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Hunting for Nebulous Sports Tie-ins on thou Oregonian Coast…

December 20th, 2018 · No Comments

Otay Sports Fans, once again your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s struggling to poond out another riveting Sports story for your Consumption, as the Mighty Pacific Ocean nearby relentlessly Churns away…

As I’ve just learned of a new term, Denoted in my telephone news “Severe” Weather Alert for thou Oregonian coast, with a Double Whammy ‘O High Surf & High Wind Warnings. As the message sez’ to be aware of potential “Sneaker Waves” in the High surf of 18-22 foot cresting to 22-25 foot waves; aye Karumba!

As I’ll let Y’all Lookie-Sea’ what a Sneaker Wave is, ‘R Mateys!

Not to mention sustained winds of 35-40mph with Gusts up to 60mph, which means it’s a very good day for me to stay inside my “bungalow by The Sea” during my first Winter’s Storm, Eh!

Alas, if I was savvy enough I’d tune-into “The Voice of The Seahawks” Steve “HOLY CATFISH!” Raible via Seattle’s KIRO 97.3FM via Zed Internetz’, albeit it rightly should be Messer Raible going Hoarse from Yelling his trademark “TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!” repeatedly by the City by The Bay, vs. them lowly 40-WHINERS’…

but the Webpage wants me to click on some button THAT I CANNOT s-e-e for a new tab which I Don’t understand. So I’ll await Sportyblog’s Chief Technical Officer “Mr. Sporty’s” assistance later, as he’ll be firmly ensconced in thou Days riveting Pigskin Games from morning to night; But I digress…

And speaking ‘O Football, I won’t even bother trying dissecting another Disgusting Domestic violence incident perpetrated by another NFL Football Player. Since presumably Y’all know about the Kansas City Chiefs Star Running Back Kareem Hunt, Righto?

Why Does it take a Video to move NFL to Action against Assaults on Women?

Other than there Absolutely shouldn’t be any “Wiggle room” for anybody displaying such Despicable Behaviour towards others, especially “Star” NFL running Backs, et Al, regardless of taking somebody away from the National Football League’s Capitalistic Gravy train; Hut-Hut Omaha!

Family of Former Kansas City Chiefs Star Kareem Hunt has History of Criminal Behavior

As it seems somewhat ironic, karmic or symbiotic that the tack I’d originally planned to take for this Sportyblog post is nebulously connected to the very same National Football League Franchise, albeit needing to stretch out Dem’ Chains, but you’ll see My Oh, so Clever tie-in hopefully? As I’m going for I-T on 4th and just inches; Hya!

Doing my typical Nightly News Trawl for topics ‘O interest, I ran across the name of Caroline Rose Hunt in the New York Times Obituary section earlier this Fall, for which her last name sounded vaguely familiar.

Hmm? Wracking thy Cranium, I mused to Thyself isn’t (Major League Soccer’s MLS) U.S. Open cup also known as the Lamar Hunt Cup? For which although the Rave Green crumpled in the MLS playoffs to thou rival Portland Timbers earlier this season. Nonetheless, the Seattle Sounders FC have previously made waves in that particular championship.

Sounders FC make Open Cup History

But back to Thy Nebulous Sporting connection, Eh? As I read; Err listened to the Caroline Rose Hunt article via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, I chuckled to Thyself thinking how I’d never put the connection together before, especially since Caroline’s brothers were so well known for Thar different business exploits.

Caroline Rose Hunt, 95 Dies, Turned Inheritance into Vast Wealth

As the New York Times story denotes, Caroline’s father Haroldson Lafayette Hunt, Jr., better known publicly as H.L. Hunt was a phenomenally rich Oil Tycoon, with various Hunt Petroleum companies, and was apparently prolific in the Bedroom also by squiring fifteen children by three different women over 35yrs.

As H.L. Hunt was believed to possibly be the Richest Man in the World at the time of his Death in 1974, leaving the bulk of his estate to his first seven children, including Caroline, who at one point in time, was the Richest Female in Americre’.

Caroline’s four brothers included H.L> “Hassy” III, Nelson “Bunker,” William “Herbert” and Lamar Hunt. As presumably Mr. Sporty is well acquainted with Bunker & Herbert’s Silver exploits, when they tried cornering the World’s Silver Market, before causing its ultimate collapse on “silver Thursday” in 1980!

whilst Haroldson Lafayette “Hassy” III, the only older brother of Caroline’s is largely ignored, presumably due to his having been given a lobotomy following being diagnosed with Schizophrenia in the early 1940’s.

Yet it’s the Brother’s Hunt’s youngest sibling whom uze “Stick ‘N Ball” Sports Fans will obviously be most interested in, as Lamar, who apparently only dabbled lightly in Bunker & Herbert’s precious metals concern, was a major force in American Professional Sports for over four decades.

Lamar reportedly was a Huge Sports Aficionado his entire life, and even played Football Collegiately, before turning his attentions to Ownership instead.

Having wished to purchase a National Football League Franchise in the late 1950’s via his extreme wealth, the NFL turned him down on the basis of not wanting to over expand. Thus having approached other wealthy entrepreneurs, notably another Texas Oilman named K.S. “Bud” Adams, future owner of the Houston Oilers. These Businessmen led by Lamar, known as the “foolish 8″ created the rival American Football League, better known simply as the AFL in 1959.

Lamar subsequently created his AFL Charter Franchise the Dallas Texans in 1960, who were not related to the NFL’s folded Franchise of the same name playing for one season in ‘52. Before the NFL attempted to Quash his team by inserting their own Texas Franchise, which Y’all might know as the Dallas Cowboys.

With attendance of Lamar’s Texans dwindling, vs. Americres’ Team the Cowboys, he finally moved the team to Kansas City in 1963, becoming the Kansas City Chiefs, and the rest as they say is History.

Lamar is also credited with coining the term Super Bowl, for which he sez’ probably came from his children then playing with a Superball toy. For which Hunt’s Chiefs with his first Head Coach, a man named Hank Scram, later inducted into the NFL’s Hall of Fame won the final rival leagues Championship in 1970, better known as Super Bowl IV today - before the AFL merged with the NFL.

Lamar was also enchanted with another form of Football, one us Yanks’ prefer to calling soccer. As Lamar was instrumental in the formation of the NASL, nee the North American Soccer League, the predecessor to today’s Major League Soccer, for which he was also an initial investor in ‘96.

As Lamar owned the NASL’s Dallas Tornado, which won “Soccer Bowl ‘71,” and then later the MLS’s Kansas City Wizards, known today as Sporting KC. Along with owning the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas.

As noted previously, the U.S. Open Cup, Soccer’s oldest Stateside trophy was renamed the Lamar Hunt Cup in honour of his pioneering role in the development of soccer professionally in North America during both the NASL and MLS leagues.

Lamar also was a minority owner in some National Basketball Association Franchise called the Chicago bulls until his death at age 74 in 2006.

Lamar also co-founded World Championship Tennis, whilst he was unsuccessful in his quest for a National Hockey League Franchise. Being Frozen out of his co-owner bid for what ultimately became the Columbus Bluejackets franchise…

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