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Falling on Deaf Knees…

September 25th, 2018 · No Comments

Ah Shucks Folks. It’s the beginning of August and All of the Foliage in Washington’s turned Brown and Dead from our mini “Heat Wave” we’ve been enduring lately. Hey multiple days ‘O 91 degrees Fahrenheit without any Bloody AC is H-O-T for us Warshintonion’s; but I digress…

Well that was before August turned into September, as hopefully Mr. Sporty, the Blogmeister ‘O Sportyblog will post this riveting story for me sometime in Zepptember’. For which surely all of Yuhs Classic Rock Hounds get this Oh So Clever Wordsmithing by one of Washington’s Classic Rock Stations, Eh?

Since your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy decided to be Wild ‘N Kurr-razy and move this August!

Hence we’re now firmly ensconced in that Mother of All Mothers, when some 800lbs Chimp takes over the Nation’s Airwaves and Decimates; Err Dominates the Talking Heads Sporting “News” landscape.

Yep, that’s Correctomundo Kiddies! It’s time for Americres’ Game, Football that is. Which surely means some Old White Guy who Masquerades as “commander in Chief” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be busy unleashing his Fluff; Err Furry, Uhm I men fury; Hya! via TWIT-ER; Eh?

How the NFL stumbled its way into becoming Trump’s top target

But The Fool On the Hill keeps Bangin’ his Head; Err Merrily Tweeting away about how the NFL’s Black Football Players are Desecrating the Flag, Blah-Blahity-blah…

Donald Trump lashes out at Players as NFL preseason starts with protests

Uhm, really? So how come not a single Bloody Tweet ’bout his Bosom Buddy Jerry Jones Not taking his Hat off during the playing of the National Anthem at his own Training Field Pre-season? Even after his son tried telling him repeatedly to remove his Ballcap. Nah, not gonna say anythingy’ about how that Buffoon in the Whitehouse is a Hypocrite!

By keeping hat on, Cowboys’ Jerry Jones reveals big flaw in NFL attempt at anthem policy

whilst I’d say it’s pretty Black ‘N White that the league has definitely Colluded against having any NFL Franchise sign Colin Kaepernick to a contract. As what do they call it? Being Black listed Me Thinks…

Colin Kaepernick is out of the NFL but he is more powerful than ever

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