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Flying the Coop, literally…

October 21st, 2013 · No Comments

So your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe “Touchdown Tommy” miraculously is headed off to Indy on arguably the most anticipated weekend of Smashmouth Football in that city, having planned my travels without any knowledge of who’d be coming to town this weekend…

Y’all know when somebody named “Pay-ton” returns to the city of desire, where he assuredly was instrumental in the building of what’s known as the Lucas Oil Dome, (Lucas Oil Stadium) home of the Indianapolis Colts which Peyton Manning was the city’s beloved signal caller from 1998-2011, albeit having sat out the final season due to multiple neck surgeries before the face of the Colts National Football League Franchise decided to trek westwards to the mile high confines of Denver, Colorado after being released by the Colts in order to ditch his $28m guaranteed salary - where he’s now in his sophomore season as the Denver Broncos Quarterback.

And we all know that with the Colts Franchise player out of the lineup, (2011) Indianapolis suffered its first losing season since Peyton’s arrival, after having been perennial winners en route to victory in Superbowl XLI, whilst racking up “Star Wars like numbers” according to Colts owner Jim Irsay who’s reportedly been Dissin’ Manning this week prior to the BIG game.

Yet without the elder Manning at the controls, as its sort of funny that his younger brother Eli, of the New York Jets has two Superbowl rings vs. Peyton’s one - the Colts summarily floundered, finishing with an abysmal 2-14 regular season record whose only silver lining was the awarding of the 2012 No. 1 Overall Draft Pick to the then lowly Colts which they wisely used to select Stanford Cardinal standout QB Andrew Luck ahead of the more hyped “RG3,” nee Robert Griffin III who was picked second overall by the Washington Redskins.

Last year as the Broncos euphorically road the Peyton tidal wave to a 13-3 regular season record by winning 11 in-a-row, and the AFC’s No. 1 seed as the AFC West Division Champs before being humiliated in the AFC Playoffs by eventual Superbowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens, as I still recall chuckling mightily to myself whilst listening to Denver allowing the upstart Joe “Flackoe” (Flacco) to torch them with a 70-yard TD bomb in the waning minutes of the game before converting Manning’s second INT of the game to lead to the winning Field Goal in a Double Overtime 38-35 road victory at frigid Denver where the temperature was a balmy nine degrees …

Meanwhile the relatively unheralded Russell Wilson, a non-plus third round draft pick taken by the Seattle Seahawks to potentially backup projected Seattle starter Matt Flynn at QB, won the starting position and led Seattle to an overly impressive 11-5 regular season record before defeating the much ballyhooed RG3 at home in the opening round of the playoffs - where Griffin unwisely played on with an injured knee before it buckled when trying to overcome the Seahawks lead and the Superstar QB has yet to return to his 2012 rookie sensation form.

And Andrew Luck’s Colts had already been defeated at home by the Ravens whilst the Seahawks ultimately went down in flames in the Georgia Dome to the Atlanta Falcons which led to my switching allegiances ultimately to Baltimore, since we don’t want NO STINKIN’ “40Whiners” (49ers) winning the whole enchilada again!

Thus in the first showdown of leading light QB’s this season, (at least for Mwah) Andrew Luck and company knocked Russell Wilson and the Seahawks off of their then undefeated 4-0 perch, the Hawks best start in Franchise history with a 38-24 road loss before the Colts got beat in Luck’s Monday Night Football debut 19-9 by the San Diego Chargers while the Broncos and Manning have serenely cruised to a 6-0 start with Peyton having thrown a record 22 TD’s with only two INT’s to date.

Hence the stage is set for Peyton v Colts this Sunday evening in Indy, which I’m definitely rooting for the Colts to be victorious, as I’ll be wearing my Tennessee Titans T-Shirt which sorta matches, right? Purple, blue; Oh Never Mind!

As Peyton’s been his usual icy cool self by not having talked about IT once yet, rather wishing to savior the win over the listless Jacksonville Jaguars (35-19) and will focus upon the next game like all others, as I’m sure there’ll be plenty of Colts Manning jerseys in the house Sunday night, right?

And then somehow I got onto a discussion about booing Peyton at Indy and comparing it like backup Colts QB Mathew “Egghead’ Hasselbach coming to Seattle and being booed to which I was promptly reminded that Hasselbach AIN’T NO Peyton; Hya!

And then just to show off my Football prowess further, I had to gOOgle the name Matt Flynn since I was totally unaware that the Oakland Raiders had already waived him. Hmm? Isn’t that the same Matt Flynn who Russell Wilson beat out for QB?

As Flynn has now been picked up by the injury depleted Buffalo Bills, his third NFL team since December, after the Seahawks wisely traded him to Oakland for two draft picks, while I suppose we shouldn’t feel too bad for Flynn since after all, Oakland reworked his contract to include $6.5m guaranteed this season, while Flynn’s still flying the company line of relishing a new start and just wanting to help the team; blah-blah-blah…


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