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Subway: The NOT so Fresh Sandwich Giant…

April 7th, 2014 · No Comments

Another thing I learned upon my recent visit to Arizona was quite disturbing, especially since I’ve once again been sucker-punched by the falic myth of television advertising, not to mention said company’s bombastic slogan of “Eat Fresh!”

So what is this all about you may be asking? Well I was very surprised to be informed that Subway has, and as far as I know is continuing to do so, injecting their “fresh” sandwich buns with plastic; WTF? As one website reports this concoction to be known as Yoga mat glue; Uhm Uhm Good, right?

Subway’s Deception’s (Food Additives)

As the thing that really pisses me off ’bout this sleight of hand by Subway is this constant bombardment of Professional and Olympic athletes telling us to eat fresh and that it’s the official home of where said athlete’s eat, which I now know is utter BULLSHIT!

As this just makes me grimace, since after all how many zillions of times have Y’all heard the NFL and its players singing the song five-dollar foot long’s? As isn’t it GURR-REAT!!! That the NFL’s gotten its money once again - public be damned…

Thus I’ve immediately stopped eating at Subway restaurants - and even if they do change this practice, how will I know that I can ever trust them again?

As the chemical ingredient in question is azodicarbonamide, which has been approved by our government’s FDA, albeit the same chemical is banned from use in foods in the UK, Australia and THE European Union, which somehow the American corporations using it Stateside somehow magically manage to produce the same items abroad without it!

Yet, adding further insult to injury is the fact that Subway isn’t alone in this nefarious practice, as a list of ten companies utilizing the chemical azodicarbonamide - which has been linked to cancer includes: McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dunkin Doughnuts, Jack in the Box, (which I pretty much quit eating at after their ‘lil ecoli problema…) Arby’s, Carl Jr’s, White castle, (Uhm, Sliders Anyone?) Hardees’s and Chick-fil-A.

Ah, the American way, sponsor the SHIT outta Stick ‘N Ball Sports, Motor Racing or whoever else Yuhs can get to pitch your product - while health & safety remain secondary to the corporation’s bottom lines…

Ten other companies that use Subway Yoga mat Chemical in their buns

With even a Northwest Giant called Starbuck’s getting in on the azodicarbonamide -gravy train, while frozen food giant Sara Lee isn’t immune either…

Yet most disturbing was a McDonald’s spokesperson proclaiming if it’s good enough for our FDA, then we’ll keep using it in our great, tasty products. Uhm, I’ve got Dibbs on the Bathroom!

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