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Speeding into Summer, Sorta…

June 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Hmm? As your humble El Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy sits at thou keyboard in Tomaso Manor, in the shadows ‘O Seattle, a constant rain, pegged at 100% chance of precipitation blankets the Pacific Northwest Just one week prior to Summer Solstice. Making me ponder just when our summer will truly arrive? As Thars’ an ‘Ol legend that says summer doesn’t arrive in Seattle ’til July 12th Matey’s; but I digress…

Although now not used so much,
probably in some small deference to the City’s diversification of Industry, along with the constantly shrinking workforce, and The Boeing Company’s constant mantra to move Jobs away, Seattle’s main moniker today is commonly known as The Emerald City, which once was known as thee Jet City.

Alas, my long winded, Oh, so clever tie-in to a major sporting event I typically attend, but this year was off in search of wild, Ah-bloomin’ Rhody’s in Oregon instead!

Although Florence’s Rhododendron Festival is a shrinking violet in terms ‘O attendance vs. Mother Speedway’s, aka Indianapolis Motor Speedway; the nation’s largest single day sporting event!

Nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised by getting the chance to partake in both recently, and henceforth why the elongated delay upon posting another “Stick “N Ball” story upon Sportyblog; Hya!

As it’s amazing to think that a half century’s passed since Indianapolis saw the dawning of a new age, which was poised to revolutionize the sport of motor racing, for which ironically, Boeing provided a spare Jet-engine turbine powerplant for some “Weekend Warriors” getting their Kurtis Kraft racecar On-track first!

As the Seattle, Washington based Aircraft company helped pioneer this radical technology over a decade before the original Turbocar’, fondly known as “Silent Sam” and the “Whoosh Mobile,” nee the 1967 STP-Paxton Turbocar entered by the flamboyant CEO of STP Oil Treatment Andy Granatelli and driven by the legendous Parnelli Jones came just four laps shy of immortality, after having thoroughly dominated the race!

When a Jet-Powered Car Raced in the Indianapolis 500. The racecar tore up the track and dazzled fans at the legendary competition and then vanished

As more history was made; NO! Not when I did my own, special impromptu rendition of my ‘Ol Boogity-Boogity-Boogity! DW’s (Darrell Waltrip) I’ve won the Day-Toner 500 “Icky Shuffle!” When Taku-san’, nee Takuma Sato became the first ever Japanese driver to win the Indy 500 in 101 running’s of the storied event.

Hence, having gone nearly three weeks without a single lick ‘O sporting news, with the exception of gorging Thyself on Memorial Day with watching the Indy 500 and then later that evening the rebroadcast of the day’s Monaco Grand Prix, it’s been somewhat difficult to push in thou veritable clutch and shift back into fifth gear in pursuit of what’s occurring in the mainstream sporting universe.

Although professional Hockey and Basketball are now over, until next season, while those proverbial “Boys ‘O Summer” are stepping up to the plate, sadly both our Seattle Mariners and defending MLS champions Sounders FC are dwelling in the cellars of their respective divisions; YOUCH!

While can those pigskin OTA’s already have “Zoom-Zoomed” by? As I always get a chuckle outta trying to remember what the NFL’s OTA vernacular translates to? Oh yeah, it’s Organized Team Activity, for which apparently many, many, crazed National Football League Fans crave, along with attending various related activities.

As I especially enjoyed the story about a blind woman getting her chance to mingle with the Indianapolis Colts legendary kicker Adam Vinatieri, who apparently was most gracious with her. Affording her extra visiting time in line and even a peck on the cheek; SWEET’!

A blind Muncie woman’s emotional moment meeting Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri

And lastly, without going too deep here, as “They” say that Sports and Politics don’t co-mingle with each other, right? Kudos to the Seattle Storm’s ownership for doing the right thing by audaciously backing Planned Parenthood!

Especially in the current environment of Fox News persistent predatory Sexual Harassment behaviour by its top executives and leading talk show voices, along with Uber’s CEO Sexism Brashness, since really, as males, should we have a say in a woman’s choice to choose…

Seattle Storm become first Pro team to partner with Planned Parenthood

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