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Star Strangled Insanity…

October 13th, 2017 · No Comments

Isn’t it GURR-REAT! to have the leader of your nation purposely trying to incite Racism in his country?

As it seems very well scripted and planned, that you would publicly say something divisive in the South, along with only being able to voice your thoughts in itzy-bitsy, 140 character nuggets ‘O TWIT-ER-DUMB!

Since obviously by now, we’re all completely aware of our glorious leader’s profane opening of his mouth in Alabama ’bout certain NFL Athletes bein’ Son of Bitches, right?

While I’ve mentally vacillated over the past weeks on whether or not to spend my time upon this nebulous subject, since I doubt as a nation, we’ll ever have a civilized, constructive Debate upon the topic of Racism in America.

Colin Kaepernick inspires a movement with his absence

But I’ll say one thingy’ for our glorious President, besides All Hail Caesar! He’s pretty clever since I actually broke down & turned my TV on for my first Football action this year Sunday, Sept 24th.

Having now become overly curious to see how our “Fair & Balanced” Mainstream Media would report on the Anthem and how those crazy Seattle Seahawks would respond to the President?

As I was so “Proud” of the Hawks’, and Sportyblog’s Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s Tennessee Titans for not taking the field! While all Trump could be proud of was RASSCAR’, Uhm, you know that Roundy-round racing series steeped in Moon shining, the Rebel flag and Uhm, Oh Never Mind!

You heard Trump, now listen to the kneeling Colts

Although I’m not savvy enough to know how to find the ultimate answer to my question, which is When did we feverishly begin blindly Standing for the National Anthem during Sporting Events in the good ‘Ol USA?

As can’t Y’all just wait for the nation chanting USA! USA! USA! During the fast approaching 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea…

Nonetheless, I did find an interesting article from America’s premier “Stick ‘N Ball” establishment; Err Sporting authority ESPN, written some six years ago.

The History of the National Anthem in Sports

As ironically, when being asked if I’d heard any of our typical BOOM-BOOM! Fireworks celebrating another regular season victory this year by the Hawks Sunday Night vs. the LA Rams? I replied No, albeit having zero clue of the game’s outcome.

Yet what are Fireworks made from? Gunpowder Me thinks… And what was gun powder originally intended for? And why is it Not surprising that the person credited with starting this national anthem fever was in the U.S. Military…

While A-L-L of this senseless Noise ’bout kneeling before a game just makes me wonder what this Oil laden Smokescreen is really designed to Obscure? As the President AIN’T getting Shit done politically?

Instead, making fun of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s female Mayor Carmen Yulîn Cruz, then bein’ all Slap happy whilst tossing out paper towels to some of his 3.4 million U.S. Citizens living in Darkness and horribly short upon important commodities like water, food, sanitation, etc.

But instead, at our expense, the presidents Sidekick, and ex-Governor of Indiana, decides to waste approximately $100k, as look up how much it costs Taxpayer’s for Air Force Deuce to fly per hour!

As this great man named Mike Pence, who rose to fame for stupidly signing into law Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in 2015, decided we needed to be further distracted by his political Shenanigans upon flying home to witness some ceremony occurring, NO! Not that one, but something being done for some Dude named Payton…

Before the Vice President promptly walked out of the San Francisco 49ers National Football League game vs. his Indianapolis Colts - in order to keep the Spotlight firmly shining brightly on continuing to incite the nation…

What are We Fighting For…

Alas, did you know? As I just learned this recently, during our president’s Wind bagging, via The Guardian’s Sports section that somebody named John Wooden kept his championship winning teams inside the locker room during the playing of the Star Spangle banner in deference of supporting his player’s individual beliefs.

As this revered national icon did this for years, beginning when some dude named Lou Alcindor sat on the bench and refused to stand, for Uhm, racial injustice some 50 years ago!

Will Skipping the Anthem become NFL’s new Normal?

Hence, once again I’m very impressed over the Seahawks, Titand & Steelers staying off the field completely!

Whilst I’ll spare Y’all my dribble over how this nationalistic furor isn’t exactly a healthy thing, as just look at what occurred in a country called Der Fatherland during the 1930’s, when citizens would attack others for not promptly standing and saluting during the singing of their national anthem “Horst-Wessel-Lied”Ja Volt! As can Y’all say Fascism? And are You Experienced?

VIDEO: Jimi Hendrix National Anthem Song

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