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Patriots keeps on winning with or without Brady - how far can they go?

January 8th, 2017 · No Comments

Going into the first week of the season, things weren’t looking good for the Patriots. Their trusted quarterback Tom Brady was suspended and for the first time in a long time, they were looking to start a season without him. It’s fair to say that the New England team had relied on Brady somewhat, but despite that, they have managed to pick up several wins without him.

They are currently 3-0 after beating the Texans 27-0, and while it seemed unlikely at the beginning of the season, it looks like they may be able to go 4-0 without Brady. They have been splitting the role between Brissett and Garoppolo, but with Garoppolo injured, they had to rely on the inexperienced Brissett to get them through.

But Brissett has proved to be a star in the making. He might not have the vision that Brady has, but he has speed, and that proved essential in the Texans win. Brissett only had three day to prepare for this game and the Texans were 2-0 going into it, which just adds to the achievement.

So can they go one better and make it 4-0 before Brady returns? And if they do, will this stint signal the end of the star quarterback? Can the Patriots finally stop worrying about Brady’s inevitable retirement and start looking toward a future that is as bright as their past?

Bill Belichick

The Patriots coach deserves most of the acclaim. It was his decision to sign Brissett, it was he who managed to orchestrate an opening week win even without their start QB and TE, and he was he who picked the crucial plays that led them to that unlikely victory last week.

Belichick has been in the shadow of his own quarterback in the past, but with Brady sidelined through suspension, he has finally had an opportunity to show the fans and the rest of the NFL that he really is the main man behind the Pats success. He managed the game from the first whistle to the last. He ran low-risk plays more commonly used in college football. He stuck to a short passing and running games, knowing that Brissett was always prepared to scramble if needed.

He basically played to the advantages of his young quarterback, even though it meant playing a completely different game to the one they had been playing with Brady. Defensively they were able to shut the Texans out, an amazing feat when you consider their previous performances this season. The Patriots don’t have the best squad, certainly not right now, but last week you could be mistaken for thinking otherwise and that is the power of Bill Belichick.

Jacoby Brissett

Brissett is the third-string QB. When Brady returns from his suspension and Garoppolo is fit again, he could be pushed down the rankings. But if he can match his performance against the Texans with a similar one against the Bills, then it should be a different story.

Brissett played out of his skin because he knew that he had to. He knew that this was his chance, that he was lucky to get it and that he may never have another chance like it again, certainly not for the Patriots. He wouldn’t have been the first QB with potential to spend his career watching from the sidelines, only to slip into obscurity.

He was given an opportunity, and like any capable athlete, he took it with both hands. Brissett has plenty of experience behind him during stints with NC State and Florida. He is stronger and quicker than Brady, but as evident by his 195 passing yards last week, he can also throw. He is nothing like Brady and he probably won’t have the same impact that Brady had, but he can certainly step up to the mark when needed.

Brissett has the potential to take this team to the playoffs, but he’ll probably fall short of Super Bowl success. He could be a big QB for a lesser team, but at the Patriots he’s probably going to end up as a strong second-string QB. There is a good chance he will move up the rankings by the time Brady comes back, and an equally good chance he will step up to the plate when Brady retires. But it’s not likely that Jacoby Brissett will be the one they turn to to take Brady’s place over the long term.

The Run

With all things considered, Patriots will almost certainly get the edge over the Bills this coming week. Brissett is on fire. His youth, his confidence and his strength will carry them over the line, while the Pats defense will hold off the Bills just like it held off the Texans. It’s going to be a tactical game and it will continue to be that way until Brady returns and assumes control once more.

Joining a team that is already 4-0, you would expect Brady to carry the Patriots to the play-offs and even to the Super Bowl. They’ll probably not go undefeated, but they can certainly make it to the main event, giving Brady what will probably be his final shot at winning his fifth Super Bowl.

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