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Sportyblog Skates On…

July 8th, 2018 · No Comments

Thin Ice? NOPE! We’re still here, but like many of uze’ Out Thar’, life’s simply gotten in the way for the proverbial Sportyblog Braintrust; Hya!

As your El Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy was basking in the HEAT of Indiana over Memorial Day weekend attending the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500. As hey, I just had to see Queen Danica (Patrick) one final time; Hiccup!

Where ironically two years ago when touring the IMS Museum, which was formally the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame museum. When being given a very special treat of touching some rare, vintage racing cars during a personally guided tour. Another famous trophy was wheeled by us. With some other museum visitors squawking on ’bout Thar’ revered Stanley Cup as Indy Cars most famous Borg Warner trophy was pushed past us by two IMS employees for its Media trip to New York, the day after Alexander Rossi had won the Indy 500.

R100: Touching Three Awesome Racecars!

Whilst Mr. Sporty, the Editor of these riveting posts I poond’ out for your reading enjoyment has been out of town.

As I last pontificated about whether or not the Golden Knights could Beat the Odds? For which Y’all know they came up short. Which surely is a relief for the Las Vegas “bookies” who took two $30,000 Bets when the Odds were 500:1; Aye Karumba!

The Washington Capitals, after years of Frustration, win Stanley Cup

While the silver lining in the other Washington’s Capitals winning their maiden Stanley Cup after 43yrs of futility is that their right Winger’ T.J. Oshie Hails from the West Coast’s Washington, and now becomes only its second ever “Native Son” to have won the prestigious trophy…

Capitals T.J. Oshie in rare company for Hockey Players from Washington

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