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Shifting Gears, a brief Timeout from Football…

February 18th, 2016 · No Comments

Although the NFL’s 2015-16 season is now officially over, with Cam Newton licking his self-inflicted wounds, while Peyton Manning’s name is in the Headlines again for all the wrong reasons; Can Y’all say University of Tennessee’s hostile attitude towards women?

As I’ll get to scribblin’ my thoughts upon the Hypocrisy of Football in a future rant, but just wanted to throw out a few Knuckleballers’ instead…

Hard to believe that we’ve already passed the National Basketball Association’s season’s Halftime, with Kobe Bryant receiving his Air Jordan retirement presents during the just concluded NBA All Star weekend having taken place in Toronto.

As it was at thy beginning of the new year that I learned of one former Seattle Supersonics great having passed away at the relatively young age of 68.

John Johnson, All-Star Forward in N.B.A dies at 68

As ironically, John Johnson, who was the understated of the Sonics “Johnson brothers” tandem, since I always think of Dennis Johnson first - was a two-time All-star for the Cleveland Cavaliers; Hmm? Doesn’t somebody named Lebrun play there?

Also, John was making some history with future Supersonics team-mate, the legendary “Downtown” Freddy Brown, as the duo led the Iowa Hawkeyes to a record 14-0 start in their senior year, (1969-70) while their future Seattle Head Coach Lenny wilkens was still plying his trade upon the court as a Player-coach before leading all of the Supersonics to an NBA Championship in 1979!

Also in January, I learned of the passing of the legendous’ Meadowlark Lemmon, past Ringleader of those legendary Harlem Globetrotters - Which I scribbled ’bout on my other Blog No Fenders, since Sportyblog was still thawing out!

As Meadowlark reputedly played in some 16,000 games before hanging up his Sneakers without “Tweeting” a picture of them dangling on a High-wire!

Meadowlark Lemon: 1932-2015

Meanwhile, many of Y’all may be tunin’ into thy GURR-REAT! American Race this weekend? When somebody named ‘DW (Darrell Waltrip) will obnoxiously scream “Boogity-Boogity-Boogity; let’s GO Racing Boyz!”

For which if Y’all can stomach ‘em, there’ll definitely be plenty ‘O Commercials during the 43hrs ‘O Roundy-round action from the DayToner’ High-banks; Hooah!

The Simpsons star in Daytona Ad Mocking Ads on Daytona 500

Which leaves me with one more ‘lil nugget. As Ken Griffey, Jr. Simply known here in the Pacific Northwest as “the Kid!” Who apparently will become the first Seattle Mariners player to go into the National Baseball Hall of Fame as a Mariner; take that Yuhs “Big Unit!” (Randy Johnson) will celebrate his selection to Cooperstown in style.

Griffey was nominated emphatically upon his first attempt, smashing the All-time balloting with an astounding 99%+ election rate on his first Balloting attempt, and will even don his Mariners cap correctly for his Bronze bust!

As Griffey’s selection also led to Seattle honoring The Kid with the unfurling of a Gynormous No. 24 flag atop the iconic Space Needle this January! With the icing upon his Hall of Fame induction being named the Honorary starter of this year’s Daytona 500 on Sunday, February 21st…

Ken Griffey Jr. enters Hall with Mariners Cap

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