christmas Carol; NO! I didn’t call your name Pete! Is that long forgotten Duo of Hosers’ from Up North Eh! Thee Brothers Mackenzie, nee Bob and Doug, as “Take Off Eh!”

VIDEO: Bob & Doug McKenzie’s 12 Days ‘O Christmas Song


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