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A Sampling of a Few Sporting Stars Holidays Cheers to Others Overshadows last year’s dread…

January 13th, 2017 · No Comments

Surely Thy Seattle Seahawks are looking somewhat forward to flying off to Atlanta for some 'lil 'Ol Pigskin game this Saturday. As it'll definitely be warmer Thar, especially inside the soon to be demolished Georgia Dome.

Although, Thar's Nothin' like playing at Home, eh? Even if it was a Wee Bit on the Chilly side last weekend when Seattle defeated the Detroit Lions on a very slick, damp and cold playing surface, with Kickoff temperature being 35 degrees-f.

Alas, 'Ol Man, or is it thou Misses? Hya! Mr. Winter's been kicking Seattle's ARSE lately, albeit I'm aware it's not as bad as portions of the Midwest; ergo Minnesota, etc. But it's still DAMN COLD for Seattle, with several weeks of below freezing; but I digress...

As why all the weather blather, eh? Well it's designed to be an Oh, so Clever tie-in to this languishing story I've been meaning to scribble, but just haven't had time over the now departed Holidays.

Having spent the Christmas Holiday Up North Eh! Which is where Oh Canada exists,, but in true South Park tradition; we're definitely Blaming KanaDuh who keeps sending us it's Arctic Winds down the Frasier Valley, without even showing it's Passport at the Border...

Thus, whilst visiting Vancouver, BC, I was made aware of the fevered pitch 'O Facebook users lamenting how bad the just concluded year 2016 had been, which led me to come up with the following trivia question.

What do Glen Frey, David Bowie, Lenard Cohen, Prince Rogers Nelson and George Michael have in common?

All five musicians passed away in 2016. Although their deaths were swiftly overshadowed by the passing of Carrie Fisher who was immediately upstaged by her mother Debbie Reynolds joining her, leaving some to ponder...

Is 2016 the Worst Year in History?

Obviously the year Twenty Sixteen wasn’t all bad, as your humble Senior Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy spends countless hours perusing the Newswires for Stick ‘N Ball stories, one in particular caught my Attenzione last year, which captivated Mwah for some reason.

As surely there’s other countless Super Star Athletes who make similar efforts of kindness, along with going out of their way to enrich less fortunate people’s life’s, but I really enjoyed the story regarding Golden State Warriors Star Point Guard last November.

Steph Curry hopes visit to hospital provides ‘lasting memory’ for Brody

And since this is supposed to be a Sports Blog, naturally the good heartedness gesture of the Indianapolis Colts punter most deservedly needs mentioning. Especially since he enabled many to enjoy keeping their lights and heat on!

Pat McAfee pays electric bill for 115 IPL customers

Which as typical, leads to another titillating tidbit I simply cannot pass up; Hut-Hut-Hut! When mentioning the following regarding another Kicker, whom I enjoy calling Houska-Douska! Better known as the HAWKS’ Stephen Hauschka, who’s been somewhat harangued for his league leading missed PAT’s this season.

As I burst out into laughter, when my local Yeahooz’ who cannot resist setting off Dem BOOM-BOOM Fireworks, typically after every Seahawks victory!

this time instead jumping the gun, setting off a barrage ‘O M-80’s, ironically when Hauschka was missing the extra point in the fourth quarter, when his PAT bounced off the uprights giving Seattle a lead of 19-6 vs. Detroit.

Whilst how could I overlook a Formula 1 driver’s good deed? Especially since my Day Job revolves round poondin’ out motor racing stories for No Fenders. As most probably haven’t heard of Lewis Hamilton, arguably the sport’s top driver at the moment, set to potentially win his fourth world championship this season.

Lewis Hamilton grants the wish of eight-year-old fan as ill youngster gets to sit in British driver’s F1 car before Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

And lastly, while I’m slowly reading Bill Bryson’s most enjoyable travel book ’bout the land of Oz’, titled In a Sunburned Country, regaling Bryson’s travels Down Under,, circa 2000.

Seattle’s and Vancouver’s mutual rivalry makes me think of a joke I heard Wayback’ when being assisted thru the Auckland International airport.

As the very pleasant female Kiwi “Handler” told me the following when telling her where I was traveling from.

Why does Australia spell their beer XXXX? Because they can’t spell; Hya!

Which apparently is in reference to Queensland’s Castlemaine XXXX beer, which as Bryson’s accomplice notes more than once during the book, Queenslander’s are known to have a reputation of what loosely translates to being “”Looney as Mad Hatters” Mates!

Alas, Don’t worry Y’all.! I won’t go all Pacific Northwest “Tree Hugger” on Yuhs, even though I don’t understand the need to destroy such majestic timber! But instead, all I could do was laugh out loud over the apparent blunder’s of those rugged Mountie logger’s whom apparently failed to measure four times, cut once!

Ambitious Plan Yields Unloved Christmas Tree

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