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Artificial Grass For Sports

June 19th, 2014 · No Comments

Sports field that are covered with natural grass require a lot of maintenance. Whether on a local or professional scale, such athletic facilities certainly cost a significant amount of money to maintain properly. For example, weekly landscaping service is needed for baseball fields, soccer pitches, football fields and other lots. An excellent alternative to grass fields is artificial turf. All sports that are played on real grass can easily be played on synthetic fields.

The fibers of artificial grass are made of synthetic materials that are designed to be very durable. For example, fibers are very resilient as they must be soft and flexible enough to bend like real grass. At the same time, all of the synthetic grass fibers must return to an upright position after being squashed or stomped on. Monofilament technology is used to design some of the most common artificial grass that is used for athletic fields. The filaments may be coated with materials such as polyurethane. For extra durability, fibers are designed to resist any damage from the UV radiation. Similarly, waterproof properties are essential in synthetic turf design. Many artificial grass fields also have drainage systems installed to remove as much moisture as possible. After all, the man made fibers cannot absorb any water that is pouring down at a fast rate.

Synthetic sports fields are laid out in long rolls or patches. The foundation of such fields are usually made of plastic or rubber debris such as small rocks. Such a layout helps to create a more durable and sturdy sports field. Of course, synthetic grass can also be pained easily in order to draw out the boundaries of an athletic field.

Synthetic grass requires very little maintenance. Every several months, it may be a good idea to simply brush and wash the artificial fibers to loosen up any debris that may be stuck. Pressure washing may be applied in order to penetrate well into the man made grass.

Artificial grass fields may be a little bit slippery due to the natural properties of plastic materials. However, a rough texture on the fibers can create some extra traction for athletic shoes that are used for soccer, football and baseball. Additionally, the rubber or plastic rocks below the grass fibers also help improve the stability of players running at full speed. It’s also important for the synthetic fibers to be smooth to minimize injuries.

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