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Paul Revere tries Posting Up against the Golden State Thunder

July 7th, 2016 · No Comments

Whilst we’re supposed to be All Ah-wash in Thy patriotic furor ‘O Team USA and the impending Summer Olympics, especially since we’ve just celebrated that Stupendous Boom-Boom Holiday! I’m definitely not impressed one iota by this comical Farce Majeure of Sports benefiting We The People… As the entire process of bringing the games to Brazil, the major corruption, crime and outright environmental devastation are just too overbearing for Mwah!

And although copious amounts ‘O Tea were dumped in Thy Boston Harbour Wayback in December, 1773, known as the real Boston Tea Party in deference to Taxation without Representation. Brasilia seems quite content to continue dumping raw sewage amongst other things into Guanabara Bay!

With many officials challenging the reports of the water borne viruses and potential risks the polluted waters contain. Which could be especially dangerous for Paralympics Athletes who are typically suspect to more open sores due to their limited mobility of ingressing/egressing their crafts and the open waters.

Yet even after pledging upon being selected for thou Games they’d reduce river-born pollution by an astounding 80%! Which NOT only hasn’t happened, but now just 30-days before the Summer Olympics, sailors have reported being subject to a fowl looking Oil slick turning their white hulls a murky brown! With one story headline denoting: “Brown water making Sailboats look like Toilets.”

and this is before we even get to the nasty subject of long-term residents of Brasilia being evicted from their homes in order to make way for Tuh-Duh! Those Oh, So Revered Olympics!

Residents lose Homes to make way for Rio Games

Meanwhile, certainly everyone’s aware of legendary women’s college basketball coach Pat Summitt having died from her long battle against early onset Dementia and ultimately Alzheimer’s disease taking her life at the relatively young age of 64.

Pat Summitt, Champion and Trailblazer, Dies at 64

And it’s so long ago now, that I’m not sure if my memory’s playing tricks upon me or not? As I’ve got zero idea why I believe I can recall Summitt standing upon the sidelines in a suit, hands on hips scowling at the camera whilst stalking the floor, especially since I don’t watch college basketball, or women’s basketball at All!

Yet I’ve found the few stories about the legendary University of Tennessee’s trailblazing coach quite inspiring. Regardless of her astonishing 1,098 victories and eight NCAA College Basketball championships. Summitt always made time for women’s rights, their advancement and the overlooked fact that her players held a 100% graduation record.

Interestingly, Summitt, who once turned down the proposed promotion to coach UT’s Men’s team by asking what that got her? Seems to have unwittingly, perhaps? Toiled in obscurity over equal pay for women athlete’s, as ironically the NCAA has been put underneath the spotlight in regards to wage disparity between men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

As the subject of what certainly isn’t a new phenomenon came to my attention previously when five of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s top Players filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commission regarding their perceived discordant pay vs. their male U.S. Soccer counterparts.

Top Female Players accuse U.S. Soccer of Wage Discrimination

Alas, not surprisingly, once again the male dominated sports arena showed le Femme Fatales that it’s Business as Usual, when the trend towards “Quadzillion” unrealistic salaries were lavished upon some of the manly bastions ‘O sports, arguably the country’s two biggest? As Y’all know that the National Football League is King.

And although some Pundits are claiming that actually Indianapolis Colts Signal Caller Andrew Luck’s monstrous six year $140 million contract extension with an astounding $87 million guaranteed wasn’t actually that over the top. Nonetheless it made Luck the highest paid NFL Player ever, as the Colts QB will earn an annual $23.3m per year of his contract extension.

And then there’s the just concluded Red, White; Err Greenery of the Kevin Durant Free Agent Sweepstakes, which contrary to one sports report I read, Durant was NOT drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder. NO! He was actually drafted No. 2 Overall by the soon to be moved Seattle Supersonics purchase by Raider Clay BA’ Bennett; but I digress…

Thus, Mr. Durant obviously seeking the quickest way to the top, in regards to winning an NBA World Championship and more importantly showing off the sparkly Bling-Bling of wearing said championship ring. Publicly announced his intention to sign with the Golden State Warriors on the Fourth of July, reportedly for two years at a salary of $54m.

Meanwhile in France, you’ve guessed it. While what I’ve been calling for years le Tour de Farce, once again while Pundits prattle over whether or not anybody can defeat Team Sky’s Chris Froome, and without even delving into Team GB’s row over “Sutton Gate,” Yuhs know, where Jess Varnish called out then cycling coach Shane Sutton about his sexist remarks about her derriere and telling her to go home and have a Baby…

The long, hard road to equal pay for women’s cycling and Sport as a whole

Uhm, Gee Wally, Guess What? Not only aren’t women allowed to compete in the Tour de France, but once again, female cyclists find their Pay Cheques abysmally L-O-W in comparison to their male counterparts. As the world simply continues turning its cranks and the wheels on Froome’s custom made exotica bicycle go round ‘N round…

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