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Oh Lonzo, It’s gotta be Duh, Uhm…

July 28th, 2017 · No Comments

Seriously? While I understand the impetus to command your price in professional sports, and strike while the proverbial iron’s hot. I simply cannot ascertain the ego’s leading to overt greediness! Especially when you’re simply a rookie in the NBA, and even if you’re supposed to bring the Lakers back to greatness with “Showtime” 2.0, or is that 3.0? As somehow I’m thinking Kobe and Shaq might not like being overlooked?

As I’ve attempted to completely ignore the rapture over Lonzo Ball, even if Erving “Magic” Johnson’s Mega-Watt smile has been re-illuminated while gushing enthusiastically over LA’s No. 2 NBA Draft Pick this year.

As it just really makes my head spin that somebody can believe he’s worthy of having a tennis shoe “sneaker” named after him retailing for $495; Seriously?

As it’s gotta be Duh Shoes, right? Yo Lonzo’, those are Michael’s shoes you’re wearing, you know, as in Air Jordan’s…

Lonzo Ball says he’s wearing Jordan 31’s in hopes of starting a Bidding War

And if that’s not bad enough? It makes me sick hearing how on Day-1 of the National Basketball League’s Free Agency “window” this June, an Astronomical $769m - as in Million! Was shilled out to various Free Agents by the frothing NBA Franchises! For which Y’all know, are paying these vast, ridiculous, and insanely out-of-control amounts via you, “the Fans!” And everything NBA Y’all consume; SIGH!

As over half-a-Billion alone was spent upon the Top-3 Offseason signings, led by the Houston Rockets $228m six-year extension with James Harden. Whilst the reigning Golden State Warriors gave Steph’ Curry a five-year, $201m extension. And netting only a paltry $173m in third place was Blake Griffin, re-signing with the LA Clippers for a further five years.

As Griffin’s “Alley-Oop” deal Bumps the newly inked Boston Celtics Gordon Hayward to fourth at $127m and the New Orleans Pelicans Jrue Holliday’s $126m signing rounding out the “Starting five.” Before the Washington Wizards signed John Wall to a four year extension for $173m.

While now comes word that the Houston Rockets Billionaire owner Wesley Alexander has decided to put the Basketball Franchise he shilled out a meager $85m for in 1993, up for sale, with an asking price potentially in the $1.65b, as in Billion range!

Which Forbes estimated the No. 8 valued franchise at this past February, while Nope! I won’t say anythingy’ about Seattle and Chris Hansen or the pending Key Arena renovation; Oh Never Mind!

Houston Rockets owner Alexander says he’s selling team

Ah, “My Oh My!” How the times of professional sports have changed from their Heydays, or meager beginnings, eh? As imagine a time when sports stars had to play multiple series just to make a decent living?

and NO! I’m not talking ’bout the likes of Michael Jordan, “Neon Deon” Sanders, Jake “the Snake” Plummer, Chris Carter, Hershel Walker or Bo Jackson, etc. But Wayback instead during the resurgence of sports following the second Great War, nee World War II.

Since ironically when perusing the New York Times Obituary section recently, I came upon the name of Gene Conley, who I’d never heard of before, who even more Karmically was a Washington State product! Even if he was with those Dastardly KittyCatz’, simply known as the Cougs’, or formally Washington State Cougars, or WSU.

When I think of professional athletes to come out of WSU, I typically think of Drew Bledsoe and Ryan Leaf, while I’ve almost forgotten ex-Seahawks Great “Dr. Dan,” aka Dan Doornink, a prolific Running Back from Seattle’s Jim Zorn NFL Football era Who got the nickname due to his Medical Degree, and now serves as an MD in his hometown of Yakima, WA.

And that’s it! Knowing nothing about their long list of luminary athletes, primarily “Stick ‘N Ball” Stars, i.e.; MLB, NBA and NFL, along with Track & Field and the CFL and Arena league Football.

Although when double checking for Ryan Leaf, I stumbled upon the name Jack Elway, as in Uh-huh, his son’s name is John Elway, as in that Elway!

Y’all know thee John Elway who the long forgotten Bryan “The Boz” Bosworth bestowed the moniker of “Mister Ed” upon the devious Denver Broncos QB, before Elway went onto winning two Super Bowls and Bosworth went; Uhm? Where’d he go?

As “bo Knows!” Where The Boz’ went; WHOOPSADAISY! As Oakland; Err Los Angeles Raiders Running Back Bo Jackson ran Roughshod over Bosworth and the Seahawks on National TV NO less long ago in the Kingdome! But I digress…

As the elder Elway, whose full name was John Albert “Jack” Elway, Sr., was born in Aberdeen, WA, home of some “Grunge Band” Nirvana’s ex-lead singer Kurt Cobain, played QB in High School and one year for the Cougars before a career ending knee injury.

Oops! I forgot about Mark Rypien, who led the Washington Redskins twice to victory in Super Bowl XXII and Super Bowl XXVI, along with being named MVP of Super Bowl XXVI and the UPI’s Player Of the Year in 1991.

But back to the man who got me started on this WSU “Rabbit Hole,” as Gene Conley was first discovered by another previously unknown name to Mwah, the legendous’ Bill Sharman, a ten-times National Basketball Association world champion, four times as a player for the Boston Celtics, once as the LA Lakers Head Coach and five more times as a Lakers executive.

As Sharman was the first person to ever win titles in those three capacity’s, also the only person to win titles in the ABL, ABA and NBA as a Coach, making for a staggering total of twelve championship titles overall!

Even more amazing, Sharman is just one of four persons to ever be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as a player and coach, joining John Wooden, Lenny Wilkens and Tommy Heinsohn.

As suppose it takes a Basketball great to see someone else’s Hoops’ potential, as ironically it was Sharman who approached Conley Wayback in 1951 when he was also an aspiring two sports star. As Sharman, then playing third base for the Brook land Dodgers Farm team, with Conley pitching for the Boston Braves Farm club.

As Conley, who towered on the mound as a 6-foot 8-inches tall pitcher with a devastating fastball; Hmm? Makes me think of the legendous’ Randy Johnson of Seattle Mariners fame; but I digress… Was looking for work during Baseball’s Offseason, since back during the 1950’s players struggled to eak out a living.

As Sharman reportedly first took notice of Conley when he played Hoops for then Washington State College, before becoming WSU, during his Sophomore year battling John Wooden’s legendous’ UCLA Bruins in the Pacific Coast League.

As the rest they would say is History. As Conley much to his Major League Baseball teams displeasure would play professional Basketball during the Offseason, cramming 18-seasons worth of play into 12-years time.

First becoming an MLB World Series winner in 1957 with the Milwaukee Braves, a team that included somebody named Hank Aaron!

He then became a titlist in Two Pro Sports, Who Hardly Took a Break between his eleven years in the “Majors:” 1952-63, before winning three world championships with the Boston Celtics between 1959-61. Ironically with Sharman on the team, that saw Conley sharing time at Center with somebody named Bill Russell.

Gene Conley, Dual-Sports threat with World Series and NBA titles, Dies at 86

As Conley is one of only two men to have won major professional championship titles in multiple sports, with the other being the legendary Otto Graham, who claimed championships in Football and Basketball.

Yet Conley achieved this Uber rare feat whilst contesting both series during the same time, while Graham accomplished his feat of winning in the National Basketball League, precursor to today’s NBA, first in 1946 with the Rochester Royals.

Then Graham was immediately snapped-up by the Cleveland Browns the same year, as Graham would focus solely upon tossing the Pigskin for the Browns the rest of his entire professional playing career, as the Browns devastating Quarter Back between 1946-55. Where he led Cleveland to the Playoffs every season, including winning three National Football Championships in 1950 and 1954-55, before retiring to become a Head Coach…

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