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Marshawn ‘N Lacy, Oval Racing, Porta Potties, Franken-tweetz’ and the Waiver Wire…

May 19th, 2017 · No Comments

In all of my hours ‘N hours ‘O typing riveting Blog stories for my “day Job,” mostly Open Wheel Racing related rantz’ on No Fenders, along with never being able to quite keep up, another fellow member of the IndyCar bloggeratzi’s “Better Half” recently wrote about when the Month of May begins in her Household, which for those of Yuhs who don’t know, the Month of May is cherished slang regarding the Indianapolis 500, but more upon that later.

As I’ll admit, between Easter and Mums’ Day; Hmm? May be it was the lingering sugar high from those Cadbury eggs? I couldn’t stop Thyself from wonderin’ who the Seattle Seahawks would choose in the first round of this year’s much ballyhooed NFL Draft? Hut-Hut! Raise ‘Dem Heads like a Dallas Cowboys line shift draws Y’alls Offside’s Head Bob fake! Cause Seattle’s Johnny “Not Bo Duke” Schneider traded down umpteen times…

Thus in all of the pre-draft Will He, Won’t He Hysteria, Seattle’s “Beast Mode” came outta retirement in order to play for his home team Oakland Raiders, before they move to Sin City.

As funny how somehow in the Marshawn “Money” Lynch news, Draft mania and the extra allotment ‘O time for the Seahawks to actually pick somebody, since apparently they were busy peelin’ left over Easter eggs?

I learned about another player Seattle had already opted for, as I was totally unawares ’bout this Eddie Lacy fellow before reading about his recent garage sale.

Eddie Lacy’s garage sale a Huge Hit

As apparently Seattle wasn’t completely happy with its backfield? As cannot say why, nor stop myself, but hearing his last name made me think of that classic TV Show Cagney & Lacey for some obscure reason!

As may be it’s since Eddie sounds like a Stand-up Guy, by donating the entire proceeds from his garage sale to charity, since guess he didn’t wanna haul it cross country, eh?

Yet immediately after the Draft, my intrigue over this year’s Indianapolis 500 pegged out Thy Tachometer! As I’m still marveling over the sheer brilliance of live streaming somebody’s (May 3rd) Rookie Orientation Programme, along with the fact that I could actually watch it! Having gotten up specifically for the 6:30AM broadcast streaming’s green flag, where I apparently tuned-in with over 2.7 million Fans!

Oh, didn’t Y’all hear? Fernando’s Coming to Americre! As in Double Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso, with his F1 team McLaren Honda’s blessing, especially since they’re performing so abysmally right now, and McLaren’s desperate to keep the marquee Spanish driver driving for them next year, as Alonso’s in the final year of his current contract.

Alonso, at age 35 will make his inaugural outing not only at what I fondly call Mother Speedway, but on an Oval no less! As part of Michael Andretti’s six car Indianapolis Motor Speedway effort, where one of his team-mates will be the reigning Indy 500 champion Alexander Rossi.

Rossi, a SoCal’, laid back transplanted Californian, having moved to Indianapolis is just 25 years old and has raced against Fernando before, when making five starts in the pinnacle of motorsports, nee Formula 1 in 2015 for the back-marker Manor Marussia F1 team before unexpectedly switching to Ovals and winning the biggest IndyCar race of the year during his rookie outing last year.

Young drivers could create changing of guard at Indianapolis

But Hey! Before we getz’ to The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day, what about the Mom’s? Having just celebrated Mother’s Day, with Alonso hustlin’ his woeful McLaren Honda round ‘n round the Twisty Barcelona circuit. Apparently those Hosers’ Up North Eh! Weren’t respecting their Mums’ too kindly! By removing women’s bathrooms at the Edmonton Oilers home ice! Uhm, I think that’s a 5min Major Penalty for the Oilers Front Office, don’t Yuhs?

The fight for potty parity: How sports venue toilets value Men over Women

As I’m hoping the Oilers will remedy this issue immediately, or it AIN’T gonna be smelling roses next time Thar’s a hockey game! As what’s that song ’bout Momma Don’t let your Children Grow Up to be Hockey Players…

And skating cross the Blue line following this disrespect towards women, looks like the Seattle Seahawks Frank Clark showed his real persona again by making a Derogatory Tweet towards a female journalist, whose current story wasn’t about Clark, but did infer mention of Clark’s previous past Domestic Violence arrest and subsequent guilty pleas, prompting his dismissal from the University of Michigan football team, prior to being drafted by Seattle.

Seahawks Frank Clark targets female writer over Domestic Violence story

And finally, with all of this Football Paloozah’ running thru my noggin’, I got a chuckle out of reading how the gamesmanship of the NFL’s alive ‘N well, especially here on the west coast. Where it appears the rivalry between the Hawks’ and San Francisco 49ers rolls on, even if they’re currently at different ends of the spectrum in the NFC West.

As Seattle claimed another Running Back for its burgeoning stables off the waiver wire, cut blocking; Err chipping San Fran by scooping up their past 4th round draft pick RB Mike Davis.

Crikeys! And to think it’s still May, and I’m not even sure if I’ll get to watch this year’s Indy 500, or even worse yet, why I’m talking so much about football? As it’s not even summer or training camp time, along with the fact that the Tennessee Titans are my team, who one of these year’s will return to the Playoffs, as think I need an Outdoors break from all of this nonsense…

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