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Super Bowl “501″ - Who will prevail?

February 3rd, 2016 · No Comments

Otay Sports Fans, we’re just days away from the most anticipated football game of Thy year, thee Super Bowl, for which this year’s epic event is setting its own Super record. Like have Y’all heard how exorbitant ticket prices are this year!

You might feel scalped after buying these tickets Super Bowl 50 ticket price averages a mere $5,461!

And it’s not a new phenomenon but, it’s still extremely disparaging that while the nation’s awash in Super Bowl fever, very few are talking about the plight of the Homeless being forced out of their mediocre, at best daily dwellings. As surely we cannot have the cameras filming real, everyday people down on their luck sleeping on the streets surrounding Levis Stadium, right?

Especially when a 30-second Super Bowl commercial sells for an eye popping $5m, as in million! Not to mention San Francisco’s ridiculously overpriced rental costs, which according to Rent jungle(dot)com - As of December, 2015, average apartment rent within 10 miles of San Francisco, CA is $3484. With typical one bedroom Apartment cost averaging $3,058 and two bedroom units Apartment cost average equals $3,925; YIKES!

San Francisco pushing out homeless to make room for Super Bowl City

Meanwhile, ‘Ol Goody Two-shoes Roger “I AM THE COMMISSIONER!” Goodell apparently just couldn’t stand being left on the Sideline, for which he immediately got back into Thy Game by apparently thinking Roger Staubach’s joking about having been Concussed made him think Goodell was Pete Roselle was a laughing matter!

Which isn’t exactly that funny, now that Oakland Raiders Super Bowl MVP Kenny “The Snake” Stabler’s brain has just been diagnosed with the all too common diagnosis of CTE, better known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Goodell flippant reaction to Concussion quip still stings

But back to the game, as even before Lady GaGa sings the national anthem; Huh? Or the coin’s tossed, the National Football League has declared it’ll take a one year hiatus from the event’s traditional roman numerology. As apparently they didn’t want Levis Stadium cashing in upon Super Bowl L being held at their stadium. Hmm? As I just made a typo and called it Super Bowl 501, get it? Hooah!

And in one corner; Err sideline, swathed in either Carolina’s black or blue; Hey! I’m hoping somewhat that the Broncos make Newton feel black ‘N blue; Hya! Whilst flaunting a billowing red cape upon his back with the letter S emblazoned on red shoulder patches is Cam Newton.

And stealing a page out of the Panthers playbook are the Denver Broncos, whom as the Home team; Uhm, AFC Champion on an even year - elected to wear their white road Unis’ instead. Since apparently the last time they won the Super Bowl with Mr. Ed at the controls, ‘Wayback in 1998 - Quarterback John Elway and his supporting cast were decked out in their white Away (road) uniforms.

As we all know how Peyton Manning at age 39, will try to cap his career with a fairytale ending by being victorious over that young Whippersnapper Camouthiun’ who’s a relatively young 26. As Manning and the NFL will hope that the cries of Peyton’s growth hormones scandal will simply fade away upon Denver winning the Super Bowl. Since after all, good guys always wear white, right?

As Newton may be named the league’s MVP, especially if he doesn’t score those honors after the game, but Ahem Cam, you’re NOT number one in one of the most revered categories: Can Y’all say jersey sales?

Since like Green Bay’s Clay Matthews told San Franz’ Colin Kaepernick earlier this year; “Bro, you’re NO Russell Wilson!” And neither are you Cam!

Newton’s jersey sales not so super

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