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Nice Guy’s Do finish First…

January 21st, 2018 · No Comments

Although they don’t always get the publicity they deserve, as it’s pretty funny how I simply totally ignored “My Team” this past Regular Season ‘O Pigskin Games…

Author’s Note
This story was originally intended to be published on Sportyblog the week prior to the most excruciating Super Bowl 49, which the entire universe still knows about the DUMBEST play ever! Which the fervent 12S’ still mash their teeth over two Super Bowl’s later, or is it three? Crickets…

Yet Due to Sportyblog’s server being Decommissioned Wayback in early 2015, the story wasn’t published, and has been bobbing round thou Seas ‘O Sportyblog Stories in Uh Bottle in thou Pacific Ocean ever since…

Sportyblog Thaws out after Seahawks Miracle Bowl Playoff Win, then Stumbles thru 2016 Football Playoffs

Thanxs to the good fortune of Santa, once again your Senior Sportyblog Scribe “Touchdown Tommy” has just returned from the Big Island, nee Hawaii, unfortunately to an overly soggy Pacific Northwest.

Courtesy of what the weather pundits call the “Pineapple Express!” Ironically after basking in the glorious hues of Hawaiian Sand, Surf and Sun live in Kona! (Which is probably getting a ‘Wee bit repetitive for Y’all, since didn’t Santa give him that last year?)

Surfin’ Safari from the Big Island

As all of this B-I-G’ Island conjecture naturally made me think about Yuhs guessed it, professional athletes hailing from the Rainbow state. To which even if he plays for the “enemy;” Hya! Hey us (University of Washington) DAWGS’ only enjoy shredding up “Rubber Duckies,” not being demolished by Oregon year-after-year instead!

although the past two years have been overly enjoyable with the DAWGS’ resurgence, along with kicking the once mighty Oregon Ducks tail feathers!

Yet I did indeed hope Oregon would be successful in becoming the national champions! Even going so far as to listen via my ‘lil transistor radio to that Oh So Enjoyable 59-20 Smack-down over Florida State at the Rose Bowl!

But alas, unfortunately, Y’all know that Mariota & The Ducks got roasted by the Ohio State Buckeyes 42-20 in the first ever National Championship playoff game

Obviously a Gynormous part of Oregon’s success was due to their excellent QB Marcus Mariota, who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii; SHUHZAMM! Nice connection, eh?

As Oregon was the first Division I school to spot the burgeoning talents of Mariota, when the two star High School athlete Marcus participated in an Oregon Football Camp in 2010, where he was first spotted by the team’s then Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich, who subsequently went to Hawaii to further evaluate this college prospect, which led to then Oregon coach Chip Kelly offering Mariota a scholarship prior to playing a single High School varsity game! As now, apparently Mariota’s only flaw is having been critiqued for potentially being too nice?

Is Mariota too nice?

While Y’all know how Marcus cleaned house in the Awards department a few winter’s ago, when he was the runaway winner of the vaunted Heisman trophy! Along with three other prestigious collegiate awards.

Thus surely Mariota would be NFL bound that April in 2015 when the draft was held Righto? Although as usual, I ARSE-Sumed incorrectly that Tampa Bay would take him first ahead of “MY” lowly Titans, who pick second. As perhaps Jameis Winston would don the Titans “2-tone” blue for the 2015 NFL regular season?

False Start TD Tommy!

And obviously, once again I had visions ‘O Hawaii already on my mind, just prior to “Turkey-Lurkey” Day, (Thanksgiving, 2014) since whilst listening to the Seattle Sounders FC v LA Galaxy MLS Western Conference Finals first leg match in La-La Land, before they became MLS Champions!

I heard ex-Sounders FC Goalkeeper Kasey Keller mention how “The Hawaiian” had gotten away with his “third-third final warning” for receiving his second yellow card of the match after his brute force defending, especially vs. Galaxy Striker Robby Keene, who was named Major League Soccer’s MVP that season, long ago.

Huh? Didn’t know we had a Hawaiian on our “Rave Green” roster, which led me to promptly search Zed Internetz, which revealed a possible 14 candidates including Messer Zach Scott. (Who’s since retired)

As even funnier yet; isn’t it ironic? The name Brian Ching made the list of Hawaiian soccer players, as I know of the local talent from Gonzaga University. Especially since he was the scourge of the Sounders FC crushing 2009 MLS Playoffs loss vs. the Houston Dynamo!

As it’s a ‘Wee bit foggy now, but I still remember vividly being “Gutted” after Ching’s lone series goal sent Houston through to the next round after both teams had gone scoreless in 180-minutes! As I recall Ching’s dagger being scored in the 186th minute, but then again that was some five-plus years ago - when I began writing this…

And lastly, Y’all can check out my slightly dated Sportyblog yarn, which keeps drifting further away time wise - upon the Hawaiian Islands claim to fame in professional sports in;

Have you heard of these Hawaiian athletes?

As apologies to Max Unger! Who When I began this way-way-Wayback ago, was featured prominently in the Lilliputian local “Fish-wrap,” the West Hawaii Today newspaper. As I’d totally overlooked our then Seattle Seahawks All-Pro center who hails from Kailua-Kona,, Hawaii; OOPS!

As Unger, who then was 28, was one of three remaining Seahawks holdovers from the pre “Mr. Excitement” (Pete Carroll) era before being shipped to Nawlins’ for some Tight End named Jimmy Graham, whom after his just completed third season with the Hawks is a Free Agent, and Scuttlebutt suggests he’ll be moving on…

Whilst I think Unger’s going to the playoffs shortly, snapping the ball to some Saints Dude they call The Breeze!

And then there’s this Hooska-Dooska’ Kicker named Steven Hauschka, who’s going to the Pro Bowl as an Alternate? Uhm, Hang On, Buffalo’s in the Playoffs and Seattle’s still trying to get past it’s Blair Walsh Project Hangover!

Not to mention how now the Seattle Mariners have become the Professional Sports Franchise with currently the longest streak of not making the Playoffs - at 16 years…

Yet Seattle’s already at it again; SHIT! Now they’re angling to get rid of punter John Ryan ’cause he’s too “Expensive;” WTF! Like didn’t we just see that movie with Mr. It’s Wide Right Blair Walsh?

And ironically, I believe that Ryan’s the lone remaining Seahawk to have been on the roster before Pete Carroll came to town.

Hang 10 and Better Luck next year Hawks’

Catching a Wave, or more likely Air! I once again Piquadellied’ this languishing story last spring, when I somehow’ Accidently heard that the NFL had released the 2017-18 Regular season and Gasp; Playoffs schedule? Since I’d typed 2017-18 here, before wiping out on another wave; Hya!

As apparently this happened Wayback on April 20th and for humour, I decided to check out my local club’s schedule, which if Y’all haven’t figured out by now, is the Tennessee Titans; but I digress…

As El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy is such a fervent Pigskin fan, that I was absolutely Stunned to discover that Marcus Mariota had broken his leg during last year’s (2016) regular season; Huh?

And I didn’t pay any Attenzione to Thy Titans ’til some Week 3 game, Y’all know when Seattle traveled to Nashville and lost 33-27 to Tennessee!

Then going long, with Marcus airing it out for TD Tommy; OOPS, Butterfingers; Hya! Amazingly the Titans made the NFL Playoffs for the first time since ‘08 when Mariota led Tennessee to a 15-10 W’ over Jacksonville, and will play the Kansas City Chiefs next.

Meanwhile, once again, (as you’ve undoubtedly noticed…) there won’t be any Hard Hitting’ NFL Playoffs reporting from Touchdown Tommy per tipicali, since I’ll Karmically be somewheres’ upon thou Oregonian Trail, and hence won’t get to witness Mariota’s Debutante NFL Playoff’s Game.

As how strange, that NOBODY’s said Congrats to Mwah! As Mr. Sporty’s Hawks already cleaned out their lockers. And Ditto for Sportyblog’s Artiste Dave’s Cardinals. Chirp-Chirp; Bueller?

While isn’t It Ironic that Mariota took the No. 8 Jersey, which was previously worn by the Titans QB he ultimately replaced, the since retired Jake Locker, who played for the University of Washington Huskies…


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