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Radar Technology In Sports

June 25th, 2014 · No Comments

In competitive sports, performance is measured with numbers. Statistics are compiled during official games in order to evaluate the physical capabilities of players. Digital technology has helped athletes and coaches in plenty of ways when it comes to improving performance. Radar speed guns are available for use in amateur and professional competitions.

There are multiple sports in which the speed of the ball plays a vital role in the outcome of a game. For example, the pitch of a baseball is often measured in order to get an idea of the effectiveness of the throw. Some of the most talented pitchers in professional baseball can pitch fastballs at just above 100 miles per hour. The only accurate way to estimate the speed of a baseball is to use professional quality radar equipment.

A speed gun uses traditional radar technology in order to measure the velocity of an incoming ball. This hand held device is simply pointed towards a ball in order to get a precise reading. Radar technology is widely used to track the speed of moving vehicles, people and even aircraft. Surely, this technology is valid on small objects that fly through the air.

Baseball training requires a lot of emphasis on the speed of the ball. First and foremost, it is important to know a pitcher’s throwing capabilities by measuring each fastball or curve ball with a radar gun. On an amateur level, there are pitching cages that are equipped with radar technology. A speed pitch game and other installations are examples of baseball training structures that are loaded with radar guns. For example, a pitcher can throw baseballs onto a target within a cage. A radar device is programmed to focus on a particular spot where the pitcher stands inside the practice cage.

Modern radar devices may also be compatible with external computers and electronics. For the sake of analyzing performance, coaches and players may be interested in generating reports and graphs about the speed of each pitch thrown during practice and game play. Similarly, the trajectory of pitches may also be devised to a certain extent. Radar technology can trace out the path of a ball’s position as it flies between a pitcher and hitter. These days, it is also easy to sync data from radar guns with mobile devices such as smartphones. Mobile applications may allow coaches and players to improve capabilities in real time.

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