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A True Pacific Northwest Madman?

February 15th, 2018 · No Comments

If you’re one of the few, the Brave… Who read’s these meandering Sportyblog stories, then Y’all know that your El Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy went Cold Turkey upon this year’s Super Bowl LII. Or in “New Money,” as Formula 1 Pundit Steve Matchett would say: 52; as New Money’s European Slang verbiage.

Instead I just watched; Err listened to the first 10mins of the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIV, which I think we all can figure out equals 14, Righto? Since just couldn’t discern how much of that Puppy Luv I could handle; Hya!

Although I’ll admit it was a Wee bit tough not checking thou score via my telephone hotline, but I simply didn’t want to know, especially since those Dastardly Patriots were Thar once again; BARF!

A few weeks before, or may be it was the week before? I swear I heard the comment via The Seattle Times that Doug Pederson, Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles was the first coach from Washington to go to the Super Bowl.

Which naturally, now afterwards, having spent at least an hour’s time searching Al Gore’s wondrous invention, thee Internetz’; Hooah! Naturally I cannot find the story or the quote, but bizarrely I found that a story which makes NO sense seems to typically come up first when I query is Doug Pederson from Washington?

Super Bowl 2018 Secret: Doug Pederson is actually Don Draper’s youngest son from Mad Men’

Having never watched this Madmen TV Show, which I don’t know if it’s even still on the Airwaves? I’m quite Cornfuzed over who this Donald Draper character is?

And even more confused over this alleged five year age gap in the young Messer Pederson’s so called background. As say it isn’t so? Is this some of that Fake News that’s sweeping thou Nation?

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson is the pride of Ferndale right now

But it’s pretty funny to Mwah, as I’ve just learned probably more ’bout the Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson than I was planning to; cymbol Crash please!

As he was indeed born in Bellingham, Washington, and just gave himself, family ‘N friends his bestest Birthday present ever! As he reportedly just became the B-I-G’ 5-OH! January 31st.

Doug Pederson played QB for Ferndale High School for three seasons, beginning in his Sophomore year, and reportedly compiled a 24-6 record while at the controls of the Golden eagles.

Then he played Quarterback for Louisiana-Monroe in College before becoming a Backup QB to such luminaries as Brett “Polaroid” Favre and Dan Marino. Even winning a ring as Favre’s Clipboard holder in Super Bowl XXXI in ‘97! Ironically, when the Green Bay Packers defeated the New England Patriots.

Although No idea if Tom Brady was the Pat’s starting QB Wayback then? Hya!

Then, as I sat listening to another countless CD Audiobook, the sounds ‘O multiple Conchs shells Ah-blowin’; Err, a cacophony of BOOM-BOOM Fireworks erupted outside around 7:22PM Pacific, for which I knew meant Duh Game was over! Now all I needed to do was find out if the right team had won?

And instead of simply checking my telephone Hotline’s NFL Scores section, I called a good friend in Oregon, for which I even overlook some of their feverish Oregon Ducks obsession! along with their allegiance to the 40WHINERZ! (San Francisco 49ers)

As I was thoroughly delighted to hear that, what All of the nation already knew. That the right team had won!

As my friend Jeannie extolled, if I could have only seen the look upon ‘lil Terrible Tommy’s face! After Brady had fumbled, ultimately losing the game!

Having since learned that the Philadelphia Eagles winning score was actually a lot closer then it sounded when I heard 41-33. As Philly’s Nick Foles reportedly scored the go-ahead TD with just 2:21 remaining!

As there’s so many good things ’bout the Eagles victory, including “Breaking their Duck!” Of having gone winless in their previous Super Bowl appearances, and finally winning their first Lombardi trophy since 1960!

Whilst those adorable puppy dogs of Team Ruff ‘n Fluff were once again playing for the LamBarkie trophy instead; Wuf-wuf!

While it’s also great that Nick Foles, who was the team’s Backup QB until Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL (and LCL) in Week 14 of the regular season, not only won in his first Super Bowl start, but was also named the game’s MVP.

As much has been made of Philadelphia’s attention to detail, including Foles catching his one pass, which was for a touchdown No less! While Tom Brady was Butterfingers!

And lastly, as I was unawares’, but thanks to “Mr. Sporty,” for which I randomly dribble out these Sportyblog posts for Y’all. I had NO idea that Foles went to U of A, formally known as University of Arizona, and was a Wildcat’s QB for three years: 2009-11, after having transferred from Michigan.

Then ironically being taken in the 2012 NFL Draft’s third round by the Eagles, before returning for his second stint in Philly last year…

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