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Floating in a Punch Bowl…

July 8th, 2018 · No Comments

As Y’all know what “Floaters” are Righto? Although I’m trying to refrain from using the word TURD, for which our most Glorious Emperor just laid another finely crafted piece of SHIT…

So I was going thru my morning ritual of listening to my NFB Newsline for The Blind Telephone News and burst out in laughter Friday morning over the first article I came across on The Guardian’s Sports Section.

As Seriously! Does the Great Wizard behind The Curtain at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue think we’re really that Stupid? Uhm, like potentially Pardoning a Dead Boxing Legend who’s Conviction was Overturned by the Supreme Court some four decades ago.

Trump floats pardon for Muhammad Ali even though boxing great doesn’t need one

Yet as I further contemplated the sheer Brilliance of this Fake Jab, I find it most ironic that it comes one Day after his Numero Uno Black Football Player Colin Kaepernick, who he previously called a “son of A Bitch!” Lawyer’s are planning to Subpoena the President for his case against the NFL for Collusion in Barring him from being signed to play for any National Football League Franchise…

Which comes right after Philadelphia Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins most superb response to our Fearless Leader’s latest Bullying Tactics.

Malcolm Jenkins chooses Handwritten Signs instead of Spoken Words to convey message after White House cancellation

along with OOH! Un-inviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House, as what did ‘Ol Mr. T used to say over Idiots who Mocked Him? Oh Yeah, “I Pity the Fool!”

Just Sayin’

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