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Prohormones In Sports

February 10th, 2016 · No Comments

What Are Prohormones?

A Pro-hormone is something that gets converted into a hormone in your body.  Hormone means signal. The hormones you’re after burn fat or build muscle, male steroid hormones do both. Steroid hormone is a hormone made from cholesterol.  Typically pro-hormone is really pro-testosterone or pro-DHT, the 2 most abundant naturally occuring male steroid hormones.  The steroids sold as prohormones are not pro-, they are just active steroid hormones. (Source:

Prohormones on the other hand are somewhere between steroids and boosters. These are compounds that act as chemical precursors to hormones and steroids. In other words, they contain the ‘bits’ that the body needs in order to create those steroids itself. In the case of bodybuilders, this usually means precursors to testosterone.

Prohormones are generally somewhat milder in their effect than directly taking steroids and thus they result slightly lesser results with slightly lowered risks. That said, they can still lead to enhanced lean muscle and strength and do still carry most of the same risks. In particular it is highly important to avoid taking them if you are under the age of 19, in which case you can risk permanently damaging your endocrine system. (Source:

Why Do People Use Prohormones?

This is an easy answer. People use prohormones such as Androdiol, 1-AD and Equibolan, to get bigger, stronger and faster so that they can perform sports or other activities at a higher level.

Are Prohormones Legal?

In 2004, President Bush signed an act known as the ‘Anabolic Steroid Control Act’ which made both anabolic steroids and prohormones illegal. Much of the world followed suit and also banned their prohormones.

However, the 2004 ban only includes certain prohormones and a few slipped through the net via loopholes. Generally these are precursors to ‘methylated’ steroids – these include substances such as Epistane (sold as Havoc), superdrol and masterdrol. Note however that methylated steroids are particularly hard on the liver and may lead to damage. You should also bear in mind that when using methylated steroids and prohormones, the strain on your liver is such that you should avoid alcohol. As alcohol prevents protein synthesis this also somewhat negates the benefits of a prohormone in the first place. It’s also more than likely that these substances won’t be legal for very long.

As mentioned, prohormones also bring many of the same potential side effects as steroids, which can include impaired natural testosterone production. Thus if you intend to use a prohormone, it’s also recommended that you use a ‘PCT’ or ‘Post Cycle Therapy’. This is basically further hormone manipulation with the aim of restoring testosterone levels to normal. Large amounts of ‘exogenous’ (produced outside of the body) testosterone, result in the shutdown of your natural production and thus you need to get your hormones back in order. Substances like Tamoxifen can help with this, but note that it is not an exact science. The fact that you even need subsequent therapy should be considered a warning sign and deterrent.

It’s also worth noting that prohormones do show up in drugs tests and will suggest the use of anabolic steroid. (Source:

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