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Prejudice continues Trumping Diversity on Earth’s Pitch

June 18th, 2016 · No Comments

this was the ‘first’ high five EVER between Dodgers Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker on October 2, 1977

It’s S-A-D! How the perfect tranquility of Holiday in the “Bush,” aka the nation’s State Parks and adjoining Pacific Ocean’s serenity can be immediately crushed by the disturbing news upon returning home of another senseless, brutal and fatalistic attack being performed against others seemingly different to us. Whose only crime was being present at a Night Club.

As surely by now, everyone’s aware of the horrific mass murder of 50 civilians at a Gay Bar in Orlando, Florida, which has so many perverse side effects to the senseless tragedy that I’m not sure where to begin.

Guns, gays, terror plot perfect path - Destination: Pulse

The plot to this horrific atrocity reportedly stems from the assailant seeing two men kissing in public; Seriously? As why does this reoccurring theme of Homophobia make me Flashback to the departed Glen Burke, a Major League Baseball player Ostracized for his simply being Gay!

Ousted MLB Soul finally recognized 16 years later…

And don’t forget Michael Sam, who brazenly kissed his Boyfriend on TV after becoming the first Openly Gay Football player drafted by the then St Louis Rams.

As why must we live in a world of Hate? Where Humans cannot exist with others whose sexual preferences or orientation are different from there’s? Or not having the same fanatical religious beliefs? Or simply Bullying women into being raped! Along with desecrating Abortion Clinics and Killing Doctors willing to perform procedures requested by individuals.

As “The Blade Runner” (Oscar Pistorius ) awaits the outcome of his sentencing for murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day, with countless Thuggish skirmishes occurring daily in France at the Euro 2016 Football matches, which sadly is a continuation from the Racist behaviour that spilled over four years ago during the Euro 2012 contest, making me believe that nothing’s changed in the past four years; SIGH!

Hooliganism at Euro 2016 is tarnishing a beautiful game

“This Bloody Sunday will not define us “Dad? my son asked. “Do you think this is how people will know us from now on? As one of the shooting cities?”

Although I typically don’t ponder much about Orlando, but when I do, the NBA’s Orlando Magic immediately springs to mind, not to mention some giant Mouse’s Amusement Theme park.

Along with newly minted Major League Soccer’s Orlando City Soccer Club Franchise, now in the midst of its sophomore season in MLS, featuring ex-AC Milan, Real Madrid and Brazilian National team Star Kaká as the face of its Franchise.

Hmm? Will this lead to further reprisals when the LA Galaxy next come to town, since after all. Oh My Freakin’ Gawd! There’s an Openly Gay player on their roster…

While now comes word that Nigeria, an irrepressibly Homophobic nation is in a “Lesbian Row” regarding Women’s Soccer, since after all, they’ve got to be Queer to be spending so much time together kicking a ball around, right?

This Bloody Sunday will not define us “Dad? my son asked

And since we as a nation seemingly haven’t learned one Damn thing from the late Rodney King, who infamously asked, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” One story I’ve read recently regarding the late Boxer simply known as “The Greatest!” More commonly known as Muhammad Ali stands out to me.

As many may know, Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay upon converting to Islam a half century ago, which didn’t make him a Boogeyman, did it? As Muhammad was resolute in his defiance to honour his draft enlistment into the U.S. Military during the Vietnam War on the basis of his Religious Beliefs, costing Ali four years in jail during the prime of his Boxing career!

Yet Ali persevered, ultimately becoming the World Heavyweight Champion three times and amongst other nicknames was known as the “Peoples Champion.”

Alas, I suppose this theme struck me when reading the following article about Muhammad’s personable treating of others as the same as him so touching, which once again makes me simply wonder. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along…

Letter: A photographic reminder of Muhammad Ali’s kindness to my father

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