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Are the Atlanta Falcons the New Seahawks? and is Seattle’s NFC West Division Dynasty Crumbling?

January 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Although living in the Belly ‘O The Beast, I cannot say that I’m a fervent Hawks’ Fan, although I do quite enjoy listening to “The Voice of The Seahawks,” aka KIRO 97.3FM’s Steve “HOLY CATFISH!” Raible, along with his colour commentator Warren #1 Moon.

Raible, an ex-Seahawks Wide Receiver, #83 if I’m not mistaken, played opposite some Hall of Famer named Largent, Steve Largent! As I truly enjoy his going Gonzo ‘N Yelling TOUCHDOWN SEAAAAA-HAWKS!

although I’ll confess, I turned off the radio quite early after halftime commenced in the Georgia Dome, where the Hawks went down in flames, losing to Atlanta 36-20.

As It’s easy to “Monday morning Quarterback,” especially now that we’re just ah-waitin’ the Ball Boys to blow-up ‘Dem Pigskins for some ‘lil ‘Ol Football game, which apparently Roger “Goody Two-shoes” Goodell sez’ he’ll be honoured to hand the MVP Award to somebody named Brady; OOPSADAISY, BUTTERFINGERS!

As surely the irony of Atlanta making it to this year’s Super Bowl isn’t lost uponY’all, as their Head Coach Dan Quinn was Seattle’s Defensive Coordinator between 2013-2014, ironically during Seattle’s Super Bowl reign.

And Atlanta’s drubbing of Seattle saw the Student giving his Teacher a good ‘Ol thrashing…

While much noise has been made ’bout whether or not Mr. Excitement, nee Pete Carroll’s Seahawks have gone off the boil? Or even worse, lost their once almighty superiority? Since I didn’t follow them on a weekly basis, but it sure seems like Sherm’, nee Richard Sherman has lost his marbles; Err his britches have gotten a tad too large?

And now there’s this whole ‘lil matter ’bout Carroll fumbling away the news that the All Pro Corner Back was playing with an unannounced injury; Huh? May be it was just his knee swelling up? As C’mon Pete, you guys simply got beat by a better opponent!

Since perhaps if you hadn’t lost to Arizona at home and managed to keep Home Field advantage thru the playoffs; Oh Never Mind! But is Seattle’s NFC West Dynasty coming to an end? And can they ever win another Super Bowl, which A-L-L of Seattle wants to desperately know…

Are the Seahawks best Days behind them?

As I haven’t listened to a peep ‘O football since turning off the radio during Seattle’s playoff defeat, which was really funny to Mwah, as it’d be quiet all afternoon until the Hawks finally scored a touchdown and my local 12S’ Yeahooz’ couldn’t resist, and by Gummit, we’re gonna blow off all these BOOM-BOOM Fireworks now, cause we won’t be winning today…

And know I’ll be in the minority, ’cause I definitely won’t be spending any time listening to Super Bowl LI, aka 51 from Houston, nonetheless I’ll definitely be rootin’ for Atlanta to thump those New England Patriots, so Y’all can witness Tom Brady crying on the sidelines; Boo Hoo-Hoo!

As ’bout the only thing I don’t like ’bout the Falcons is all of this dribble by the media over “Mattie Ice;” Uhm, like Yo Reporters, if there’s anybody with ice water in his veins it’s that Cat named Brady, who’s allegedly playing in his seventh Super Bowl, and has won four FREAKIN’ times; URGH!

Whilst lastly, and Y’all know it’s Ah-comin’, but; if Atlanta’s trailing by three in the 4th Quarter, on the Goal-line and about to win their first ever Super Bowl. will they attempt passing the ball or handing the rock off to their Running Back instead?

As we all know what Richard Sherman thinks about calling that play, right? As somehow I don’t think Seattle’s Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell was on ‘Ol Sherms’ Christmas Card list this past December…


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