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Its Final’s Time, Baby!

June 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Otay, so first of all, as Yuhs might know, your senior Sportyblog scribe Touchdown Tommy isn’t really a fan of the NBA or NHL, living somewhat vicariously thru Mr. Sporty and Artiste Dave’s penchant for Football, as in thee Mother ‘O Mother’s, the National Football League… Even if my self-anointed team is those rumblin’ stumblin” Tennessee Titans; Hya! who’ve continued their Pacific Northwest connection with the drafting of the Dawg’s’ Running Back Bishop Sankey; but I digress…

Thus with King James & Co comfortably cruising to the National Basketball Association Finals for a third straight year in-a-row; YAWN! I suddenly found myself more intrigued over who’d be playing for hockey’s Stanley Cup this year, becoming reattached to the LA Kings once again, after all having rooted for them back in 2012, when I scribbled ’bout their coach Daryl Sutter in;

West Coast Fever

And although I’d hoped for a LA Kings vs. Montreal Canadiens finals, which we all know didn’t happen, I found myself not being able to watch the remainder of the third period’s Game-7 Kings vs. Chicago Blackhawks game - fearing that Los Angeles would finally be defeated… Having tuned-in while Chicago led 3-2 before watching LA tie up the game at three apiece, before Chicago retook the lead 4-3 in the game’s final period, and as I said before, I couldn’t stand to watch it, so off went thy Telie’ and instead I began listening to my CD Audiobook, aptly named Zero Hour, which I was afraid had fallen upon the Kings.

thus imagine my being pleasantly surprised the next day when checking the box scores in order to find out that those wily Kings had taken another Game-7 win, defeating the reigning Stanley Cup champions 5-4 in overtime; Eureka!

As Los Angeles, the Number-3 seed in the Western Conference one-upped eventual Stanley Cup finals contestant New York Rangers, who’d made history by becoming the first team to ever advance after two Game-7 playoff rounds, as the Kings won three Game-7’s no less than upon the road!

As it seems like an eternity since I scribbled ’bout how those underachieving San Jose Sharks tanked once again, having led LA 3-0 in their first round playoff match before the Kings took the series and moved onto face their cross-town rival, the Anaheim Ducks in the battle of the California’s.

Next, they defeated the Chicago Blackhawks in their third Game-7 match in OT as previously noted and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in three seasons.

Meanwhile, the New York Rangers knocked off the only Kuhnaidiun’ team in the playoffs, being the first time since 1973 that only one Kuhnaidiun’ team made the playoffs, with New York easily defeating the Montreal Canadiens en route to their first Finals appearance in some twenty years, having first beaten both the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburg Penguins in Game-7 do or die circumstances.

Meanwhile, having discovered our new favourite Take-Out restaurant in Tacoma, Washington recently, called Tatanka Take-Out, which serves a mean Bison burger, or better yet, a very spicy Bison burrito called the Flawless, we raced back on a Thursday evening during Rush-hour traffic in order to hopefully arrive at the restaurant nearby Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park “Just-in-Time” for some more delectable grub, as we’re smitten with the place largely due to its owner, who unfortunately I’ve never gotten his name.

Telling him of our woes - having driven all the way from Portland to Tacoma in rush-hour to dine at his restaurant, the Tatanka Take-Out owner said: “I can do you one better!” I’ll be commuting from Los Angeles Sunday to go to work…

As the “California Kid,” not to be Cornfuzed’ with California Chrome; Hya! Is a Diehard Hockey Fan, and having grown-up there, has been an LA Kings fan ever since thee GURR-REAT ‘JUAN! (”The Great One”) a.k.a. Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Edmonton Oilers, to which I can still completely remember reading of the shocking trade in the San Juan Islands, as the Roche Harbor General Store only had the USA Today newspaper for sale, or at least that’s what I recall, since it was what I’d purchased ‘Wayback on August 9th, 1988!

Thus, our affable Restaurateur Dude was leaving Friday night in order to go take-in Game-2 of the Stanley Cup Finals at the Staples Center in La-La Land before rushing back home to his business, nervously handing over the keys to the restaurant to his younger brother. And as we left, I went back inside, after My Posse had enjoyed a fine evening’s meal outside, simply telling the owner: Enjoy the Game and GO KINGS!

So naturally, it was funny to Mwah to be sitting outside in the brilliant sunshine; Huh? Sunshine in Seattle? What’s the world coming to, eh? On the very same evening in question, sitting in a splendid backyard outdoor wedding on Bainbridge Island with only the Pastor’s words being interspersed with the tranquility of chirping songbirds whilst three major sporting events were occurring.

As it was funny that I’d be totally oblivious to the results of the day’s Belmont Stakes, where California Chrome didn’t capture the Triple Crown, while in La-La Land, those never-say-die Kings once again defeated the NY Rangers 5-4 in their second straight overtime victory, albeit a Double Overtime win to boot! Taking a Two-Nil’ (2-0) lead in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Meanwhile in the Lone Star state, in Fort Worth at Texas Motor Speedway, the IndyCar Boyz’ were taking the green flag under the lights, as ‘FAST EDDIE, aka Ed Carpenter, the step-son of the oft-despised Tony George, founder of the Indy Racing League, and past Czar of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, saw Carpenter hold off the hard charging Will Power of the mighty Penske Racing juggernaught for his third career win.

This would be his second win as an Owner-Driver, notching his Ed Carpenter Racing team’s third win overall and second of the season, as the team runs an unconventional program for the Fuzzy “Wuzzy” Zelar sponsored single-car entry, with Carpenter running only on the Ovals while Englishman Mike “Ice-Ice, Baby!” Conway runs all of the “Twisty-tracks,” nee road/street course events, with Conway having won for the team at Long Beach earlier this season.

Then adding further insult to injury, the Kings silenced the Madison Square Market Arena crowd with a stunning Three-Nil’ (3-0) victory on the road to take a commanding three games to nothing lead in the Finals, and are almost certainly assured of winning their second Stanley Cup as I heard that only one team ever in 1940-something? Has come back from being down three-zero to be victorious. As the Kings first ever Stanley Cup victory took 45yrs to occur, while their second Hockey crown came much faster!

And thus, as I finish scribblin’ this, the Spurs are hoping to avenge their Game-2 defeat in The Alamo by repaying the favor to the Heat in Miami, where tip-off’s occurred and we’re somewhere into the game’s second quarter… Now having heard the pleasing news that those ageless Spurs won Game-3!

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