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Can the Golden Knights Beat the odds?

May 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

This year in Dallas, 32 NFL Franchises will be “Betting-the-Farm” with their respective First Round Draft Picks, not to mention all of the Wheeling-Dealing that’ll occur over the three days riveting Draft television coverage; YAWN!

Yet instead, I found the Los Angeles Times article over the possibility of this year’s Cinderella National Hockey League’s expansion Golden Knights more entertaining than all of the noise surrounding the NFL Draft!

Since although I only follow Hockey casually, most notably having paid minor Attenzione over the latter season’s Playoffs Push of my current favourite NHL Team, the Los Angeles Kings, albeit I may have my own team to root for in Seattle soon?

Hey, if Yuhs cannot land an NBA Franchise, then why not start with an NHL Team instead, Eh?

Having first become acquainted with the Kings Wayback in the late 1980’s? Whenever it made front page News over “The Great One!” Wayne Gretzky having been traded by the Edmonton Oilers to La-La Land, which I can still recall learning via the USA Today Newspaper, but I digress…

I then began rooting for the L.A. Kings via a serendipitous connection a few years ago, when we used to frequent a fine ‘lil Bistro specializing in Bison Meat in “the city of Destiny,” aka Tacoma, where it’s proprietor Nathan is a Gynormous Kings Fan! Making frequent trips to Los Angeles during their past Playoff runs.

Thus I began my casual association of Kings Fever during the Daryl Sutter era, which ultimately netted them two revered Stanley Cup trophies! Before he, and their GM were Fired.

Whilst I won’t make any noise over the Synchronicity ‘O Sutter being a Cattle Rancher and Nathan’s “good Eats” Bison restaurant; MOO, MOO! Get along ‘lil doggie…

Fast forward to this year’s NHL Playoffs, where if you’re a Hockey Fan, you already know that the upstart expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights eliminated the Kings in their first round playoff series.

And I believe that the golden Knights have already made History, by becoming the first NHL expansion Franchise to win their Division., although I didn’t follow them this year. Along with having dispatched the Kings, now face another California team, the San Jose Sharks in their road to the Stanley Cup.

All of which makes the Bookmakers in Vegas mildly Nervous, since initially the Odds given to the Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup were 500-1!

Golden Knights’ surprising Stanley Cup playoff run could be costly for Vegas

Yet presumably, the Betting Industry is a multi-Billion affair, for which although I didn’t read the story, nevertheless whilst perusing The Guardian’s Sports section, I came across the Headline denoting Tennis’s current integrity issue regarding betting.

Tennis has serious Integrity issue with Betting says Independent Study

Alas, my ‘Ol Fashioned One Arm Bandit came up with Three Lemons; Chuh-Ching! Having previously read the Air & Space Magazine’s article upon the Ultimate Bet having been wagered on over a Half Century ago, before paying off Handsomely on live TV for its winner upon Neil Armstrong stepping on the Moon.

Betting On the Moon

Which naturally made me reminisce over Armstrong’s co-pilot and Rapper Extraordinaire, Edwin Buzz’ (”Lightyear”) aldrin, Jr., the second Man to step upon the Moon. As how time flies by, Eh? As it’s already nearly three years ago that I read his great Autobiography.

Magnificent Desolation: An Astronaut’s re-entry to life on Earth and Beyond…

As I Don’t recall; Hmm? Total Recall? Oh Never Mind! How I found It, but Buzz did a Rap Song with Snoop Dog-Dog a few years ago.

And thus, while I’ve got ZERO Clue if the golden Knights will come up All Sevens in their Quest to hoist the Stanley Cup triumphantly, all they’ll need is? What is it Buzz? sing it Buzz! All You Need, is the Rocket Experience…

VIDEO: The Rocket Experience Song

Uhm, perhaps that’ll be the Houston Rockets NBA Championship victory son instead? Oh Never Mind! That’s a “Hole Nutter” story for another day…

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