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DuhShawn’ Who?

May 6th, 2014 · No Comments

With the past weekend’s revelations over the disgustingly racist thoughts of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the DeSean Jackson affair seems like very old and insignificant news indeed! (Having taken place nearly a month ago?) As will we ever just get along?

Amid Uproar, Clippers silently show Solidarity

Thus, whilst your Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy has been ‘Oot ‘N Aboot lately, and these thoughts are somewhat dated, albeit having formulated over breakfast two mornings in-a-row while The Dan Patrick Show blathered on as background noise, nevertheless, I’ve been meaning to get them off of my chest for awhile now…

Typically don’t listen/watch Dan’s show, unless like I said, needing some ambient breakfast Chaff’; Err chatter and thus, I could only surmise it was a SLOW news day?

As the topic du jour was the scandalous nature of DeSean Jackson’s unceremonious dumping from the Philadelphia Eagles after a most productive season, as Patrick quickly played up the Gang angle and had some scribe from the Philadelphia Enquirer onto debate the matter on whether the Gang affiliation angle was a correct “excuse” for Jackson’s dismissal?

On the next morning’s show Dan was all uh-lather over the supposed wrongdoings of his staff being called unprofessional for allegedly going behind DeSean’s “Handlers” backs - as Patrick fumed that how dare you call my guys unprofessional, especially since your client called us and asked to go on our show to clarify his side of the story! As I just sat there pondering if this was ALL Hyped Up nothingness…

Then just before departing for Austin, Texas, I read of a real “Hero’s” death, as the very first ever black colonist hired by the Philadelphia Daily News in 1972 (sister publication to the Philadelphia Enquirer) had just died. As Charles Sumner “Chuck” Stone Jr. was truly a pioneer for African American’s in his never ending quest to end racial indiscrimination and was so revered for his diligence that he was even called in to successfully negotiate a peaceful solution over a Pennsylvania prison riot to release six prison guards taken hostage in 1981!

Veteran Reporter, ex-University of Delaware, UNC Professor Stone Dies

Also before I left for the Live Music capitol of Texas, nee Austin, I read of another pioneering black sportsman named Hank Aaron, who at the age of 80 is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record.

Selig hints Aaron still baseball’s home-run king

Adding even more impetus to my thoughts of how insignificant DeSean Jackson’s dropping by the Eagles is, was the most astounding Roundtable talk I watched while in Austin, which just so happened to be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Lyndon B. Johnson’s signing of the Civil Rights Act, as the speakers included Andrew Young, Julian Bond and John Lewis, all three being very distinguished persons who’ve been Congressmen of Georgia’s 5th District over the years - as they participated in the session titled: Heroes of the Civil Rights movement - Views from the Front line…

Andrew Young was the US’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Mayor of Atlanta, Congressman and good friend of the late Martin Luther King.

Julian Bond was a multi-term Congressman who ironically lost his run-off election battle over the Georgia Senate seat to John Lewis. Bond also has served as the Chairman of the NAACP along with teaching at several prestigious colleges, TV commentator, Journalist and Author.

John Lewis is the last surviving speaker from the Washington March where the Reverend Martin Luther King made his famous I Have a Dream speech. Lewis was also one of the original Freedom Bus riders, being arrested, beaten severely multiple times and incarcerated in Federal Prison before moving onto politics, where subsequently he challenged Bond to take a urine test during their runoff election for the Fifth’s district seat which Lewis has held ever since…

And I find it funny how the Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has just issued his Mia Culpa upon the DeSean Jackson episode, claiming it was simply business during the ensuing firestorm erupting over Donald Sterling’s alleged racist taunts.

thus, while Jackson, now a Washington Redskins player spouts off about playing his past employer, the Philadelphia Eagles, let’s take a moment to remember the true pioneering African American’s in the walk of sports and life, namely those above plus let’s not forget Jackie Robinson or Oscar Robertson, and thus does it really matter what happened to DeSean?

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