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Football Fricassee Carves Up Airwaves…

December 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Trying to be somewhat clever here: Quack-Quack, Gobble-Gobble; Duck Turkey! As did Y’all get your Football fix over the Thanksgiving weekend’s prodigious consuming of Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberries, Mash Potatoes and Pumpkin Pie? Hey don’t forget, somebody toss me a biscuit, right?

thus it was somewhat funny how I was reminded by Mr. Sporty that while us sleepyheads in Seattle are lazyin’ away, the rest of the nation was riveted to thy television sets watching the once listless Detroit Lions give the Green Bay Packers a good ‘Ol fashion Drubbing on National TV! As how ’bout ‘Dem Lions thumping Green Bay 40-10, as I wasn’t even aware that Reggie “I once was a Heisman Trophy winner” Busch had been traded again and now plays for the Lions.

Then as we were preparing for our Thanksgiving feast, both ‘Telie’s were playing the day’s second game, the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Oakland Raiders, as it seemed almost universal that NOBODY in the room really liked either team with the majority of us pulling for the Raiders to upset “Americre’s Team” which wasn’t to happen.

Returning home we settled in to watch the final minutes of the fourth quarter of the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburg Steelers - as I was rootin’ for Baltimore to win since Pittsburg still SUCKS! Especially since that maligned Refereeing game in Detroit with the “Bus” and “Big Ben” defeating the Home team Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XL…

But let’s get down to the Meat ‘N Potatoes; Err Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy as the B-I-G game arrived; NOPE! AIN’T talking ’bout that Hawks-Saints game, as Y’all will have to wait for it… As this big game featured apples instead, as can Y’all say Apple Cup? To which even Washington State’s Head Coach Mike Leach got in on the action, albeit he seemed to pucker a ‘Wee bit over the lameness of the question by dryly saying that Apple Strudel, which Y’all can find anywhere in Germany is his favourite apple dessert…

As the 106th Apple Cup, the annual rivalry game between Washington State’s top two colleges, the University of Washington (Huskies) and Washington State University (Cougars) being held on “Black Friday” definitely was a nail biter, as I’ll confess I was lobbying for the DAWGS’ signal caller, 5th-year Senior Keith Price to be pulled as he looked abysmal during the first half, being sacked, fumbling, throwing an interception and basically unable to get out of his own way as the Huskies were lucky to only be trailing 10-3 at Halftime to the Air-raid Cougars who average 62-passing attempts per game! As I won’t be surprised to see the Coug’s QB Connor Halliday go Pro after his Senior year…

Yet it was first shown on thee ‘Telie - before being dissected en mass after the game, of the ‘Dawgs Coach Sarc’ (Steve Sarkisian) having a private chat with Price just before the second half commenced and wallah! Price settled down and got back on track with a 45-yard slant pass play to the MVP of the game, Huskies Running Back Bishop Sankey, who mauled ‘Dem “Kitty Catz” for an amazing 200-yards; Aye Karumba! With 139 coming in the second half, as Sankey eclipsed Corey Dillon’s single season rushing record of 1996 and upon a subsequent series broke Napoleon Kauffman’s record 34 TD mark with a 7yd run for No. 35!

But first, the ‘Dawgs marched down the field to score an equalizing touchdown to another amazing Husky, as the ‘Dawgs definitely turn the tide at home at the beginning of the third quarter with Price’s 18-yard TD strike to Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who at six feet six inches and 275lbs definitely sounds like a prototypical future NFL Tight End…

Yet my two funniest moments of the game were late in the fourth quarter; when first I called for an INT as the Cougars were driving - looking to put the game in doubt and tie the score at 17-apiece, before BINGO! The Huskies picked off Halliday before settling for another Field goal to pull ahead 20-10.

Then next I called for a QB sneak on the play that Price scored the final TD, as Sankey had been running roughshod on the Cougs’ the entire drive, as Price’s score made it 27-17 and he celebrated by doing a little victory dance shimmy in the end zone, as the win would push UW to 8-4, the first time over the seven games ‘W margin since 2001; CRIKEYS! Which is very apropos in what was Price’s Swan Song game at Husky Stadium…

The Swan Song of Keith Price

And although I’m not a Football Fan per sei, as I find much in common with the Furious Wedge’s abstaining of Football this season;

13 Weeks into Not watching any Football and I’m still going Strong!

Nevertheless, it’s really fun to live in a city which lives and breathes on every move of its professional sports franchises, as everyone at my local QFC Grocery store was chawing ’bout the B-I-G game Monday morning, as Bob the Checker proclaimed that the 12th Man would be the X-Factor, which clearly was correct as they almost shook the house down!

Rowdy Seattle Seahawks fans register as earthquake during Monday Night

Thus Monday Night’s Football game opened by Seattle scoring a Field goal on its first drive to lead 3-0. Then on the second N’walin’s drive with the previously world record loudest stadium’s noise crescendoing, Drew “They Call Me the Breeze” Brees feels the heat of the Seahawks defense and gets sacked before Steve “HOLY SMOKES!” Raible sez’ “Good Night Irene!” As Hawks Defensive Lineman Michael Bennett “rumbles ‘N Stumbles” 22-yards for a TD to put the Hawks up 10-0.

Then Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson throws a 52-yard strike on a all out New Orleans Saints blitz to Doug Baldwin which ultimately leads to another touchdown to put the Hawks up 17-0.

Yet Brees wasn’t to be denied, as he coolly led the Saints some 80-yards to cap off the drive with a TD to make the score 17-7, before Seattle tacks on another three to make it 20-7 after seemingly the only mystifying play of the second quarter occurred when BAD ARSE Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was called for a false start while in the Shotgun, to which Raible’s Colour Commentator Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon repeatedly said he hasn’t heard that call in an awful long time… As I myself have never heard of the QB being flagged for a false start.

As understandably “Mister Excitement,” aka Pete Carroll was going BALISTIC on the Sidelines, as I think Raible said Carroll was still chewing on the Referee as the teams went into the lockeroom at Halftime… When very impressively the Hawks marched down the field from their own eight yard line to add another seven points with 13-seconds remaining during a two-minute drill, leading 27-7 at Halftime.

Funny hearing Raible say how the (Westwood 1) national radio commentators Kevin Harlan and Dan Fouts were saying how LOUD it was with Harlan claiming he’d felt the stadium move during the first half, as Moon said he’d felt it move during the 2005 NFC conference finals game.. And I don’t wanna say it was LOUD, but! Seattle once again broke the decibel record as Raible proclaimed he doubted Kansas City would be taking it back anytime soon the way the Chiefs were playing; Hooah!

And after the Saints went Marching the WRONG WAY! Backing up to their five yard line with a 2nd and 23 ultimately leading to a punt, uncharacteristically the Hawks went three-and-out for the first time that night.

Head Referee Ed Hochuli was quite entertaining, although I enjoyed his method of explaining the relevant penalties, nevertheless Raible was correct when he said that was two sentences too long when explaining the TD after replay review upon Derrick Coleman’s debutant NFL touchdown which was an impressive play - when although Coleman (from UCLA) had stepped out of bounds had the presence of mind to re-establish being inbounds, caught the ricochet off of Kelvin Davis, made a move and then stepped into the end zone making it 34-7 after the elongated instant replay review; Who ‘Dat New Orleans! To which later local KIRO radio sideline reporter Jen Mueller noted how Coleman is Deaf!

After another harried set of plays, seeing the Hawks defense relentlessly pursuit Drew Briese, albeit a questionable roughing the passer call was made, another shaky punt was kicked seeing the magnificent Seattle Offense resume control of the game, as Seattle was content to go into “Ground Chuck” (Knox) ground control mode, even bringing in their version of the “Jumbotron” package which featured all linemen, as Raible quipped the only B-I-G guy missing is Coach Capels; Hya! Which after failing to grind out the third-and-short play, Pete Carroll said run it again Boyz’ to which a resounding cheer erupted upon the successful fourth down completion before Seattle simply ran out the clock on the beleaguered Saints who fell to 9-3 whilst Seattle moved to 11-1, securing the first NFC Playoff position and now heads to the City by the Bay, where undoubtedly the San Francisco 49ers will try to seek revenge for the last two whippings the Seahawks have prevailed upon them at the raucous Century Link Field…

As the only “Downer” to this weekend of Pigskin Festimus was learning the news late Monday night after the Seahawks whoopin’ on national television that Coach Sarc’ (Steve Sarkisian) had bolted for the bright lights ‘O Hollywood and been lured away to become the Head Coach of the USC Trojans effective immediately - with former Huskies great Marques Tuiasosopo being named as the interim coach for the ‘Dawgs impending Bowl game…


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