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As the World watches Football King James holds court…

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Ah, it must definitely be summertime now, right? Having just logged into my Newsline for The Blind telephone newspaper service, I was surprised to hear my first National Weather Alert advisory in months about an expected “Heat Wave” for the weekend of July 12-13, with Seattle expecting the mercury to hit 90-degrees Fahrenheit; YIKES!

And while I myself bask in the glory of Germany’s crushing defeat of host nation Brazil to advance to the World Cup finals, I also find it most amusing the furor over what I’m calling duh “LeBron Sweepstakes,” as haven’t we already seen this movie before?

Y’all know how the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James original NBA team, where he played his first seven seasons watched in agony as their star basketball player hosted a mesmerizing hour’s made-for-television Hypefest to announce his decision to move to the Miami Heat.

As James & Co. have been ‘Uber successful in Miami, as the Heat have gone to the final the last three years, being victorious twice. As the Cavs’ have just jettisoned multiple players to make way for offering King James a maximum Greenbacks’ (Dollars) contract in their attempt to lure him back home again.

Cavaliers clear salary cap space in three-team trade

Yet on a different court in La-La land, an actual honest-to-goodness courtroom, 80yr old eccentric Donald Sterling combatively attempts to quash his estranged wife Shelly’s taking control of the beleaguered LA Clippers, which she’s tentively sold to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for a record price of $2b!

As Mr. Sterling attempts not only blocking the sale, but also being determined of sound mind to retain control of his team in Donald v Shelly Sterling, along with his one billion lawsuit against the NBA and its commissioner Adam Silver, to which all I can say the sooner Donald’s gone from the league and our collective consciousnesses, the better!

Meanwhile, I noticed that the NFL media, or is it marketing machine? Doesn’t want to be forgotten and hence, a story about its seven newest Head Coaches has been dispatched toot sweet…

Change it up: How 7 new coaches are shaping tone

Yet, Me Thinks the NFL should do like Dan Patrick’s doing right now, and just go silent, as Messer Patrick is on a three week Holiday whilst his network airs nonstop TV coverage of this year’s Tour de France.

Likewise, the NFL should take a break, since after all , European Football is all the rage right now, as the world cup is down to the finals, with Germany playing against Argentina, while a Neymar-less Brazil will play Netherlands for third-place honours, as surely this world cup will be forever remembered for the smack down Germany gave Brasilia with an unheard of 7-1 Semi-finals defeat!

While on the other side of the ladder, Argentina and Netherlands played to a Nil-Nil’ (0-0) extra-time draw before Argentina was victorious 4-2 in the sudden death Shootout…

As Y’all know, King James wisely made “Decision 2.0″ in a less mocking way by simply announcing on Sports Illustrated that he was going Back Home to Cleveland, having chosen to return to the Cavaliers, thus leaving Miami with a giant roster void to fill, as it’ll be interesting to see if the Heat can retain their winning ways?

And although I didn’t watch the game, I’m happy to note that I did correctly pick Germany to win this year’s world cup over Argentina, as I felt that they simply played as a team, a collective unit with no solitary Star on its roster, while Lionel Messi had the weight of his entire country upon his shoulders, as although Argentina played to a very respectable Nil-Nil (0-0) draw in regular time, Germany would be victorious when substitute Mario Goetze scored the winning goal in the 23rd minute of extra time to give Germany its fourth world cup victory with a One-Nil’ (1-0) defeat of Argentina.

As now the world will await to see if Brazil can pull off hosting the 2016 summer Olympics as successfully as their world cup, while Football fans around the world will wait four more years to do it all over again in Russia…

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