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Rising Above One Professional Baseball Player’s Stupidity…

December 14th, 2017 · No Comments

Originally I’d planned on writing about how there must be something in the waters ‘O Texas? As my eye certainly was on the Lone Star state, especially regarding the intolerable behaviour of its two National Football League’s Franchise’s top “Mucky-Muck’s,” i.e.; Jerry Jones and Bob McNair.

As Jones is going Nutzo’ over his Star Player having to serve out his Domestic Violence suspension, while McNair thinks there’s a bunch ‘O Inmates in the NFL…

But what really got my Goat, which is somewhat funny, especially since I have Zero interest in Major League Baseball, was the totally unwarranted behaviour of Yuli Gurriel during this year’s World Series.

Weirdly, since after all I was aboard a Big ‘Ol Jetliner; Uhm, the seating sure AIN’T B-I-g’ anymore! Not to mention the pitch between seats! As this was the first time I’d ever been subjected to flying for a few hours with my knees firmly pressed against the seat in front of me and the pathetic swatch of cargo netting that serves as the seatback; but I digress…

Flying to Houston ironically on a night Thar Astros were playing against the Dreaded Yankees, in this year’s MLB Playoffs, the male flight attendant was a Gynormous “Stick ‘N Ball” sports Fan, who constantly badgered the man seated an aisle behind me the entire flight on what’s the score now?

As our Aeroplane was equipped with In-flight TV Access via Seatback monitors, for which this passenger was happy to give him a running commentary between Coffee, Tea, Or What’s Duh Score?

Peanuts? Get Your Crackerjack Here!

As next thingy Yuhs know, said flight attendant spoke over the planes speakers, Astros just scored a three run homer! To which there was some applause, before he asked how many Houston Fans? GO STROHS!

Yet the Yankees would be victorious and as we began our final descent, he broke the news via the intercom by saying Thars No Tears of Joy in Mudsville Tonight, New York wins. (6-4)

As it was even funnier hearing the lady behind me squeal in delight, saying her husband’s a B-I-G Yankees Fan! Oh, I’ probably should be quiet, as we were awaiting departure of our 29min flight from Houston to Austin…

And since this was weeks before? The World Series, that was that, as I was ensconced in the crème de la crème ‘O Single Seater racing at the Circuit Of The Americas, where the yearly round of Formula 1’s USGP was being held in Austin, Texas.

Originally, I really didn’t have a preference, or care over who won this year’s World Series, since I couldn’t recall the last time either had won the Pennant?

But after initially learning of Yuli Gurriel making his totally unwarranted racist gesture towards Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Yu Darvish, during Game 3; for which I believe he should have been vanquished from the remainder of the World Series! I immediately wanted the Dodgers to be victorious.

Yuli Gurriel gets 5 Game Suspension in 2018 for racist gesture, escapes World Series Ban

Alas, unfortunately the Astros would go onto win the Pennant, and Gurriel just has to sit out five meaningless games next year, to which for Mwah, sends a mixed message at best.

Yet sadly, this unwarranted behaviour towards Asian Athletes isn’t new this year, albeit how many of Yuhs know about the episode this year’s Indy 500 winner was involved in?

As Takuma Sato became the first ever Japanese driver to win the Memorial Day 500 mile classic race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, defeating NO less the revered Helio Castroneves, who’s been flirting with making history at the legendous Brickyard for several years now.

IndyCar Drivers rally behind Takuma Sato after Denver Post Sports Writer’s Racist Tweet

Hey! You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna slip in some sorta motor racing reference did Yuhs? Hya! But seriously, if Y’all watch the video clip below, where the epic IndyCar Reporter Robin Miller does his typical interview with Sato, who’s also known as Taku-san, how can you not become a Fan of the diminutive Japanese IndyCar driver? Who simply oozes Charisma…

VIDEO: Robin Miller at Takuma Sato’s Borg Warner Trophy Unveiling

Thus, in what I enjoy bobbing about in, calling it The Seas of Synchronicity, I was drawn to an article that I listened to via my National Federation of The Blind’s (NFB) Newsline for The Blind telephone service, during my daily perusal of the Indianapolis Star Sports section.

for which naturally, I cannot locate said article on the IndyStar’s website, but here’s the story from another source instead.

How the Reds could land Japanese star Shohei Ohtani

Naturally, having already admitted my Baseball prowess, I’d never heard of this alleged Japanese Rising Star Baseball player, simply named Shohei Ohtani. Although I immediately pondered why wouldn’t he wish to go to Seattle? Even if we have a tradition of not making the playoffs.

Since Shohei Ohtani, who’s noted as being a Dual-threat player, could potentially bask in the similar glory here in Seattle a la a fellow countryman of his did previously. As perhaps Y’all recall the name Ichiro? Who’s currently a Free Agent and definitely a future Hall of Famer.

Five things to know about Shohei Ohtani

As Seattle’s got a long history of having outstanding players upon its roster, as I’m not sure who’s more famous; “the Kid,” aka Ken Griffey Jr. or Ichiro Suzuki?

Alas, I’m happy to hear that Shohei Ohtani’s narrowed down his list of potential suitors to primarily West Coast teams, with San Francisco and Seattle apparently having made the cut. As perhaps, Shohei Ohtani could just be the ticket to land the Mariners in the playoffs next year?

Since I know of at least two top prospects on the current roster, Thanxs to Snowbyrd MJ’, a devoted Mariners supporter. Both pitchers, “King Felix” (Hernandez) and The B-I-G’ Maple-leaf, nee James Paxton. As Shohei Ohtani’s obvious talent couldn’t diminish from Seattle finally snapping it’s 16-year streak of not making the MLB Playoffs! The current longest Post-season Drought in the Major Leagues, since having lost to New York in ‘01.

Hence, I’m now momentarily interested in professional baseball, even if summer’s a long, long ways away. With Seattle currently ensconced in thou Damp chills ‘O Darkness for the next six month!

But hopefully the Mariners will land the 23yr old prospect, and the Pacific Northwest can once again gush the immortal words of Dave Niehaus’s “My, Oh, My!” Or better yet, when we’ll get the “Rye Bread out for Shohei Ohtani’s First Grand Salami!”

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