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March Madness in the Tar Heel state

April 6th, 2016 · No Comments

So, whilst I should theoretically have been getting excited over the possibility of an all Pacific Northwest Shootout for the Women’s NCAA Championship between my University of Washington Huskies vs. next door’s Oregon State University’s (OSU) Lady Beavers…

Although I’ve realized that No. 1 UCon, who’s the only one of the remaining final four contestants to have ever played for the title surely is the odds-on favourite now - especially since they crushed the Beavers whilst Syracuse smothered UW’s DAWGS!

Nevertheless, if Y’all haven’t noticed lately, I have to say I’m pretty turned off by Stick & Ball Sports right now, which in large part stems from what appears to be the University of Tennessee’s abhorrent behaviour regarding sexual abuse towards women!

Hmm? The lawsuit’s trial Judge says that Peyton Manning’s sexual adventures may stay in the lawsuit and Wallah! Peyton’s spotted doing charity work for the Red Cross; Co-inky-dense? Just sayin’

And although it’s not Sports related per sei, nevertheless, I find North Carolina’s just passed Anti LGBT House Bill 2 signed into law by Republican Governor Pat McCrory totally DISPICIBLE! And strongly urge the National Basketball Association to remove their All-star weekend’s game slated for next February 19th to be moved out of state immediately!

McCrory signs HB2 into law, barring LGBT rights

As I’m constantly dismayed by our nation’s and ultimately the world’s continuous increase of what in the most simplest of terms is simply known as Homophobia! For which there really seems like shouldn’t even be an issue in this day and age!

As I wrote about another state’s Governor’s monumental blunder by signing another DISGUSTING law into order last year over at my No Fenders website, regarding Indiana’s Mike Pence’s STUPIDITY in signing into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which thankfully the NCAA rightly helped entice Indiana into Quashing, albeit there’s still much to be done to improve Citizen’s rights there today.

What are We Fighting For…

And I won’t try persuading Y’all over the merits of why this should be a total Non-issue, since after all Trans-gender people are Humans too! But instead here’s a novel concept that one, apparently very progressive New York College took towards the matter, while Charlotte, none other than the home of NASCAR. Not to mention North Carolina being home of Air Jordan’s NBA Charlotte Hornets Basketball team’s state is apparently afraid of who may or may not go into a bathroom…

New York College moves to strip all gender markings from Bathrooms

And while I totally support and applaud the States of Washington, Vermont and New York joining the cities of San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Oregon and Chicago for all banning any Governmental Employee’s travelling to North Carolina! I’m just left wondering the following regarding the NBA All-star game.

If Arizona was denied hosting the Super Bowl for years and years due to its lack of celebrating Martin Luther King Day, then shouldn’t North Carolina be summarily held to the same consequences in regards to Professional and Collegiate Sporting events in regards to the passage of their Anti LGBT law HB2?

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