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Area 51: ‘lil Blue ‘N White Men Crawl out of their Silver Capsule during Halftime Show, Cratering Falcon’s once Unsalable lead…

February 27th, 2017 · No Comments

So of the very few person’s I talked “Turkey” with; Err my predilections upon my hoped for outcome of this year’s Super Bowl LI, which equals 51, or SB51 for short, get I-T?

For All three of uze Sportyblog readers out Thar’, your Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy was totally hoping that the Atlanta Falcons would do the unthinkable, and soundly thrash the New England Patriots; HUT-HUT, OMAHA! OOPS! Wrong Signal caller; Hooah!

As Y’all know who I’d wanted to win this year’s Soupier Dooper Bowl game, for which one of the few I’d emailed my riveting thoughts here upon Sportyblog, replied, saying: “What Happened?”

As I did the unthinkable and stuck to my day long ban of NOT watching any Super Bowl dribble, including the game, only asking my friend Jeannie to call me when it was almost Halftime, since I wished to listen to Lady Gaga’s performance.

As I’d first been subjected to copious amounts of Lady Gaga playing on the radio an eternity ago when visiting Sweden; Ya Sure Yuh Betcha!

As the funniest part was the radio station was plugging away ceasessly about her upcoming concert for The (2009-2011) Monster Ball Tour that was already Sold Out, while my friend Alvin thought it’d be funny to make me a Lady Gaga Mix CD; Ha-Ha-Ha…

And then I became a fan ‘O hers again last summer when she moved IndyCar’s needle by letting Mario Andretti chauffer her in the 2X Seater for the opening pace laps of the Magnanimous 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

Although I had to ask Jeannie will it only be Lady Gaga, or is Taylor Swift joining her; Hya! Y’all know like the past few years, as I’ve been sucked into wanting to hear The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who instead were Bruno Mars “Backup Band.” Or last year’s Coldplay rendition with BeyoncĂ©taking over the show, with that Bruno Mars guy in tow…

So the phone rang with Jeannie telling me it was 3:43 ’til Halftime, so I turned on Thy Telie’ Justin-time to see Tom Brady throw an “INT” that some Atlanta player rumbled back 82-yards for a “Pick-Six” TD giving the Falcons an eventual halftime lead of 21-3; SWEET!

And then I waited, waited and waited, and guess what; Yep! Waited a ‘lil more for the Coke Zero Frito Lay Slim Jims Depenz’ Pepsi Sugar Free Halftime Show presented by the Chevrolet Denali built Ford Tough Hyundai Super Bowl LI Concert…

Uhm, did I forget anybody? Oh wait, where’s Duh MUTE button as Jimmy “My Hair Doesn’t Move” Johnson, not the seven times RASSCAR’ champion; Oh Never Mind! Was banterin’ back ‘N forth with Terry Bradshaw: SHUT U-P! I just wanna hear Lady Gaga!

And then the Fireworks popped and Lady Gaga flew onto the stage, careening downwards on a wire I’m told, apparently with NO Janet Jackson “Wardrobe Malfunctions!”

And the entertainment was pretty funny since I only recognized two songs from the entire performance, appropriately being the show’s bookends, i.e.; first and last songs.

As I recognized Poker Face, Ja-Ja from those long forgotten Sweden days, along with another Oldie closing out the show, titled Bad Romance.

While the other song I enjoyed was Telephone, for which I’ve since discovered all three are from her first two albums The Fame, and The Fame Monster which was a reissue of her The Fame album with extra tracks included.

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 performance

Thus Mission Accomplished! I went back to serenely listening to my extremely long 18-dis CD Audiobook tome, simply titled Coolidge, by Amity Shlaes. Since naturally politics are on many people’s minds these days. Yet when the telephone rang later that evening, I could immediately tell by Jeanie’s strained tone that the unthinkable happened.

You’re NOT gonna tell me that the Patriots won? They Did, What? You’ve got to be FREAKIN’ Kiddin’ Me!

Atlanta zoo names cockroach after Tom Brady

Alas, since I only watched the last three-plus; Err it felt like fifteen minutes of the first half, I have ZERO idea how Atlanta melted down and let those Dastardly Patriots back into the game, having since learned that Atlanta led 28-3 in the latter stages of the game, before history was made, being the first ever OT Super Bowl; CRIKEYS!

Cheeky tribute: Patriots fan gets Brady tattoo on backside.

Did Atlanta choke? Sure appears so, having since heard somewheres ’bout it being the worst Flop since the Seahawks elected to pass on 4th & 1, on the One yard line against some team called New England; Oh Never Mind!

As Atlanta’s since made some coaching changes, the most intriguing to Mwah being the hiring of The Sark’, nee Steve Sarkisian, once Head Coach of the DAWGS’, aka University of Washington Huskies, who perhaps Y’all have heard of this past football season’s No. 4 ranked college football team, eh?

Yet Sarkisian jumped ship from Washington back to SoCal’ to become Head Coach of his Alma Matter USC before being fired. Then a brief stint at Alabama, as Offensive Coordinator of the losing National Championship squad before being hired to replace the departing Kyle Shanahan as the Falcons new Offensive Coordinator; Sheez! I’m tired after just typing all that…

And Dan Quinn, as I’ve belaboured being another ex-Seattle Alum, nee Seahawks Super Bowl winning Defensive Coordinator subsequently let two defensive coaches go, with Defensive Coordinator Richard Smith and Defensive Line Coach Bryan Cox being fired just days after Atlanta’s humiliating defeat.

Five reasons why Atlanta lost Super Bowl

As the Spoils of Victory go to the Winners…

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