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Former Baseball legend Swings and Misses over Ichiro breaking his Hits record

August 14th, 2016 · No Comments

So your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy has been off gallivanting about the great outdoors, since after all its summertime, which is the best part of the year here in the Pacific Northwest!

Having just returned from my second trek to thee Mountain, nee Mount Rainier, which was overbearingly inundated by visitors! Having seen license plates from Oregon, Alaska and Nebraska, but none from Arizona; but I digress…

Thus, I was totally unawares’ that ex-Seattle Mariners great Ichiro Suzuki had caused a minor fuss, albeit none of his doing, by breaking Pete Rose’s all-time Hits record until the news broke just over one month ago now.

Ichiro Suzuki breaks Pete Rose’s career hits record (sort of)

Especially since I’ve pretty much lost track of this past Mighty Mariner, who understandably left Seattle in favour of those Dastardly Yankees, in search of an ever elusive World Series ring, since many of us locals have taken to calling them the Manures’ due to their perpetually lowly season wins totals whilst failing yearly to make the playoffs.

ichiro in marlins uniform

Although I’m happy to be able to say that I’ve seen Ichiro play once as a Mariners, during my lone visit to Safeco Field, albeit Suzuki was about three inches tall from our 300-level vantage point; Aye Karumba!

Bye, Bye, Ichiro!

Which in case if Y’all haven’t heard, or was living under a virtual rock like Mwah, since typically I do not pay Attenzione to Major League Baseball, which is way too S-L-O-W for Mwah! Especially since I prefer the Breakneck Speed of Formula 1; Huh?


But I’m sure that MLB was somewhat appreciative of the mild controversy former Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose stirred-up with his comments about becoming the Hit Queen!

Since even if Rose is still disliked by Baseball for his Gambling Addiction, costing the certain Hall of Famer his place at Cooperstown, nonetheless, I’m certain MLB appreciates the Spotlight being taken off its myriad of current players cheating by taking illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs! (PED’s)

Pete Rose: Ichiro’s hits in Japan don’t count towards record

Alas, All of Rose’s blather made it seem somewhat ironic, that upon returning home from Mount Rainier’s first outing, and awaiting for Randal to finish connecting my DVD Player to my new TV, since we’d apparently forgotten about the missing cables a year ago!, making it pretty difficult to get any movies to play

Hence, in order for Dem ‘RASSCAR Booth Boyz who were All Ah-lather over Jeffry “Pretty Boy” Gordon’s return at this year’s Brickyard 400 from NOT being heard giving away the day’s result to whom claimed Pole for the German Grand Prix. Just so happening to be the last channel Thy Telie’ had been on, since I was awaiting watching the evening’s replay of Qualie’. With Randal telling me to not touch anything and simply leave the TV on while he went and procured said cables.

So I decided to tune into the “Boys of Summer” instead while awaiting his return, the day the Mariners put a good ‘Ol Fashioned Beat-down upon the Toronto Blue Jays 14-5!

And with this being the first Mariners game I’d tuned into this year, and probably the last unless they finally make the Playoffs again? It also just so happened to be the weekend that another Mariners legend simply known as “The Kid!” was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

As the announcers prattled on and on ’bout who’d be attending Ken Griffey, Jr’s celebratory night, whilst I even think may be the Buz’, Jay Buhner even reminisced about his affection for Griffey and how special of a player he was?

In a further nod to another former Mariners employee, although this one was previously it’s Manager. I’m really happy that Don Wakamatsu achieved winning the World Series, which the Mariners have never done. As it seems like a trivia question to Mwah, as Wakamatsu won his ring as Third Base Coach of the reigning champion Kansas City Royals.

And hopefully Wakamatsu was present at Griffey’s induction ceremony, especially since he was Ken’s final Manager upon his return to Seattle for his final stint in Major League Baseball.

As I can still recall Griffey handing out hand designed ties when trying to infuse professionalism into the Mariners during Wakamatsu’s short lived tenure in Seattle…

Griffey, Mementos now part of Hall of Fame

And speaking of former Managers, Ichiro had the following to say, playfully recalling his thoughts upon his first Major League Boss Lou Piniella Kissing Him!

“When I first came, I had a three-year deal. At that point all I thought was that I want to do the best I can in those three years. But in my first game, there was a play I made that was pretty good. I came in and Lou [Piniella, Seattle’s manager from 1993 to 2002] gave me a kiss. So I thought, “Three years is too long! If I am going to get kissed every day, I don’t want to be here!”

Ichiro hitting his way into rare 3,000 club

And lastly, hopefully by the time you read this, Suzuki will have made further history in his certain Hall of Fame Baseball career, by becoming only the thirtieth MLB player to accomplish the rarefied feat of recording 3,000 career Hits!

Ahem, Mr. Rose, those will have all been swatted here stateside in the Big league, for which you can only wonder what the overly classy, NO Nonsense, Straight Shooting Ichiro will have to say about that! Which for the very least Pete, you can congratulate him upon that, right?

Ichiro Suzuki says Pete Rose’s recent criticism just makes him feel accepted

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