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A New Skiing legend is Born…

March 9th, 2017 · No Comments

Somehow, I’m doubting when Y’all think of Seattle, the word Snow comes to mind? Especially since typically all it does here in the Pacific Northwest is Rain, Rain, Rain… And then Rain some more!

And while I’m aware there’s places back east, especially the Midwest that have been hit harder than us, nonetheless, when’s the last time that Seattle has had more Snowfall than Minneapolis, eh?

Thus naturally this abomination of a winter we’re still experiencing, seriously? Snow in Mid-March; WTF! Made me get a chuckle out of the following story I blindly sledded into during one of my daily News Trawls.

Worst Skier ever has Best Explanation, He never trained on Snow

Haven’t ever heard of Adrian Solano? Neither had I , as the young Venezuelan who’s Day Job is Cook, had the audacity to believe he could learn to cross country ski underneath his countries’ blazing sun on roller skis in order to one day compete on actual Snow!

Thus, as the Finnish TV Commentators shredded Solano as the Worst Skier Ever! In what’s being called his “Back Story,” with Adrian having not only never skied on snow, he’d never even actually seen it in real life!

Hence, his performance at the Lahti Nordic World Ski Championships were perhaps a bit comical, made me immediately think of two other prime examples of courageous athletes who simply followed their dream of competing in Sports highest echelons, most notably “Eddie the Eagle,” closely followed by the Jamaican Bobsledding squad.

Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards: ‘My parents didn’t quite understand what had happened with the Olympics’

Naturally Solano’s Dreams were almost crushed before even reaching Finland, when Paris Airport Officials refused to believe the 22-year old Cook was a professional athlete en route to competition in Lahti.

Yet fortunately somebody believed in him, as Aleksi Valavuori, a Finnish TV personality set to work getting new funding to send Adrian back to Finland, raising over $4,000 Euros for the unknown Venezuelan, allowing Solano to actually contest his first ever cross country snow events…

Back in Venezuela, Worst Skier proud of accomplishment

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