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When Basketball Positively Changed Sports…

April 15th, 2016 · No Comments

While two NCAA teams, their respective schools, State’s and residents were reveling in Thy taste ‘O victory in becoming National Champions, how many of Y’all are aware of a truly monumental basketball game having occurred fifty years ago that same championship weekend.

No idea of what I’m talking about? Well neither was I aware of its significance until hearing about it in the most offhand way, since after all I thought I was tuning into my weekly Sunday Night’s Speed Freaks motor racing show!

As the basketball game in question was the never seen before audacity of five African American players starting in the NCAA Championship game, when the Texas Western Miners, as then Student Assistant Trainer Fred Schwacke points out in the interview, how they were more calmingly known then as “Teeny-Weenie-College,” slang towards Texas Western College. Now known today as UTEP, who thoroughly trounced the all white Kentucky Wildcats, which included one player named Pat Riley!

As the interview was quite insightful, very enjoyable and definitely worth listening too, as Nevil Shed’s points are truly poignant towards the state of our nation just a half century ago!

Whilst I know it means very little, but have to say I was quite impressed to hear Nevil mention how only two white players were willing to come over after their defeat and congratulate Texas Western; their names were the aforementioned Pat Riley and future NBA Hall of Famer guard Louie Dampier.

Yet as The Speed Freaks Statmann’ said before and after the interview, it’s just plain impossible to understand the significance of this event unless you lived thru it and what he left unsaid was if you were of the skin colour being derided then! As he still gets questioning looks in certain parts of California today if he crosses certain neighborhood streets…

Nevil Shed & Fred Schwacke on the biggest upset ever in NCAA Basketball History

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