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Spring Blitz: Swedish Superstar Scores twice while Knocking off ‘Ol Man Winter’s rust, Catches The “Chicken Skins” in Debut

April 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Ah, it’s the Month ‘O May, Uhm, wait Ah Minute, that’s a whole different Story; Hya! As many of Yuhs are probably going Ga-Ga over some Madness in March right now, Eh? Whale’ it was March when I began honing this finely crafted Sportyblog post; but I digress…

As I’m Ah-thinkin’, think Pink! That the National Football League’s annual Free Agency Pass Rush is a distant memory now. As Arse-sumedly Y’all are Frothing’ over the impending NFL Draft?

NFL: Winners, Losers and Biggest Questions on Day 1 of 2018 Free Agency

And although “Mr. Sporty” may not find it funny; Ha-Ha? I found it Hilarious that one of Seattle’s biggest Mouthpieces Sherm’ immediately signed a contract with the Division rival San Francisco 49ers a lone, single, solitary day after being cut loose from the Seahawks!

As Richard Sherman was just another Salary Cap casualty according to Seattle’s GM John “Not Bo duke” Schneider.

NFL. Looking at how NFC West was redone. Rams and the San Francisco 49ers do a bang-up job to flip the division upside down

Meanwhile I heard it via The Grapevine. If Yuhs Sports Fans in The Raisin State are looking for some way to spend your Tax Refund, perhaps Y’all will wish to put a down payment upon one of Los Angeles newest coming attractions, where a shiny new padded seat will cost you a small fortune…

New football stadium’s best seats will come at a price. Rams’ top season tickets will have $100,000 seat license. Chargers ask $75,000

Yet with The Boys ‘O Summer now having ended Spring Training, many Major League Baseball Fans eyeballs are squarely focused upon the lowly Los Angeles Angels newest Superstar. Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani, who at age 23 is hoping to become MLB’s first two way sensation since the late Babe Ruth.

Shohei Ohtani, Angels undaunted by rocky spring: ‘He’s going to wow us,’ says Mike Trout

And although Ohtani’s definitely wound-up his Fastball to sixth-gear, and is currently wowing Angels Fans with glimpses of his impending Super-Stardom. I’m more intrigued over the forthcoming Showdown between the “Grasshopper” and the Master. When Shohei comes to Safeco Field to square off against the Seattle Mariners beloved ichiro Suzuki.

A different side of Ichiro emerges in return to Mariners

And while it’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the NBA Playoffs, with Ice Hockey skating towards the impending Stanley Cup finals, I’ve been more intrigued lately over Major League Soccer’s newest European sensation, for whom I have trouble pronouncing his last name, Ya Sure Yuh Betcha!

Although the 36yr old Swedish Superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, obviously in the twilight of his Football career, seems to have chosen the right MLS Franchise and City to land in. Having simply announced his arrival to La-La Land with a full page Advert in the Los Angeles Times saying” You’re Welcome LA!

HE’S HARD TO IGNORE. Ibrahimovic has enormous talent and an even bigger ego, which make him a perfect fit for Los Angeles

As I just simply chortled out loud to myself, after Ibrahimovic’s Cinderella debut vs. cross-town rivals Los Angeles FC, that the Galaxy had just spent the best $3.2 million dollars ever!

Laughing loudly when reading how Zlatan said, How Do you Say? I got the Chicken Skins; Err Goose Bumps after scoring the winning goal…

SOCCER. GALAXY 4, LAFC 3. Ibrahimovic makes presence felt in a flash

Alas, although Spring may have Arrived? It seems that Mother Nature was telling us here in the Pacific Northwest to not jump the starting gun just quite yet. As the yearly AMA Supercross event came to Seattle’s Century Link Field Saturday, April 7th and the track was a virtual Mud-bog due to the continuous deluge ‘O Wet Stuff we’re being continuously Bombarded with! As Century Link Don’t Have NO Stinkin’ Retractable Roof!

Not to mention the Mariners vs. Minnesota Twins game being Snowed Out! Whilst some Bald Eagle wanted to see how the weather was atop our “Big Maple Leaf” James Paxton’s shoulder; Cymbol Crash please! Although we’ve at least turned the corner, or is that a 6-4-3 Somme-thun’ Baseball play metaphor?

since soon before your rambling Sportyblog el Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy knows it, it’ll be Memorial Day weekend and time to G-O watch Danica Patrick’s final race before retiring. But that’s another story for a different day…

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