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Surfin’ Safari from the Big Island…

January 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Otay, not to rub the salt too deep in the wounds here, but alas, your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe “touchdown Tommy” is currently busy basking in the brilliant sunshine rays of a tropical paradise on the B-I-G island of Hawaii… Thus I’ll be away from the keyboard and won’t be poondin’ away about this year’s mesmerizing NFL Playoffs…

Instead, I thought I’d try weaving in a few loose threads floating through my “Inner Pipeline” whilst bobbing up ‘N down in the tranquil waves of Disappearing Sands beach, where hopefully the beach will be in and the Green Sea Turtles will happily be buzzing us unexpecting swimmers!

First up on a sad note, which unfortunately made me think of a previous story I wrote to coincide with my past Hawaiian adventures, where I tried chronicling some of Hawaii’s major sports stars, ‘Wayback in Twenty-eleven; the unfortunate death late last year of Willis Wilson made me flashback to the perils of surfer Eddie Aikau…

Have you heard of these Hawaiian athletes?

Yet unlike Aikau, who vanished at sea never to be found again, apparently Wilson got drug under by the nearby ocean waves and unfortunately drowned before his lifeless body was recovered the following day. As I only paid attention to this story because of my impending visit to the Hawaiian surf and the fact that he was an ex-University of Washington Huskies football player, having transferred from the ‘DAWGS to the UH Hawaiian Rainbows squad recently…

Ex-Huskies Walk-on Wilson Drowns in Hawaii

Yet on a happier note, and somewhat loosely intertwined with “Fast Eddie,” (Eddie Aikau) not to be ‘Cornfuzed with thee original “FAST EDDIE,” aka Ed Carpenter of IndyCar fame, along with another Hawaiian surfer named Garrett McNamara, who I’ve scribbled ’bout his exploits of capturing the biggest waves in the world previously in;

Surf’s Up!

As ironically, I managed to stumble across an interesting article about two brothers whose passion is designing and producing those wedged shaped thingys all modern day wave riders stand upon, commonly known as the surfboard!

Yet what was interesting about this article in the business section of my local “Fishwrap,” i.e.; newspaper was the fact that Tom and John Wegener are collaborating upon their design interpretations of traditional wooden Hawaii surfboards instead, and NO! These aren’t the traditional longboard design.

Tom Wegener, from Down Under in Australia began the brothers passion for re-creating these ancient Hawaiian designs by first introducing the surfboard called the Alaia, but now he and his brother in California tend to focus more upon its shorter companion board called the Paipo instead, as apparently the Alaia is more difficult to maneuver.

Brothers Handiwork Catches Wave from Old Hawaiian Surfboards

But alas, I’ll just stick to free-floating in the buoyant warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and instead leave the surfing, Boogy boarding and Skip boarding to those more adventurous surfers from near and afar instead…


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