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Sportyblog’s Head Scribe returns from Summer Sabbatical

September 25th, 2018 · No Comments

Howdy Folks and remaining Diehard Sportyblog readers, whomever Y’all are… Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

As sorry about the lack of posts here lately, but your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy decided to be Wild ‘N Kurr-razy this Summer! Doing the Unthinkable for Mwah by deciding to move…

And not only move for the first time in 21yrs; YIKES! But also to a different state for the first time ever; aye Karumba!

Hence the lack of any riveting Sportyblog posts lately, which Y’all know the Drill, so Thanxs for your Patience, while Mr. Sporty & Co. attempt patching back together my very antiquated E-E-E’ lectrics communications network. Which unfortunately is still a work in progress; SIGH!

Alas, for those of you who Don’t Know, Touchdown Tommy is a Blind Word Butcher who infrequently contributes his unique Blend ‘O Wordsmithing regarding the relatively foreign world of Stick ‘N Ball Sports for Mwah. Being afflicted by the very same eye disease as Danelle Unstead, the very first ever Blind participant upon the current Dancing With the Stars show…

Low Vision Racer

As a legally blind word Hack’, I rely heavily upon “My Gal” Lucy’, My ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader to read me whatever I diligently type for Y’all, and hence am obviously dependent upon technology, which naturally is a Double edged Sword.

Case in point, since the Wordpress Blogging platform utilized for Sportyblog isn’t colour conducive to Mwah, I rely upon ‘Ol School email to send these riveting BLOB’ Stories to Mr. Sporty, who serves as my virtual Editor, along with being the Blogmeister of this website.

Microsoft Wins the Race!

Although in fairness to Microsoft, I have been fully immersed in the “Ribbon” for my very antiquated version of Office for five years now, and cannot imagine not using it now Daily, since it’s “Hot Key” enabled. Which naturally is a bonus for me.

Yet when moving, and preferring having a dedicated Internet Service Providers’ email address vs. the various web-based versions that exist, i.e.; Yahoo, GMail, Hushmail, Hotmail, etc.

The first three I’ve tried over the years, with the exception of a Hotmail account, finding them to All be Not Screen-reader Friendly, making it very difficult to do one of the easiest tasks, ergo sending an email.

For which I’ve been awaiting Mr. Sporty’s technical expertise to help me create my new ‘Ol School Bitchin’ email address as Randal, Thy Moniker King of No Fenders would say; Hya!

Another relic from Microsoft’s Dustbin…

As it’s a royal pain in the Keister’ Daily trying to navigate that World Wide Web thingy’, which the various Coders at Microsoft and Google enjoy randomly changing things just for change’s sake!

Case in point. For the last several years before moving. Whenever I selected Youtube from my web browser, it would immediately have Lucy’ speak the word Search and Wallah! I could merrily type in my search criteria.

But NNOOOOOOOOOOO BUCKWHEAT! As suddenly after setting up shop in my new Bungalow by The Sea, and re-establishing Internetz’ connectivity. When I queried Youtube per usual, No longer did Lucy’ say the word Search; WTF?

As I needed Mr. Sporty’s assistance for him to discover that I now need to select the Tab Bar three times to hear Lucy say Guide, You-tube Home, Search, FUCK!

Otay, she Doesn’t actually say the word FUCK unless I type it here; but I digress…

Although now I’m forced to go thru three extra steps just in order to get to the Search tab, which is still there, but is NO longer speech enabled; SIGH! And one must visually see the Search tab’s field instead, which costs me extra time doing this.

Or the weird fact that whenever I now do something in Microsoft Word, email, etc. it NO longer chimes when I save a file, wish to permanently delete an email, etc; HUH?

As that’s just two of a Bazillion examples I could give Y’all, of how tough it’s being Blind or Visually Impaired and trying to interact with today’s technology.

Which although it’s nice to hear that Microsoft and others, Can You Hear Me Now Google? Are deciding to tap into this typically overlooked market segment, and hopefully the Inventors trying to help us, will actually make products that work easily for All platforms technology, especially the outdated ones, that many of us cannot afford to upgrade willy nilly ’cause the products changed again for the umpteenth time!

Inventors offer hope to those with impairments

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