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Change of Scenery, Seasons, Fresh Breezes from Hawaii make a World ‘O Difference…

April 6th, 2017 · No Comments

freya prumm, pro surfer

 Freya Prumm, Pro Surfer

 Ah, there’s nothin’ better for escaping the dreariness of our most biting, cold, wet, Winter-Percip, Ariel Flooding, multiple Severe Weather Advisories, Mudslides and Hail ‘N Brimstone; Err lightning winter here in Seattle than a two weeks Holiday on thou Big Island! As even better yet is Kona’s wacky 100% rain forecast each day which never arrived ‘cept for ’bout five-ten minutes total duration of overly warm & lite’ showers during my entire visit; but I digress…

Although I’d originally listened to the story via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service the night before leaving, I’d not bothered to ride I-T all the way to the beach;

Hence, ARSE-Suming’ to forget the story title before returning home, which I’d expected to disappear from Thy Memory-banks - a la our “Magic Sands” or “disappearing Sands” beach, also known as White Sands, which has a nasty habit of Hangin’ 10 and Peeterin’ out during winter, leaving the beach just exposed to narly, cut inducing rocks!

Yet after our somewhat overly bumpy, turbulent six-plus hours ride, after an hour’s delay for “Maintenance” issues, as our Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800ER Aeroplane began its initial decent into Kona-Kailua Airport, where our friendly “lead” flight attendant told us we’d A-L-L become three hours younger upon arrival; Hya!

My seat-mates, a very pleasant couple en route to warmer climes from their home in Fairbanks, Alaska began conversing with me. As we chit-chatted ’bout the usual topics, i.e.; where we’re staying, how long, how many times I’ve been to Hawaii, etc, before I asked him if he ever watched that TV Show ’bout Alaska “Bush Pilots?”

As I was curious if they flew any of the ancient, but totally revered Beavers; Nope! Not those annoying Dam building furry critters, but instead the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, which I can still hear it’s throaty roar in Seaplane fair taking off from Puget Sound occasionally from home if the winds Ah-blowin’ the correct way!

Thus, being surprised to discover this magnificent Aeroplane went out of production a half century ago, albeit Viking Air on Vancouver Island, BC bought the Type certificates from Bombardier Aerospace over a decade ago, and now rebuilds original Beavers into upgraded turbocharged versions…

And after he told me ’bout being familiar with the show, he mentioned how their neighbor’s, who’s a retired pilot who enjoys flying vintage Warbirds, I launched into some nostalgic rhetoric ’bout vintage Warbirds.

As I regaled him briefly ’bout how those (Boeing) B-17 Aircrews were accustomed to flying in fully laden Fur suits, prone to their lectrics’ vests crapping out, ice developing upon their oxygen masks, etc.

Then noting how the B-29 was the first pressurized Bomber, ultimately leading to our being able to travel unencumbered in our T-shirts ‘N shorts these days, which is a far cry from the traumatic times occurring over Oahu’s skies three quarters century ago! Whilst he told me, it sure sounds like you know your Aeroplanes…

A Day of Infamy, 75 Years ago…

Oopsadaisy! Forgot this was a Sports Blog for a moment Thar’; Hya! Although that Surfin’ story I’d read the evening before came back up on my radar screen when he told me ’bout how they enjoy tent camping on the beaches in Hawaii, as how can Yuhs beat the scenery of stepping out of your tent onto the beach for breakfast Mates!

As The Guardian Sports article was about promising female Aussie’ Freya Prumm, who at 25yrs young is reinventing herself by living out of her car while pursuing cracking the Top-17 elite women’s Pro Surfer rankings Down Under at Boomerang Bay.

Pipe Dreams: Life On the Road in pursuit of Surfing Glory

Yet I was unawares’ thee original “Duke, aka Duke Kahanamoku was responsible for introducing the art of surfing on “long boards” fashioned out of wood over a century ago to Australia Mates, presumably at that very same bay.

But when I think of surfing and Hawaii, I inevitably think of the late Eddie Aikau, along with Garrett McNamara, both of whom I’ve scribbled ’bout here on Sportyblog previously, most recently I guess back in 2014; Aye Karumba!

Surfin’ Safari from the Big Island…

Alas, naturally, now surfing stories had my total Attenzione, thanxs mostly to the Freya Prumm story, which makes it hard to believe that in the year Twenty-seventeen, women were just being allowed to contest the Big Wave competition for their inaugural outing this past November!

Women compete in World Surf League’s Big Wave competition for first time

While lastly, another unknown professional surfer to Mwah, was back in the news, as Nick Fanning, who’d been the victim of a Shark attack when surfing in 2015’s World Surf League’s J-Bay Open made the Highlight reels!

Mick Fanning to make full-time surfing return to Championship Tour in 2017

As perhaps Y’all recall the Australian triple world surfing champion’s harrowing escape from not one, but two inquisitive Great White Sharks! For which Fanning had the audacity of punching one in the back to get its Attenzione to leave him alone during the Finals; CRIKEYS!

Mick Fanning escapes Shark Attack in South Africa

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