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Some long, forlorn 3-Pointers wallow, The Boys of Summer go Deep as leaves rustle towards the Drone of Football…

November 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

Otay, I suppose that Summer’s now officially over, eh? As your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s been all over the place, sneaking in one last Outdoors Camping trip before the winds were literally Ah-blowin’; Shiver Me Timbers!

Back to Back storms to Wallop Pacific Northwest: Saturday’s could be Historic

Although we were totally oblivious to this impending Storm of the Century! Especially since it was clear, bright ‘N sunny all three days of our journey to Whidbey Island preceding this event, albeit the tent was definitely a Wee bit nippy. as our thermometer read 40-degrees Fahrenheit each morning; But I digress…

Thus it was funny to first be alerted of said storm via our friends in Oregon, and then even more comical after arriving home was hearing Duh tandem leaf blower Boyz’ a day later waltzing thru my beautimous’ housing complex just hours prior to Thursday’s impending first windstorm; Crikeys!

Although Thar She Blows! Was more than appropriate for the nonstop gusting winds over 50mph! Yet the bulk of the storm completely missed Seattle both Thursday and Saturday as the sun even came out for those Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks to warble out victory over the Atlanta Hawks; OOPS! That’s what local KIRO FM radio’s colour commentator Warren Moon wanted to keep inexplicably calling them; Hya!

And whilst much of thou nation was focused upon Football night in the Desert, Y’all will be shocked to learn that I was somewhers’ else, listening to three and-a-half hours of Dribble from Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA where Formula 1 was contesting the USGP.

As I must have been desperate for some sorta Stick ‘N Ball news when I stumbled over the story awhile ago regarding the Philadelphia 76ers new General Manager with a familiar sounding last name.

Inside the 76ers: Bryan Colangelo brings a good track record

Since whenever I hear the name Colangelo, I immediately think of past Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo, which makes it kind of hard to believe he sold the team over a decade ago, whilst I’ve got absolutely zero idea who new Head Coach Earl Watson is?

And while proving how little I pay attention to the NBA, and possibly being proven wrong? I’ll presume that Bryan, (Colangelo) son of Jerry, having served stints at Phoenix and Toronto will work his Basketball magic upon the woeful Sixers, especially since they’ve really got nowhere to go than up, right?

Meanwhile, I’m guessing it must have been a S-L-O-W News-day, since Paul Allen and his other team, not those Rumblin’ Stumblin’ Fumblin’ Seahawks, which thankfully I didn’t spend considerable time listening to a long, drawn out Baseball-like final score in The Valley of The Sun; STEE-RIKE!

As I must say I’m pleasantly surprised that this year’s Major League Baseball’s World Series features two totally unexpected teams, as seriously? The Chicago Cubs vs. the Cleveland Indians, who woulda Thunk That! As I’ll pull for those No-names from Cleveland to continue Chicago’s curse…

As some unheard of Beat Sportswriter was having fun winding up Oregonians over the (remote) possibilities of those once bedraggled “Jaulbreakers” would be heading north up Interstate I-5 in the not too distant future; Huh?

Portland columnist suspicious Paul Allen will move Trail Blazers to Seattle

And like I said, whilst not paying any attention to the National Basketball Association since “The Round Mound ‘O Rebound,” nee Sir Charles played for Phoenix against his Seattle Supersonics nemesis Shawn Kemp, I suppose reluctantly the Indiana Pacers will become my new team of semi-interest.

This is solely due to the fact that ex-Supersonics and Portland Trailblazers Head Coach Nate McMillan’s now at the helm of the Pacers this year.

Insider: Nate McMillan sets bar high for Pacers

As I’ve got NO idea how McMillan will fair in Indiana, or how long he’ll last? Although naturally I hope he’ll be successful since he seems like a decent Chap with ties to the Pacific Northwest.

As it would be nice to see somebody new besides the likes of Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue, who arguably have the two most potent squads in the NBA join the ranks of contenders.

Although suppose Y’all can never count out Gregg Popovich and his pesty San Antonio Spurs who served notice by shellacking the Warriors on opening night 129-100 on the road no less!

Pacers hearing Nate McMillan’s new voice

Alas, as I sit here in the relative gloom of another overly rainy day in Seattle, confirming that fall’s definitely here. Already having been announced by Football strangling the TV Airwaves having recently joked about what night’s aren’t occupied by football?

Whoever’s coming to ‘Der Clink, nee Century Link Field next? Had better bring a change of Uniforms, whilst Stephen “Slice” Hauschka better bolt on his deep mud cleats!

Hence, whilst football dominates the TV landscape, I suppose some Stick ‘N Ball fans will now be all Ah-lather over Ice Hockey, eh? As surprisingly, that Frozen White tundra Up North, land ‘O Hockey leads the way with imported Hoop talent in the NBA with eleven players trading their skates for basketballs.

As it’s interesting to note how the NBA is continuing its push towards becoming a global phenomenon, having just learned that this season will set records for both the most international players and most countries involved…

NBA: Record 113 international players on opening night rosters

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