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When the long forgotten USFL New Jersey Generals Owner was jus A Punk’

September 25th, 2018 · No Comments

Ah, what an Ounce of Perception, or a Pound of Obscure is worth, Righto Geddy Lee? As Pause, Rewind, Replay…

VIDEO: Rush Vital Signs - Song

Although like almost every News Story I hear when listening to my Voluminous Cache ‘O Newspaper selections via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service. Which allows me to listen to Newspapers vs. reading them.

Almost 100% of the time I push the Next button immediately whenever I hear anything with the word Trump in it, which is what I did originally regarding this USFL story I ran across on The Guardian’s Sports section.

As it’s a very good article about how an Oh, So Smug and Dare I say it? Pompous! Uhm a Snide Businessman who thought he could simply get his way over anything he wished, which at the time his lofty aspirations were just focused upon landing himself an NFL Franchise, hopefully being the Baltimore Colts no less.

As the story rightly points out how his unbridled Arrogance led the Jury to basically tell hymn he was Number One! When awarding monetary damages in this Anti-trust lawsuit of a lone, single George Washington piece of paper; Err Federal Reserve Notes as Mr. Sporty likes calling ‘em…

The Day that Donald Trump’s Narcissism Killed the USFL

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