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So, Just How GURR-REAT! Really was this year’s Great American Race?

March 6th, 2018 · No Comments

Fortunately I’ve gotten somewhat savvy enough to know to wait ’til at least half of the race’s scheduled broadcast time’s passed before turning on Thy Telie!

Although for once, inexplicably, I couldn’t stands its No more! Which was probably due to another miserable winter we’re having here in the Pacific Northwest!

Hence, I turned Thy Telie’ on for Background noise whilst making myself a Ham Sandwich for luch; Hya! But why were they only on Lap-26 at 12:33PM, an hour after the green flag had supposedly been waved?

Since the last DayToner’ 500 I can recall watching was when ‘Ol Monty, who was also given the moniker of Mac Montoya upon switching allegiances over from Formula 1 to Roundy-rounds RASSCAR’ Wayback at the end of ‘06, in deference to eatin’ at some Golden Arches franchise…

As unbelievably Juan Pablo Montoya H-I-T the Jet-blower drying the track during the 2012 event; Aye Karumba! As what’s that song ’bout Great Balls ‘O fire?

VIDEO: 2012 Daytona 500 Juan Pablo Montoya Crashes into Jet Dryer

Then again, it was Queen Danica’s final NASCAR Stock Car race, since she’s still got one race remaining in her esteemed “Danica Double.” Yuhs know when Danica Patrick takes the green flag for the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day weekend; Chirp-Chirp, Crickets?

Yet besides the inclement weather, which was just Rain at that point here in Seattle… I suppose I was somewhat curious, since the media was doing a good job of gettin’ us all ah-lather over the new “Brat Pack,” which will hopefully deliver the TAxicabland Bombers into the future.

Baby Faces: Cup Series flooded with New Drivers

And whilst it would be like “Shooting Fish in a Barrel,” regarding NASCAR’s plummeting TV Ratings numbers, with this year’s just completed Daytona 500’s dropping a massive 23%. for comparison, this year’s just concluded Winter Olympics dropped 17%.

And while I know of one fellow IndyCar Blogger who continually beats thou Drum of how it’s television ratings are on the Rise; Tuh-Duh!

It’s pretty Sad commentary since, that’s the only way they had to G-O from there, having floundered in the 0.2-03% Nielsen ratings category previously. Meaning if they dropped any further, the series would be Dead.

Nope instead, and hang on Sports Fans, specifically Y’all Stick ‘N Ball devotees, this rants supposed to be ’bout the Drivers, for which I have to give some extremely small Kudos to NASCAR, since after its 14 years Diversity programme netted a whopping 10% Diversity.

As this year’s DayToner’ 500 featured a woman, a Mexican, a driver of Cuban descent and one African American. With Dan-Dan-Danica, Daniel Suarez, Aric Almirola and Darrell Wallace, Jr. respectively claiming four of the race’s 40 starting positions.

2018 Daytona 500 Entry list

Yet ironically Almirola takes over the seat Danica previously held at Stewart Haas Racing this year Fulltime. While Suarez, who’s just beginning his second Cup season, has already scored nearly twice as many Top-10 finishes (12) in one season vs. Danica’s entire six-plus year career. (7)

But as one door seemingly closes upon motor racing, i.e.; the loss of Danica Patrick and female drivers in general. Since motor racing is one of the few sports today which isn’t gender biased, i.e.; separate Men’s and Women’s categories, albeit Thars one backwards looking European organization trying to wreck that…

Females Racing in Men’s World…

Yet, the timing seems Apropos, instead I find Darrell “Bubbah” Wallace, Jr’s Swagger and Persona immensely refreshing, especially since he’s all of 24yrs old, and now seemingly has the entire nation’s Spotlight upon him. Whale’ at least the Nascar Nation’s since he drives for none other than “the King!” Formally known as Richard Petty, Stock Car’s most successful ever Driver! who by the way, has won the most Daytona 500’s with a record seven victories.

Bubba Wallace, Nascar’s African American star, takes on tracks and the trolls

And whilst I’ve known casually of Bubbah Wallace since his breaking into NASCAR’s Craftsman; Err Camping World PickemUps’ Trucks series. Not to mention Lewis Hamilton, who’s been decimating the Formula 1 world the past four years. Who as the reigning F1 world Champion is seeking to join only two other drivers in the Sports History as Five-times World Champions this year.

Instead, it’s another driver I knew the mane of, but not his ethnicity who I’m more impressed with. As his name is Jann Mardenborough, who went from the unlikely avenue of “Gamer” to race winning driver, who’s currently carving out his niche in International Sports Car racing.

Whilst it would be super easy to make some Wisecrack about a Nut in the White House who just celebrated his favourite month of the year. Not to mention having to endure watching a Black Man nearly win his beloved racing series premiere event!

Nope instead, I’ll point Y’all towards another unheralded African American racer, who’s a multi-time champion himself, and who I recently listened to in a great interview.

Antron Brown on Excellence and His Mentor…

While Oh Yeah, That Great American Race? NOT really so great if Yuhs ask me. Besides the three hours ‘O Commercial breaks… Thars just somme-thun’ fundamentally wrong with simply Nurfing your fellow competitor outta duh way to Win Duh Race!

As I know one of NASCAR’s time honoured slogans is “Racin’s Rubbin’, but SHIT! There’s just NO Sport in Crashing somebody purposely into the Wall at nearly 200mph in order to be victorious… As Y’all cannot get away with that on the Freeway, Righto?

and lastly, it’s pretty funny how all of the speculation leading up to the race is how the two Americun’ Auto Manufacturers were chasin’ that pesky foreign jobber’, i.e.; Toyota, since guess who won the race?

Chevy, Ford working to catch Toyota

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